Sorry, no post today…

I have been hit with the flu. Big. Time.

I may or may not see you tomorrow.

Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Hi Jeannie…. I’m so sorry you are sick. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. I didn’t know that the flu season was starting. I was going to the grocery to pick up a prescription — I’ll get a flu shot while I’m there. I wonder if Gloria has it.

    I think the purple dress should be Molly’s victory dress. The lace could be scraps from her mother’s wedding dress, made by her grandmother. Molly was born in 1934, in the middle of the Depression, so a homemade dress would be likely. The tucks and the full skirt would be a celebration of the end of rationing, though it probably didn’t happen that fast.

    Don’t worry about the blog. Just take care of yourself. Stay warm and do all those things you know you should. Sleep a lot. Dream of strawberry salad.

  3. So sorry you are sick again, Jeanne. Take care of yourself and prayers to get better soon. You know us, we’ll find something to chat about. (HUGS)) Stay in bed and watch an old movie.

  4. Dear Jeanne;
    Hope you feel better real soon – I would bring you some homemade chicken noodle soup if I could. Laura’s idea of watching an old movie sounds good – I always like to watch the old sappy ones – thinking of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina or a musical?
    Praying for a speedy recovery

  5. Oh Jeanne, so sorry you are down with the flu! Oh gosh, just as you were able to make some headway on sewing, the flu bug strikes! Do NOT worry about the blog, but know that we will be here waiting and cheering you on to health. This certainly is early for the flu season, but it IS October, after all. I hope to hold out until my dr. appt. in early December. I never got the shots until 2 years ago, but the flu bug never found me.
    Sleep, sleep, rest and rest some more. I too, would bring over chicken soup to you. You know what a good movie is? Those darling Shirley Temple ones! I have the whole series and they cheer me up big time! As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get me feeling good. I would think that right now, sleep is the best thing for you! Prayers for your recovery, and soon, dear Jeanne!

  6. Jeanne so upset that you are getting sick right now, but understandable with all of the travel, work, cleaning (ugh), visiting, and general state of things right now. Please follow the doctors directions, “rest”, drink tons of water, and while you are sleeping dream happy dreams of beautiful dolly dresses all hanging in a row on an outdoor clothesline while they flutter like butterflies in the wind.
    The 19ft wall of vaulted dry wall at husband’s parents old home went up yesterday. It is simply amazing what a difference it makes rather than the old dark warped paneling. Next is a coat of primer and a coat paint. Oh new baseboard too. Still a lot to do there and it takes so much time.
    Please take the advise that everyone is giving you, and you will be well before you know it.
    We got our flu shots Tuesday at Kaiser, the senior version for the first time for me. Hoping that the mix is a good match for the virus this year.
    Thinking of you.

  7. Take care Jeanne! Praying that you’ll feel better. Keep warm and cuddle under a nice warm blanket and REST.
    I agree with Laura, sometimes watching a good old movie when you feel a tad better keeps your mind off the ache of the flu. Get well dear.

  8. Hope this passes quickly for you! Just got my flu shot today…… Lots of good advice coming in…I vote for the tons of water and Shirley Temple movies!

  9. I vote for Sabrina. Now we’ll be quarreling over the movie you should be watching.
    Maybe by tonight you’ll be ready to sit at the table and eat chicken soup before you go back to bed to rest. No blog tonight and tomorrow is an official day of rest.
    I hope George didn’t catch this too.
    Just rest. That’s probably hard for you, but you don’t have a lot of choice. We’ll be happy to see you when you are back.

  10. It’s Sunday. I’m hoping you are starting to feel better.
    Joy said Friday was supposed to be 90 where she is. We are supposed to have up to 4″ of snow tomorrow. Who knows? It’s Colorado.
    Keep taking care. Being sick seems to last forever but it will be over soon.

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