…Speaking of BONNETS…how about a slide show?

The talk in my sewing studio is why Kirsten got TWO bonnets to go with her newest dress set. I hear the “girls” chattering on the shelf and it gave me an idea for today’s post…Bonnets! I’ve never done a full post just showcasing the many, many, many bonnets I’ve made over the years. I’ve gone to the archives and dug out a few fun pictures for you… now pay attention… I might ask you at the end which one is your favorite!

Before I show you the pictures, I thought I better let you know Kirsten’s Prairie dress set did get listed on Ebay. You can check it out HERE! You can also click on the picture at the right side bar, and it will take you to the listing…

[Just another note too… Ebay has changed the way we can list things for the dolls and they won’t let anyone list their handmade things under American Girl. It has to be an authentic doll or dress to be in that category. It’s been pretty frustrating for us sellers, but we have to comply or they suspend us. They will pull your listing if you try to put something in a category where it’s not allowed. So we have to list our things under “clothes and accessories.” If you just type in Kirsten American Girl you won’t find my listing, but if you type in Kirsten American Girl and then add “dress” it will come up. You can do that with any of my listings…just type in what you are looking for and then add “dress.” I always add “dress” to my title for Ebay listings. Just thought I’d mention that.]

Here’s one picture of it too…


Okay, here’s some of my many bonnets…on some of my many girls…
























Okay, now I told you I might ask… did you have a favorite bonnet?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. 9, 13, and 18 are my favorites. All belong to Kirsten, and two are caps. Thirteen is the big blue sunbonnet. I see alternate uses of the two pins we considered for Rebecca’s latest dress, one on Kirsten, which was, for me, unexpected, since I think of it as quite Victorian, but it works very well with that outfit. I do recall some of these dresses, but not nearly all of them, and would certainly be happy with a second show of photos featuring the entire dresses. I love the lace bertha on 12 and would like to see 5 because the fall colors look so pretty on Kirsten.

    I realize that Ebay has hundreds, even thousands, of American Girl items, but their terms and mine might be quite different. We need a way of looking up their preferred search terms. “American Girl dress” does give me items not made by AG, but the search “American Girl dress Kirsten” brings me lots of AG made items, often parts of outfits. Very confusing. I’m grateful for Jeanne’s links. Otherwise the hunt would be very tiresome.

    • HI Marilyn,
      Thanks for picking your favorites… I see some others have chosen the same ones as you…
      It is kind of strange how you think a button or a pin could only be for one era, but if you put it with something else, somehow it works too.
      I wish Ebay would just create a category “under” the American Girl name but with handmade things in it. I mean I wish you could type in American Girl and everything would come up but then you could narrow down your search and find what you wanted. But they won’t even let us seamstress’s in the category. The average person types in what they are looking for… American Girl Kirsten and they assume anything with those words in the title will come up, but it’s not so… It’s a little frustrating to know you are missing out on everyone seeing your things because of a little thing like that… I don’t know what people do that don’t have a blog and can let people know where their things are… I think I would want to give up…
      Thanks Marilyn, I better quit ranting…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. What beautiful, beautiful bonnets, Jeanne. You amaze me with your sense of fashion and color as well as expert sewing techniques.

    Like Marilyn, I’ve numbered the ones I favor: 6, 15, 17, 20 & 21. I really like all of them, but due to certain color preferences, these got my votes. They’re all lovely.


    • HI Becky,
      It’s fun for me to see which bonnets appeal to each of you. Different bonnets for different ladies. I like seeing the different choices.
      Thanks so much for your sweet compliments on my sewing. That means a lot!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Anne Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness, what enchanting headwear! Viewed as a collection like this, these museum-quality hats are a remarkable testament to your design skills, Jeanne. Each one is uniquely charming, and it is difficult to choose a favorite. I do, however, seem to be drawn to Kirsten’s bonnets in pictures 14 and 15, probably because I am partial to all the ruffles. I love the sweet little embroidered cap in picture 9 as well. If you ever tire of designing doll fashions, I’m certain that Jeanne Marie’s Millinery could revive ladies’ hat-wearing customs! Thank you for sharing this lovely collection of dolly chapeaux, Jeanne. Your girls look very festive. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    • HI Anne,
      You are too funny… I can just see me starting a revival of wearing hats again! I doubt that would happen in today’s world.
      Thanks for letting me know your favorites. I like seeing what each lady picks…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. All the bonnets are beautiful. Each one unique. My favorites are the ones Elizabeth is wearing (the lavender flower print and blue flower print) and the hat and outfit on Kirsten in the red and green, near the end. It’s so Christmacy. Addy’s Civil War bonnets are unique to that era.
    Your sewing talents never cease to amaze me!

    • Thank you Paula,
      I knew which ones you’d pick and I was right! I think I have more flat indoor bonnets than just about anything, but I certainly had more bonnets than I thought I did! It was fun for me to go through my pictures again and look specifically for bonnets.
      Thank you so much for your compliments on them…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Each bonnet has its own merit and goes with the specific dress for which it was designed. All are lovely.
    I’m wondering if adding in 18″ doll might help in locating outfits on the bay? I don’t think I have ever searched for “dresses” when looking for things for my dolls. Outfits, yes. Just a thought.
    Let’s see if this posts.

    • HI Joy,
      Thanks for your kind comments on my bonnets.
      I don’t usually add 18″ to my titles because I have American Girl in there and everyone knows they are 18″.
      Adding the word “dress” to what you are looking for saves you from going to the left menu and clicking on Dolls, then Clothing and accessories… it sort of bypasses that. I guess I should grateful for the lookers I do get… I remember when I first started sewing, I would be so happy if I got 30 hits on something… Oh well…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. All the bonnets are enchanting. My favorites are 7 on Kirsten, 14 that aqua blue on Addy,
    the blue one 17 on Kirsten with the button back sides ( i just loved that whole dress set), the green one 20 you have on Rebecca, and the red with the plaid ruffle 22 on Kirsten. I actually love all the ones on Addy after all Civil War clothing is stunning. I would like to see the entire dress as well
    A way I have found homemade outfits on eBay just for ideas is also to type in dress to fit American Girl and then doll of choice. I did that to see as many pictures as possible of Marie- Grace in outfits other than those AG made for her before I settled on having her.

    • HI Laura,
      I knew which ones you would gravitate toward too… Thank you for your kind words about them. If you hang around here long enough, I’m sure I’ll show your favorites again sometime. I was afraid everyone was going to say, “oh no, not the same thing again…” but so far, I didn’t get that. Yay!
      I just tried typing in “dress to fit American Girl Kirsten” and my dress didn’t come up… I don’t have “for” or “fits” in my title, so that might be why. I usually run out of spaces on my title anyway. Oh well, it is what it is…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Linda Doyle says:

    I’m late to the party today, Jeanne! However, I did open your blog early this morning, and then you just had to ask what bonnet we like the best, so I was stumped! I thought I would think them over and get back with you, but the day got away from me! Well, my first thought was that I like Kirsten’s bonnets the best. My very favorite one is number 16, the blue and white with the buttons at the side. But, I do like 9, 12 and 21 too, and they all belong to Kirsten!

    The ruffled hats for Elizabeth are pretty too, you just make it so hard for me to decide anything when you ask what we like! Everything you do is just perfect and who can make a decision when everything is so wonderfully perfect?

    • Thank you Linda,
      I got quite a few favorites for #9… everyone seemed to like it. I guess you’re just a “Kirsten kind of gal!” I do like most of her bonnets too…
      I’m sorry you had to make hard decisions and pick a bonnet, but I certainly do appreciate your very kind words about my work… That makes me smile…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. All the bonnets are pretty. After all, what’s not to love about a bonnet? If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the red one with the plaid ruffle. My second choice would probably be number nine because the ethnic look of the bonnet seems to suit Kirsten. Fun post!

    • Thanks for letting me know your favorites Carolyn,
      Like I said earlier, it’s fun to see who picks what kind of bonnet. You are so right…what’s not to love about a bonnet.
      I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. I like 14, 15, 16, 17 and, of course, 21, the red-and-green Kristen one. I’m late, too, so I must agree with everyone’s comments, such variety and creativity. I think there are at least several of the dresses I haven’t seen before. They are so beautiful and appropriate for the dresses. Thanks for another great post.

    • Hi Susette,
      I’m glad you enjoyed looking at the bonnet pictures. I almost didn’t do it because I thought everyone surely must be tired of seeing the same dresses over and over again… I’m happy that wasn’t the case with you.
      Thanks so much for your kind words…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Hi Jeanne, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, since by now you probably have the new post up, but I had two favorites. The first is Addy’s VERY bright blue one (second Addy picture). I just love that shade on her.

    The other is Kirsten’s embroidered red cap (10th picture from the top); it looks very Swedish to me (and I’m very Swedish myself!).

    So, those are my favorites; now I’ll go and read the messages and see if anyone else chose the same ones!

    • HI Charlotte,
      Yes, I see your comment… I love that shade of blue on Addy too…that was one of the first bonnets I did where I added a couple of rows of ruffles on it. I loved it that way.
      Your second choice is kind of a funny story. I went to a yard sale and found the red embroidered beanie cap and thought I could cut it down for a sweet Swedish cap. As I was paying for it, the lady told me it came from the Vatican and was some kind of special hat. It took me a long time before I could cut into it and turn it into a doll cap… I’m glad you liked it.
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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