Sorry, no Saturday post…

Hi everyone,
I woke up Friday morning sicker than sick, so I have nothing for you today. I guess it’s the flu.

Hopefully I’ll see you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Oh, horrible. Just as you were in the middle of the huge floor project too. I get allergy attacks that feel like flu from being around a lot of dust, in my case, but for an allergy, I think you would have started feeling it last night. I imagine if you think it’s flu, it’s flu. Think of Anne’s present, do all the things you know to do for flu, and recover quickly. All your fans are wishing you the best. You are already through the first day.

  2. Stay in bed, get lots of rest and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better, Jeanne. Rest, rest, rest. Blessings.

  4. Guess all of that work painting and moving furniture has done it. Unless you’ve been around someone with the bug. Hopefully, it is just a 24 hour thing and you will be back to normal quickly.
    On a lighter note, we went to the county fair yesterday. “Senior Day” of course. Lovely flower show with great water features. Felt sad, as the sewing/crafts, in the Kraft Building don’t you know, were minimal. Guess people don’t have the time to make anything anymore. Or if they do, to bother to enter it in the competition. Had a great taco lunch and free ice cream at the Clover Dairy booth. Saw tons of cows as well as a huge draft horse and colt. So cute, the colt. Saw a mini donkey too. Didn’t bother with the horse races, but enjoyed the people watching.
    Tomorrow is our annual family picnic at my cousins ranch north of here. Picking up the FrancoAmerican french bread at the factory this morning to take along. Should be fun catching up with everyone.
    Get well soon, please.

  5. Charlotte A. says:

    Hope you feel better soon!
    Take care.

  6. Cheryl J. G. Handelman says:

    That’s AWFUL, Jeanne! I COMPLETELY commiserate with you, as I have that “summer flu”, too (having come down with it Thursday evening, so I am only about 1/2 day ahead of you)! Marilyn & Christine gave you (and ME!) GREAT advice. To their advice I will add…think PLEASANT & POSITIVE “dolly thoughts” to help get you thru. I am! (Sniffle-sniffle; cough, COUGH!)

    To help get ME thru this flu, later today (if I am able to rouse myself from my “sickbed”), I plan to “play” with my “new” (OLD; c. 1996) Tonner 14-inch “Betsy McCall”, who arrived earlier this week (with her pet dachshund dog, “Nosey”, too!), and with a couple of original Tonner outfits I CAN’T WAIT to try on her! (Some “couture” outfits would be nice, too, but all in good time!)


    • Oh, I’m sure nurse Betsy will have you feeling well quickly. And Nosey also! Lucky you. Love Betsy and the gang. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Cheryl J. G. Handelman says:

        THANKS, Joy, for the “chuckle”! Actually, “Nurse David” (my Hubby!) is taking EXCELLENT care of me!

        Dolly hugs! ~


        • Pretty funny, my husband’s name is David too! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Cheryl J. G. Handelman says:

            And ~ even FUNNIER! ~ the “J” in MY name stands for “Joy” (a name my dad gave me, which I have used in the past for “special projects”!!)!

  7. Get well soon! Guess I have to get a flu shot early this year? Rest up for the excitement of the new floors. Can’t wait to see the floors and paint with your blue hutch.

  8. Oh my goodness, I wrote earlier this morning, but it’s not here! I wrote just after Marilyn. Maybe I didn’t press Post Comment. I am so sorry to hear you are under the weather, Jeanne. You have been awfully busy lately, so this should be your time to take it easy, rest, have chicken soup, sleep, rest, and rest some more. I hope George wears his “Nurse Cap” well, and takes good care of you. Hugs and love to you.

  9. Oh rats…nothing good about being sick. Hope no one else gets it.
    Sending cyber soup ๐Ÿœ and (hugs)

  10. So sorry your not feeling well. Stay in bed, drink lots of water and have hot soup. Maybe you have a good old movie to watch to keep your mind off of it. You’re probably run down from being so busy lately. ((HUGS))

  11. Hi Jeanne,
    I pray you’ll feel better soon! Something is going everyone in the family has had it. I was sick for about a week. Hubby still has a cough and it’s been a month. The doctor said it’s the crazy weather. I certainly hope you are resting and drinking lots of fluids.

  12. Shara Smith says:

    Oh no, Jeanne:( feel better tomorrow!
    Ginger ale, soda crackers snd sleep:)

  13. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery, Jeanne! Take good care of yourself!


  14. It’s Sunday — time for more good wishes for better health very fast.

  15. Thinking of you, Jeanne, and hoping you are feeling better. Take care, and take time to heal. We will be here whenever you do get back. Prayers, and love to you.

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