Someone on here knows my heart… Vintage Laces…

I received a package in the mail… and I wasn’t expecting anything! Doesn’t that make your heart beat a little faster when that happens to you? My hubby was the one who brought in the mail so he handed it to me and I wish you could have heard the inflection of his voice when he asked, “What did you buy?” I told him I didn’t buy anything…of course my thoughts were racing…did I? Did I? But I hadn’t, so this was going to be a fun package to open.

It was from one of my readers and I’d like to share who it was, but I think I’ll keep it a secret, for her sake… so I’ll give you a hint…she has between 5 and 8 letters in her name… (sorry…I had to do it!)

Anyway, as I was opening it, my hubby was looking on as I took things out of the package and I started going “Oh, oh, oh…” and he asked,
“Is it the kind of lace you like?” I said, “Oh yes, it’s the kind I like…OLD!”

There was so much to look at and I was a bit overwhelmed that she sent this to me… she kept some for herself as a friend gave a huge lot to her and she decided to share it…When I thanked her for it in a quick email, she told me one of the boxes that had laces in it, had penciled on top, “before 1925.” Woohoo! What a blessing to have fun laces like this to use on vintage looking doll dresses!

Okay, let’s see some, Jeanne…

Here’s what I pulled out of the padded envelope…

Now just feast your eyes on these pictures…

This piece is about 12″ x 10″ and is very pretty!

Here’s some more…

She sent along 2 pieces of fabric… a peach dotted/flocked cotton… almost gauzy like and a white piece of embroidery…

She also sent along a pattern for a pair of doll boots…

…and a pattern for a doll dress. It’s for a 24″ doll, but I could reduce the pattern….

I flipped to the instructions and saw this picture of the sleeve… I like it already!

So here is whole lot…

…with a couple of closer shots…

It was fun taking the laces out and looking at them… wondering what I’ll do with “this” and “that” and who will get something from the stash first… oh, if I only had more time and 2 of me! *sigh*

Thanks so much, “Dear Lace Giver!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Linda Doyle says:

    You lucky girl, you! Those lace pieces are absolutely gorgeous and where in the world could you ever find anything like that now besides antique shops, and not even that much on one shopping trip? Do they even make lace like that anymore? I can’t even imagine the time it took to sit and make those laces, and to design the patterns. Whoever sent those, you sent them to the right person, and you are so generous!
    On of the two pieces of material at the bottom, reminds me of an Easter dress my mother made for me, the peach one. That’s what I call Dotted Swiss, and that’s what I had, only in yellow. It sure brought back memories!
    What a fun day for you, Jeanne!

  2. I sat here saying, “Oh, oh and oh”, and then found my jaw had actually dropped in wonder. What a wonderful present to a person most likely to use the laces and trims! What wonderful friends you have. Thanks to the lovely lady who shared that stash.

    Love the little buttonholes on the dress you just finished. I’ve wondered about putting some in myself but hadn’t seen any on doll clothes. I’d frankly rather do that than the tedious exercise of sewing tiny snaps in place.

    About the color in photos, sometimes if you tip your laptop back so the screen is at a different angle, the color shows up brighter or deeper than the usual angle at which you are viewing the pictures. It’s harder to explain than to just do it. Try it and see what a difference it makes in some pictures.

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    Beautiful! It’s a beautiful present! And it is wonderful knowing you will create beautiful things with it.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Take care –

  4. Oh, my, are you going to have fun. And what a perfect moment to receive it — just as you were considering your next outfit. You could take any of those laces and design a dress around it. Close your eyes and pull one piece out and go from there. Or — a cape with that winged star? There’s a triangular piece with violets — I’d love to see what you’d do with that. The brown heart — I already want the outfit that would go with that.
    The Christmas dress — maybe that should wait until fall, but it would be fun to try those sleeves on a simpler dress now. The white embroidered fabric looks nice — I’m wondering about the size of the design — will it work for an AG? This will keep you in inspiration for a whole year.

  5. Jeanie,

    Unspeakably blessed! It could not have been a more deserving person, you do so much for others. These vintage laces are priceless and they are truly the icing on the cake (so sweet) when you use them to adorn dresses for our dollies. I am looking forward to seeing what you will make next.

  6. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, Wow, what a wonderful gift! “Elephants in the mailbox” for sure! I love what your husband said. Blessings are fluid. You bless others and receive blessings in return. I can’t wait to see what beautiful creations you will make with this gift.

  7. I’ve already picked my favorite lace. The fourth picture. I’m calling it the double doily as it looks like two rows of vintage doilies. Not that the others aren’t just as deserving, there are so many lovely pieces. I can’t even imagine how they were used in the past. It looks like you have a museum there. How fun. What a wonderful gift and friend.
    I think our husband’s would get along just fine. George’s comment sounded exactly like what I hear when I can’t be the first to grab the mail. 🙂
    Looking at the photos again, in the last one, I wonder for what that round little thingy that looks like a circle of wings with a few little hanging balls may have been used? So intriguing.

  8. What a marvelous gift, Jeanne. I’m so glad you were the recipient of such bounty and beauty. As others have stated, what better person to receive this type of gift than our highly admired seamstress friend, Jeanne. This is a great way to end the month of January!


  9. Hi Jeanne,
    I just wanted to make a quick comment about your lovely dress and coat outfit. It’s just so very pretty. It looks so fresh and spring like. I know the auction is going to do very well for you.
    What a wonderful gift you received in the mail. It’s always fun opening surprises. Everyone is correct in that such a kind and generous gift went to the right person.
    Blessings to you

    • I just took a second peek at your booty and noticed some tatted trim. I’m so in love with tatted trim, it’s truly a lost art. I wish I had the patience to learn. Anyways you really have a beautiful gift there!

  10. Shara Smith says:

    How gorgeous! What a kind lady to share such treasures!

  11. Anne Johnson says:

    What a wonderful act of kindness, and what a wonderful surprise, Jeanne! It is truly a treasure trove, and it could not have been given to a more grateful and deserving seamstress. Oh, what creative ideas must be swirling around in your imagination! I will look forward to seeing some of them come to fruition in the not-too-distant future. Loved the close-ups, like an “I Spy” for dressmakers! Loved the detail of the sleeves, too. With this pattern, I think you may have a new focus on dolly sleeves, especially after your charming pin-tucked ones on Samantha’s dress! Thank you for sharing your lovely surprise with us, Jeanne, and thank you to your kind reader for her generous heart. May the joy she has given be returned to her 100-fold, as your joy will be passed on to others through your dolly designs!

  12. What nice lace, and how nice to receive an unexpected gift! I know you will find a use for all those lovely pieces. I see there are a couple of lace appliqués included, and those will be fun to use on the right outfit. I did’t get to comment on yesterday’s post, but I wanted to let you know how much I liked the coat and dress you made for Nellie and Samantha. They are very pretty!

  13. What beautiful laces you received, Jeanne. They are all gorgeous. My favorites are the first with the roses running down the center and then the third with the upside down flowers.. When I first saw that lace it looked like dandelion clocks to me. Very pretty!! Sometimes our one antique store ( the one with the Colonial era on up) has antique/vintage sewing items and they are fun to see. I was there one day as a lady was purchasing a few spools of beautiful vintage velvet two-sided ribbon.
    The doll boots pattern is amazing. Are you going to try it?
    The doll dress pattern is gorgeous. I hope that you make a dress with that.
    What a kind friend to pass on some vintage goodies. She knew you would have the perfect use for them.

  14. I must not covert the lace of others!
    What an absolute wonder. Hundreds of dollars to buy. I know, I had an obsession always back, after casein buttons. Now I have a drawer full of imported lace too wonderful and valuable to use. Some of that lace will be very frail, polyester thread can cut it.
    Enjoy your riches.

    • Jeanne, the piece of lace is several different types and possibly vintages.
      The plainer horizontal bands are French, in a style still manufactured today. The more elaborate horizontal bands are Irish, the style you have is often referred to as Dublin lace. The vertical panel is likely Nottingham lace. The laces are probably hand whipped together.
      The pattern is for a Jan Garnet porcelain doll. Her moulds are 25″ & 33″. They are teenage to young lady shape. Slimmer than AG dolls. I have every confidence you can adapt.

  15. HI everyone,
    Oh how I wish I had time today to comment on everyone else’s comments, but I’ve been helping my hubby with a project at church and just now got home.
    I read everyone’s comments and will read them again… you all are so kind to me… I just love all of you!
    The laces are wonderful and when I look at the stash I have now, I’m overjoyed at the possibilities of using it all! I still have all the laces on Anne’s inspirational board and have been too protective of it to take anything off… but I think I need to, with Spring and Easter just around the corner. Just think what I can do with a piece of this and a piece of that… yippee!
    Thanks so much everyone,
    Blessings, Jeanne

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