Seven Saturday Snippets to Share…

I took a time out today! I just did what I wanted! Ever have one of those days? They’re nice! BUT… when it came time to write a post, I thought, “what can I share?” I just decided to cover some random subjects today…

Subject #1
A box came in the mail yesterday… a box of diamonds! Well, actually that’s not exactly true… it’s a box with diamonds on the front… does that count?

When I opened it up, it was the sweetest little sundress for Betsy. It includes the dress, bloomers AND a pair of shoes.

Sweet Anne, one of my readers, found it on Ebay and thought Betsy would like it. Well, Anne, she does! She’s thrilled that she doesn’t have to stand on the dolly shelf naked like all the other girls. :o)

Oh, I almost forgot…it came with a headband too, but Betsy said she already had a red bow in her hair.

As I was putting it on her, I noticed something… look closely and you can see narrow pieces of this tan stretchy fabric used UNDER the red shoulder ties. I’m sure it was put there to keep the red from fading on your doll. How ingenious! I loved that idea!

Here’s the bloomers!

We’re practically having a heat wave here in Southern Illinois lately. Today it was 63 degrees! I think Betsy could go outside in this outfit and be fine! No winter coat needed on this 20th day of January!

Thank you Anne… that was so sweet of you! Betsy thanks you too!

Subject #2
Back in December I showed you a gift I received from someone and the boxes they were wrapped in were just unbelievable!

This person sent gifts for everyone in my family and even a graduation present for Rebecca! There was hot chocolate for George and I after our days at the “Spa” and this little angel I wanted to show you. I think she may have made her, and she brought me joy in December.

In two of the boxes were these marble like rocks that were quite heavy. They are about 2″ square. One had Hope on it and the other had Peace on it. I put them on my buffet and see them every time I walk by. I just love them and wanted to thank that very special person! We all felt very loved by your gifts!

Subject #3
A few days ago, when Joann Fabrics had some kind of sale… I picked up 3 new fabrics… 2 are reddish…so that counts for Valentine’s Day and I think I’m allowed to buy them since I’m a seamstress and sew for dolls, aren’t I? One was a blue print and I think it’s a nice print for possibly a Civil War dress. I liked it. Here are the fabrics…

Which leads me to…

Subject #4
Nyssa was having a talk with me the other day and asked me if I loved her? I told her, “yes, very much,” but she didn’t believe me because she reminded me that she didn’t get one single dress made for her last year! So Subject #4 picked Subject #3… if you get my drift!

Nyssa said this would make a lovely Valentine’s dress for her…and I said, Okay…I’ll try!” I put a dark wig on her and the blue in her eyes picks up the tiny blue flower in the print.

So the fabric in Subject #4 leads me to…

Subject #5
I have very few patterns that I’ve drafted for Nyssa and so I was looking for something new that I could just take off and SEW…and BOY did I find some. I have a friend down in Texas who makes beautiful patterns for the MSD dolls. (Mini Super Dollfie) Her name is Marsha Trent and she has a wonderful shop on Etsy called Trentsation. Here’s a link to it. She is one of the few pattern designers who makes what I call “normal” dresses for dolls. So many of the patterns for Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD’s) are fantasy, fairy, raggy, or all lace concoctions. That’s fine for some people, but I like regular dresses when I sew and that’s just what Marsha gives.


I had the hardest time trying to decide which pattern I would like. I looked at them all, and really got a feel for how they went together. If you want to see some spectacular sewing, take a look at her things. They are all top stitched so incredibly well, it’s amazing!

So anyway, I decided to pick these 2 patterns and hopefully Nyssa and Hope might get a dress or 2 or 3 this year. It’s nice that Marsha has done the work for me and I can just sew them up! Thanks so much Marsha!

Subject #6
I’ve got 3 really pretty pieces of purple fabric in my stash and when I saw this spray of small lavender and purple flowers I had to have them. I love the long skinny flowers as they work really well with a ribbon tied around them and the dolls can carry them pretty easily. Someone will be getting a purple dress in the near future…

Subject #7
Rebecca, my daughter, got a job! Yes, she did! At the hospital here in town! She’s going to start out as a cashier in the cafeteria and do some food prep and her boss wants to cross train her to take the carts up on the floors that have the dinners in them for the patients. It’s not her “ideal” job, but she’s happy to have it knowing it will give her experience, which is what she needs if she goes on for an internship. She also knows this a way to get her “foot in the door” so to speak! We are very thankful and happy for her! I don’t really have a picture for this one, so how about I show my new favorite picture of her again…where she was a bridesmaid last year…

Won’t she just be the cutest cashier???

Well, that’s all the Saturday Snippets I could round up for you today!
Have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll see you on Monday!

Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    What a fun to read (and look at) blog today, Jeanne! It certainly perked me up, and I am sure it will to everyone else too!

    First, oh you luck girl, to get that adorable scissors dress for Betsy! I look all the time for Betsy’s clothes, and I have seen that many times, sometimes with a doll included, but it never is available in my price range, so lucky you! Adorable, and to think you have everything that comes with it! Betsy looks adorable!
    You have the most generous and thoughtful readers! Love to see what everyone sends to you, who so lovingly deserves them!
    Nyssa looks like she really WANTS a new dress, and I think that will even make her smile!!
    Very pretty patterns on Trentsation, Jeanne, and you picked a winner! Yes, sometimes doll clothes are to “far out” for me to even consider!
    Oooh, the purple and lilac fabrics, spring is coming!!

    Congratulations to Rebecca! It’s hard to find a job doing what you want, but this will be a good way to get your foot in the door, and to learn what a hospital is all about. She will get a good idea of many facets of hospital work. The best part of doing that is the contact you get with the patients which gives you empathy for others. A beautiful girl, inside and out!
    Have a good Sunday, Jeanne, and soak up all the love you receive from so many people!

  2. Thanks for the fun Saturday Snippets, Jeanne. You’ve been busy and blessed. Thanks for blessing us in return.

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    Congratulations to Rebecca! It definitely is a foot in the door!
    Enjoyed your Snippet Saturday!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Jeanne thank you so much for featuring my patterns. Coming from you it is a HUGE compliment. I have had a lot of enjoyment creating them. I remember outfits you made for Nyssa and they were all gorgeous. As far as I am concerned you are an amazing designer and seamstress. One of the best I have ever seen! I have always greatly admired your creations.

  5. Shara Smith says:

    Loved today’s blog…. reading it felt like sitting down with a BFF over a cup of coffee and just talking about fun stuff.. dolls, fabric shopping and plans to put the two of them together:)

    I really like the tip of using the nude knit fabric underneath the red sundress straps.. necessity is the mother of invention:)

    Thanks for the reminder about Marsha’s patterns.. my Wiggs girls got very excited peeking over my shoulder at Nyssa… they said,”mom, don’t you have that exact same red fabric in your stash?…hmmmmm?! Ive been busted! Lol

  6. Well, this post will definitely tide us over until Monday. So many interesting things.
    So nice seeing sweet little Betsy in a lovely new outfit. I think I saw her wink!
    How I’ve missed Marsha Trent, I have no idea, but I love the two patterns you have shown. Nyssa will look lovely in both of them. I’ll be viewing her site later.
    Your fabric choices make me feel a great need to visit Joann’s. Not exactly good.
    And a big congrats to Rebecca. Tell her that after four years of college and a teaching credential, I started out in the typing pool at the county. Go figure. Worked for the county for five years, in fortunately better positions, before returning to teaching from which I retired. Go Rebecca!
    So glad you had a bit of time for yourself. You are quite deserving.

  7. If I hesitate, everyone comments beautifully and I couldn’t agree more. What a wonderful post. It certainly will tide us over until Monday. Loved everything you wrote. The Christmas gifts were so thoughtful and beautiful. You have the best followers. The darling scissors fabric and the bloomers are so cute. What a great tip about the patterns for Nyssa, even though I don’t have her. You take care of all of us. You chose so well. Can’t wait to see the purple ensemble.

    Congratulations to Rebecca for finding a position very quickly and close to home. It will be a good experience and bode well for the future. Thanks again for another wide-ranging and wonderful post. I’ll be sure to come back to it several times.

  8. Yes, I agree with the girls, the snippet blog was fun to read. With coffee, tea and YOU.
    We girls could all be sitting at a table visiting with you!
    The outfit for Betsy is adorable. And so Betsy McCall-like. What a nice gift.
    I love love love that purple group of material. Wonder which girl will get it?

    Congrats to Rebecca!!! It’s the start of her career. I wish her all the best!

  9. Congratulations Rebecca!! Jeanne, those purple fabrics are very pretty. I have yet to buy from Trentsation, but I will soon. I just have to decide which patterns I want first. 😀

  10. Shara is right — this was a personal post, like a conversation, and a lovely experience.
    Betsy’s new outfit is perfect for you both and may start a trend toward dressed dolls in the sewing room. Nyssa is going to be very happy with her new dress — the patterns look wonderful and inspirational.
    Best of all, Rebecca has a job where she can make an impression and soon move into a more appropriate position. You can never tell what will make a difference. When I was substitute teaching, I mentioned that I’d considered Home Ec before deciding on English. “What was the deciding factor?” asked the Home Ec teacher, clearly expecting something not nice. “English was easier.” After that when they needed a sub for Home Ec, I was the one they asked. They are going to love Rebecca’s smile.

  11. designdreamer says:

    I remember when that Betsy scissors dress was introduced! Everyone coveted it.
    Congratulations to your daughter! Not only will she be a cute cashier, but a beautiful cashier.
    NONE of my three oldest (the ones with degrees so far) have careers that necessarily utilizes their degree, sigh. Then again, two of them have pretty broad degrees. My son’s is business, and he IS in the business world, and I imagine (hope?!) some of his training is applicable. Middle daughter’s is Communications and she’s working at a call center for a large insurance company. Oldest daughter is probably farthest from her field, but she’s doing well, and has opportunities for advancement, so that’s good. Best of Luck to Rebecca.

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