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You may have already seen it, but I did get Rebecca’s “Christmas Rose” Regency dress listed last night. If you want, you can click her picture at the right side bar or click HERE. It will take you to the listing. All the girls on my dolly shelf are jealous that Rebecca is the only with clothes on and looks so pretty… I’ve heard them talking…


Perhaps… you are looking for a new doll? I wanted to tell you about 2 places that have some for sale.

The Hearts for Hearts dolls that were popular a few years ago, and then suddenly disappeared are making a comeback with a new company. If you type in Hearts for Hearts doll on Ebay, you’ll find quite a few dolls listed. I even succumbed to the temptation a few weeks ago and got dear, sweet Nahji. She’s from India and is almost the same size as Willa, my new Wellie Wishers doll.



There are 10 dolls in all and they are 14″ tall. The nice thing about them is they are truly reasonable in price and are a nice quality doll. You can see their face book page link HERE.

Here are all 10 of the dolls that will be offered…


The doll on the top left, Rahel, from Ethiopia, will be for sale. The bottom 2 dolls on the left, Nahji, from India, and then Dell, from the Appalachians in Kentucky, and then Consuelo, from Mexico, 2nd from the right on the bottom row, will be for sale too.

There were some problems with the dolls made by Playmates….mostly their eyes. For some reason, the eyes turned colors after a while… the brown eyed dolls eyes turned purple… and I do mean purple.


The aqua blue eyed dolls eyes turned bright blue. They sort of looked like Zombies or ghosts or some kind of aliens. I read if you got the dolls in sunlight, it made them turn colors. I wasn’t sure, so I found the Hearts for Hearts facebook page and wrote to them asking if the new dolls that were scheduled to come out on or around November 20th, had the eye problems fixed. Someone from the company answered me and said, Yes, they had fixed the problems with the eyes and the new dolls wouldn’t have eyes that turned purple. The dolls can be pre-ordered at Amazon (HERE). I’m not exactly sure why there are some of the dolls being offered on Amazon for over $100… those dolls aren’t even up for pre-order yet. You can also find the dolls at Pixie Faire (HERE) There is a banner at Pixie Faire that changes every few seconds… wait until the Hearts for Hearts dolls come up and click on it. There are 4 dolls being offered now and in 2017 they will add the rest of the dolls. Pixie Faire is a wonderful company selling dolls and patterns. The dolls run $39.99 there.

If those dolls don’t float your boat… how about a 13″ Mini Maru doll. There are some Maru and Friends dolls in the 20″ size, but these mini ones are new and so adorable. These are sweet little dolls sculpted by Dianna Effner… Yes, that’s the same doll artist that sculpted my Little Darlings… you know Isabelle, Lian and Janie. There are 2 new dolls up for pre-order and they are very reasonable too. The Little Darlings are terribly hard to order as the few artists who paint them are booked for over a year.

(I actually called the lady today who is painting the one I ordered on April 24, 2014… YES!!! That’s right…I’ve been waiting 31 months for my doll! So now when I tell you how you can get one, almost identical in size to my girls, you’ll be thrilled. Mine is coming up very soon to be painted. I can’t wait. After all this time, I sure hope I made the right choice!)

You can check out the Mini Maru dolls HERE. There are 2 dolls being offered right now… Maru and Tanya. They are $89 and I’m sure there will probably be more dolls added at a later time. Maru is adorable in her sweet red Christmasy dress. If you click on her picture, (on the website), you’ll get more details.



This is Tanya…She’s in a sweet turquoise pant set.



I had one of my readers, April, send me a few pictures of her dolls all in the same outfit, showing how they each look.

First is her Little Darling…


Next is Dell, one of the Hearts for Hearts dolls…


Here is her Les Cheries doll in the outfit…


This is her Betsy McCall in it…


She also said the Faith and Friends dolls are very close to the same size.


I thought you might enjoy seeing the comparison…

So that’s my plug for a few new dolls…if you’re in the market for one… :o)

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. The mini Maru doll is gorgeous. I had no idea that they made the Maru dolls smaller. I have to look into getting her. I have one LD, but a new face is always handy. Thank you for the link. 🙂

    • HI Christine,
      I added some new pictures to the bottom of my post. A reader sent me some comparison pics.
      I think the Mini Maru doll is my favorite… she has a very pretty face. Yep, that “new face” gets me all the time… I have to resist… I have to resist… I have to resist!
      Let us know if you get one… :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Glad to hear they have fixed the eye problem on the Hearts for Hearts dolls. They are nice dolls at the Pixie Faire price. Still debating on a Mini Maru.
    I have a friend who also ordered a LD about when you did. Glad you called and got a response. I should have another little one coming from DF, but have no idea how soon.
    I also just found a very cute Our Generation doll, Suyin. Maybe…

    • Hi Joy,
      I added some new pics at the bottom of my post of some dolls being compared… if you wanted to take a look…
      I would like to have a Lauryce Hearts for Hearts doll, and then I think I’ll quit… Yea right! I like her looks and she’d be a nice lighter skinned model. I keep looking on Ebay, but knowing that the new dolls have the eyes fixed makes me wait!
      Lana said my doll would be up very quickly… I’m super excited to see her…and just hope after 30+ months I love her!
      I bet with Christmas coming next month, there will be an influx of new dolls on the market. Oh dear… help me Joy!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Oh, a Lana dolly. How exciting. I’m sure she will be a beauty.
        Believe it or not, I just ordered a Tonner Izzy, so my Amelia will have a best buddy. Should be here shortly. Whether a new or new to owner doll, there always seem to be more…

  3. Anne Johnson says:

    I received my last “play doll” the Christmas of my thirteenth year, and I’m so glad my parents encouraged my early “mothering.” For almost five more decades, my love of dolls has continued with the “collectibles,” and I’ve rarely met a doll that didn’t charm me with her innocent face. They are all “little darlings” to me, and your blog connects me with others who enjoy dolls as much as I do, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing the pix of the Hearts for Hearts and Mini Maru dolls. They are sweet as can be, and I would happily give them all a home if I only I had the space! Enjoy your weekend, ladies, and enjoy your all your “little darlings!” Looking forward to the rest of your Christmas designs, Jeanne.

    • HI Anne,
      So you’ve been a life time lover of dolls I take it! I love that!
      I added some new pictures that a reader sent me… it is the same outfit on 4 different dolls, showing how it fits each of them. The hat looks a little small on the head of Dell.
      I have to agree.. TOO many dolls and TOO little space. I’m debating about thinning out my collection… and I really don’t have that many… like some ladies have.
      Thanks Anne,
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh no more dolls for me, Jeanne!! Heavens to Betsy! I just got a new Betsy McCall doll a couple of months ago, and am still having fun with her, trying on new outfits, and getting to know her. She’s a 14 incher, so can fit into all the Little Darlings clothes—–if I could afford half of them! I did find a darling handkerchief dress from a lady who makes them on Ebay, ordered it and it came yesterday. It is adorable! She also sent me a paper copy of how to make them. I will send you a pic when I get it set up on my computer. A Little Darling doll requires a 14 inch square handkerchief for a dress.

    The Mini Maru dolls faces are just plain adorable, but I am not too fond of their thin bodies. I wish they were a bit more “plump”, I guess you would call it! Their hands don’t have much detailing that I can see from the pictures. The Wellies have cute bodies I think.

    The reason I’m late to the party, is we decided to go to Cape Girardeau this morning for Homecoming! Was it ever crowded! For sure, no one mistook us for current college students! I had to laugh, when we stopped at Arby’s for lunch there, and we ordered a sandwich and a soda. The clerk typed in “Senior Drink….50 cents! Now how in the world would she ever know how old we were? LOL
    So we weren’t all that far away from you today. It was a nice day, a bit overcast, but my goodness, all the people in Cape!! It certainly has changed in the last 40 years since I have been there!

    • Hi Linda,
      Sometimes on a whim we go to Cape…wouldn’t that have been fun if we could have met for lunch or something…one of these days it’s gonna happen!
      I’ve looked at those pleated hankie dresses and tried to figure them out, but never could. How fun that the seller sent you a pattern.
      It’s nice to be totally content with the dolls you have. I’m glad you are enjoying Betsy.
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. My Cape Girardeau connection, Elizabeth Bollinger b 1801 Cape Girardeau. Would love to visit there some day.
    And we too went to Arby’s for lunch here in CA. I always have a senior drink. 🙂

    • Hi Joy,
      I guess it was an Arby’s kind of day today. Thanks for sharing your connection to Cape. I’m 50 minutes from there.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I will be anxious to see the pictures of your new LD when she arrives. I’m waiting for another one also, but I’m not expecting her until early spring. I have a friend who doesn’t want to pay the price for a LD and is seriously thinking about the Mini Mary doll. Other than the one I’m waiting for, I’m not in the market for any more dolls right now, although if I could find a Tonner Brenda Starr at the right price, I might make an exception!
    So about the quilt festival yesterday– lots of quilts on display and 100’s of vendors selling every quilt related item you can think of. Of course, the quilt show is judged, and If anyone wants to see the winning quilts, here is a link to all of them:
    There are also many that aren’t judged, such as the antique quilts. This year’s theme for those was red and green, although so many of the old green dyes are fugitive, that some quilts were more red and brown. That were some other pretty awesome groups such as a collections of Dear Jane quilts, Japanese quilts (really awesome), and Milliflora quilts. Oh, and there was a Kaffe Fassett quilt display and he was there Friday afternoon describing his quilts. If was a really good show, but it was really crowded which dampened my enthusiasm some.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      I am anxious to see my new LD too. I really hope the one I pixked looks like I want her to.
      The Mini Maru dolls are very very close in size to the LD so the clothes should easily be interchangeable.
      I’ve gone to the Quilt show in Paducah, KY for years and while I enjoy looking as t the quilts, I really enjoy going around to the vendors booths…
      Thanks Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I noted (with controlled excitement) that the Mini Maru MIGHT be the same size as the Little Darlings, and that would allow me possibly use one as a model to sell clothes, so that I could afford my VERY OWN Little Darling one day, but then I ALSO get very discouraged by the long, long wait. I think I first looked into them a couple of years ago, and was so shocked by the price that I just thought, “Oh dear, that’s a LOT of money for a doll”. But they just haven’t stopped pulling at my heartstrings. I guess I should get on a waitlist, but even that seemed to be closed the last time I check.

    • HI C,
      Yes, the Little Darlings and the Maru Mini dolls are very close in size… The waist is just a smidge larger on the Little Darlings, but not enough of a difference to make, at least the dresses that I made NOT fit.
      I”m not positive on the shoes for the Mini Maru dolls…if their foot is the same size. The dolls will be out soon, so maybe more information will be out about them soon.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Beautiful dress and the best name for it! Mini Maru interesting, but whether her body like a doll torso my Little Darlings

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