Sorry…no post today…

I got hit with the crud…and just don’t feel like searching for any pictures… I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction…I don’t think I’ll be around on Tuesday either..

I’ll be back on Wednesday.
If someone wants to ask a question so everyone has something to comment on, be my guest!

See you soon,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Anne Johnson says:

    Oh, dear! Seems that you had a similar crud around this time last year. Doesn’t the crud know you don’t have time for it?! Hope it leaves soon. This is one thing you don’t want to share with George. Take care, dear Jeanne, and don’t worry about your readers. The ladies always have many good things to share. Lots of rest and fluids for you. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. Anyone know anything that makes the flu easier?

    One article said to sit up part of the time — it helps your lungs work effectively. It also said to consider not taking a cough suppressant all the time. The coughing and runny nose are ways your body is working to get rid of the flu. Drinking lots of fluids helps with that.
    Dairy products help create mucus, so stay away from them for the most part may help.
    A friend said hot fresh lemon juice and honey is very helpful — you put the lemon juice and honey into water boiled as if for tea.
    I use Nyquil when I want to sleep, but it can be addictive, so I try not to overuse it. However, it does let me breathe, which is very helpful if I want to sleep. Be sure you have a couple of boxes of soft kleenex.
    My sister had the flu without giving to her husband. He stayed downstairs and she stayed upstairs. Having the flu doesn’t have to mean sharing it with your family.
    I’ve read in several places that flu usually lasts about 6 days, and my sister said that she’d nearly given up, but on the 6th day she felt better. Other people have spoken of needing up to 2 more weeks to recover. Still others say the big problem is returning to places where people aren’t being careful. The standard advice is — if you are healthy, avoid sick people; if you are sick, avoid healthy people. Mostly, pay attention to how you feel and take care of yourself.
    If you’ve had the flu, what helped?

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    Feel better soon!
    Have as good a day as possible!
    Take care.

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh Jeanne, I feel for you, since I am laid up due to foot surgery, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I can actually see it! Did you get a flu shot? If so, then maybe this won’t be as severe. I haven’t had the flu for about 40 years, yes, that’s right, but that was bad enough! We had just moved to our new house, and I had a 2 and 3 year old, so I’m not sure how I even survived, but I spent the whole time in bed while my mother-in-law took over. Sleeping is the best thing, and having someone to take care of things that you normally do, plus take care of YOU! Praying for a speedy recovery! Hugs!!!

  5. Yes, praying for a speedy recovery, Jeanne. I’m so sorry to hear of your physical woes.

  6. Shara Smith says:

    Feel better soon!❤️

  7. Let’s hope what you have isn’t the awful one that has been going around recently of which both other person and I survived. If it is, I would advise trying to sleep with several pillows as that helps. A hot morning shower also is a must. No drugs except aspirin for the fever as needed. They just make it worse unless it becomes a lung infection when a prescription may be needed. Some around here went to the doctor for cough suppressant (probably codeine based) because the cough was so painful. That does help. Otherwise, plan on a lot of coughing for awhile. It is nature’s way of clearing the lungs. Oh, and staying in bed doesn’t help. Being up does.
    Also plan on a lot of time staring glossy eyed at the computer and catching up on the wonders of pinterest. No time like now to view all of those wondrous things. If your weather warms up, nothing like a bit of time sitting outside in the sun. Always feels good. Hoping that your illness clears soon. Be thinking of you.

  8. Oh dear! I’m so sorry Jeanne. Rest, stay hydrated, wash your hands lots as not to spread those germs. I find Nyquil helps.
    Unfortunately the shot they produced for this flu season is only 1o% effective. Not good at all. Feel better soon!

  9. Please get well quick. We miss you already. Question: I would like to order one pattern for Little Darling dolls (probably a Magalie pattern) that I could use as a starting point to design other clothes for the doll. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which would be best? In exchange, I have a tip for beginning seamstresses. I believe someone was new to sewing doll clothes. Invest in some quilters straight pins that have the balls on the ends. I know they’re expensive compared to regular ones but they are easier to extract before the presser foots hits them, and they are easier to find when dropped. Always find that dropped pin immediately!

    • Hi Susette,
      Farmcookies on Etsy has a few patterns for Little darlings that would work well for what you’d like. They are priced well $8.95 for a PDF and $10.95 and $11.95 for printed copies. The site is
      Have fun and I hope you share with us what you are making for you little darling.

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      I’ve got Magalie’s A la Femme pattern, with a darling hooded jacket, t-shirt, and knickers, (which could be lengthened to slacks), if you want casual fare.

      I’ve done lots of things with Nedra’s Three Dresses for Little Darlings pattern ( There are three bodice styles, and two sleeves. One bodice has a cut-on cap sleeve, the other two have set-in sleeves, with short and long options. It also comes with the cutest little pantie pattern! (All her patterns come with that.)

      Whichever pattern you end up with, I would Highly recommend that you NOT cut it out, but save it as a master pattern and then either trace or photocopy the pieces you want to use. Two advantages–you have the master pattern in tact for any styling variations you want to do (trace and change), and if you lose a tiny cuff or something, you can always trace a new one! Oh, another advantage–if you use the pattern a lot (like I do), you can trace a new one when the first one gets too many pinholes in it!

      • Thanks, Ingrid and Charlotte, for the suggestions. I’ll be checking them out today while coughing my head off. I guess I’ve got it too even though I’ve been hibernating for weeks now! I’ll share pictures once I’ve used the patterns. Thanks again, Susette

        • Susette, sorry you are getting whatever it is too. Husband and I had no idea where we contracted the bug we had either.
          I have that pattern of Magalie’s that Charlotte suggested. It is adorable.

  10. Rest and get better !! It seems like various types of viruses are going around everywhere. My niece has been fighting a bad cold for weeks and it finally got the best of her and sent her to bed too. She hardly had any strength.
    Take care dear and I’m sending wishes to you to feel better. Don’t push yourself at all to anything.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  11. Kathie Welsh says:

    Oh gosh…. you poor baby. Marilyn has lots of good info. Drink juice, drink hot tea, drink pop anything that tastes good. I agree NyQuil is good for night time.
    Have you ever used Neil Sinus Rinse?
    I was told about it s few years ago and it really works…get the one that is a plastic bottle…not the netti pot.. it comes with the salt packets for about 10.00. Best money you ever spent. Probably Lynn TMI but you fill it with warm water,add the packet, shake a bit and squeeze about half in one nostril … hold your head over the sink and the liquid and yuck come out the other nostril. Then use the rest on the other side. Honestly it is amazing ….if lots of “stuff” comes out you could do it twice.
    Sorry if too gross but it’s the best thing ever. This is the sad thing about internet friends…. cause you know we’d be at the door with soup etc if we were close 🙏🏼❤️😉

  12. Anne Johnson says:

    Yes, Marilyn is always a fount of knowledge. Good information there. And yes, I agree about the Neil Sinus Rinse. I have used it on a regular daily basis, and it helps. Also, I highly recommend “Mypurmist” personal handheld steam inhaler, easily obtainable from Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. A little pricy, but works wonders, and I see that they have a cordless variety now. I used to put my kids over a bowl of hot water with a bath towel over top. That works, too, but they dreaded it because it made their faces so hot when they were already feverish. Mypurmist is much better because it only covers the nose and mouth and can be done safely from bed. If the nose is too stuffy to breathe, one can inhale moist air through the mouth, which really helps to loosen up all the “crud!” Thinking of you with a blessing for healing. Hugs!

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Haha…we always had a vaporizer when I was growing up! The first one (shows you how old I am) only lasted two hours–mom would get up around the clock to add water! She was so happy when she got one that lasted 4-6 hours!! She actually got to sleep!

      I had a vaporizer for my son, too. If we lived closer, I’d run it over to you, Jeanne, along with a jar of Vicks! Rubbing my chest with Vicks (to say nothing of putting it in the vaporizer), always makes me feel better. Hope You are feeling better soon, Jeanne, and don’t worry about us. We’ll be waiting here when you feel better!! Prayers and hugs.

  13. So sorry to hear your not feeling well, Jeanne. Yes, I think you were ill about this time last year. Drink plenty of liquids- soup, water, juice etc. and get lots of sleep. I find having a lot of vitamin C and D in my body helps ward off colds and flu. I know the flu shot missed the mark this year and has others. Actually, I’ve only gotten the shot once and the my mom and daughter both got it and I opted out, they both came down with the flu and I stayed well to be nursemaid.
    Hope you are better very quickly.

  14. There’s a lot of good advice here and some things I never heard of that sound like great investments. As long as George is still well, he or Rebecca could pick up whatever sounds most useful.
    Susette, I am so sorry that the flu has got you. All of you out there, if you have the flu, I hope it’s a mild case, and if you don’t have it, I hope you don’t get it.

    Off the flu topic, I’m wondering what everyone would like to see Jeanne make next. I’m going to choose a Victorian dress with a matching bonnet. Given the early date of Easter, a short cape might be nice.

  15. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Friends,
    Here is a question for the group: Have you had a doll with which you could not bond? What did you do? Sell the doll or just pack it away?
    I had this situation recently and I am curious how others might address it.

    • I haven’t sold any yet. I should as we’re getting a little tight here. Just haven’t mastered ebay selling. Noticed that Jeanne just sold one. That cute little blond second photo down on the side bar.

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Yes, that’s happened to me, too, Dorothy. Years ago, I would sell it at a doll show, but I don’t do those any more (and none is very close to me any more, anyway), so I might try ebay or offer her to a group I’m on that allows sales between members.

      Occasionally I’ve even given some away–some of the later mass-produced Cabbage Patch Kids, for instance, went to a local charity for their thrift store. It kind of depends.

      Of course, I also have quite a few of them packed away at the moment!! Should go thru those again and see what I want to do with them.

  16. Anne Johnson says:

    Well, if we are dreaming, Marilyn, ……………I would pick a Regency dress for Elizabeth in a soft pastel shade of pink, periwinkle blue, or lilac. So delicate and feminine, with soft flowing skirts, and trimmed with ribbons and lace. It is my favorite style to this day, I love the accessories, and I also love what Jeanne does with Elizabeth’s hair. Perhaps this would be just the thing for a sentimental Valentine’s Day ensemble, but pretty for Easter and springtime as well. We also haven’t seen a dress for Kirsten in awhile. I do like the Alpine peasant look, and a springtime dirndl would be lovely, too. Oh well, just dreamin’! No pressure, Jeanne! Whatever you choose will have us all oohing and ahhhing!

    I hope today sees some improvement for you, Jeanne, and allows a little symptom-free dreaming of your own. We’re thinking about you, and wishing you well! Blessings.

  17. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi Dorothy,

    I didn’t see your question until after I had posted. Yes, I have had a doll that was sweet, but just didn’t seem to fit with my group of dolls and excite me to dress and play with her. I gave the doll and some of her clothes to a little girl I know named Juliette, and she was tickled pink! It touched my heart and made me feel good knowing the little doll had a new home with someone who could love her as intended, and helped me pair down my collection at the same time. I hope you find the right home for your doll, too. Happy Tuesday!

  18. Dorothy, I have never really had a doll that I could not bond with, but if I did, I would certainly give or sell her to someone who would love and appreciate her. I don’t think keeping her around would be beneficial to you or the doll. Perhaps you have a granddaughter, niece or even a little neighbor who would love to have her.

  19. Forgot to mention in answer to Marilyn, yes, a pretty Victorian dress with a cape would be sweet for Easter . So sorry that my comments are so short and curt, but my IPad slows me down like nothing else, Talk about modern technology!

  20. So sorry you have that awful crud! I have managed to stay well this winter while surrounded by family and coworkers with the flu and various other upper respiratory ailments. I use the sinus rinse—I buy the little saline packets at Walgreens, and try to use it as soon as I think I’ve been exposed to anything. I also use the Emergen-C, also available at Walgreens. I drink it daily, and so far, so good. I hope you are better soon!

  21. So sorry to hear you have been hit with the bug. My husband and I are just recovering – been a couple weeks so I hope you have the shorter version. All of the above suggestions are great, unfortunately it just takes time and rest. I agree Vit C is very important along with lots of fluids. I also have found Elderberry syrup commonly found under the name of Sambucus made by Natures Way to be helpful. It improves immune function and is best taken at the very first signs of illness but still may help.

    I had to chuckle when I read Charlotte Trayer’s suggestion of good ole Vicks – I love it and it is always in my house and used frequently :o)

    I agree with Anne, I love Elizabeth and the Regency period and I don’t think we have seen an outfit for her in quite awhile. Something to dream about.

    Get well soon – sending get well prayers your way.

  22. Charlotte Trayer says:

    One last comment: I’m a big fan of Molly-era clothes, so that is what I always enjoy seeing, that and things I might have worn when I was growing up (born in 1946). I also like Some contemporary clothes, but only if they are feminine and in good taste. No “rock star” clothes for my girls! LOL

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