Some random pictures and thoughts today…

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been a little bit “stretched” lately and it’s not showing any signs of stopping!! My hubby and I worked at my mom’s house this morning and afternoon; sorting through things that needed to go to Goodwill, the trash, combined into the same area, and just lots of other jobs. Then we stopped by her new apartment and took her a few things… Today was her best day I think… she had her TV on and her apartment was pretty neat. She had lost her keys twice today, but it’s going to take some time for her to remember to get them when she walks out the door. I have to tell you this cute story… She asked my hubby if it was a sin to play Bingo. *smile* Someone had asked her if she wanted to play and she wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted to know what to do if money was involved. I told her I’m sure the prizes were probably candy or something like that. (and I found out it WAS candy that was given for the prizes!) When we assured her it was okay, she seemed like she was ready to play… I hope she does! :o)

After we left her place we came home and I had 45 minutes before I had to be at a friends house. She asked me to help her with the food preparation for the Staff Christmas party from church Wednesday night. We chopped up peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, carrots, celery, apples and more. We made fruit dip and bread dip and got the roast beef sliders ready to put together, we wrapped prosciutto around asparagus… and did a million other little tasks, so tomorrow night wouldn’t be quite so hectic. It was 8:30 when I got home…

My computer has been on the fritz lately and Rebecca was helping me figure out what I needed to buy… (I’m pretty sure it’s coming down the pike…) Kristoffer said he could build me one, but I don’t have time to wait on him to do it… I need one, like…yesterday! I want to make sure I have all my pictures transferred… that’s what I’m concerned about the most.. all my pictures.

So… that brings us to now… it’s 10:30 and I need a blog post…

I am very far behind in answering some emails from some of my readers and have had a few ladies email me pictures and guess what? I’m using them today… today’s post will be one with “something for everyone!!!” I hope you find something that makes you smile in all the pictures below… They did me… :o)… see?

The first pictures are from the winner of the Colonial dress that I had made for Felicity. This lady had just received an Elizabeth (Lizzie) doll and was thrilled to have this new “Fall Fancy” dress to put on her. I think Lizzie looks wonderful in it!

(If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.)

Joy, from California, sent me some pictures a while back too. The first picture surely had to hit close to home as she and her hubby had their car packed up and was ready to leave at a moment’s notice because of all the wild fires… Look what these Sonoma County people did in spite of losing everything…

Joy and her hubby have been going through old photos etc. at her husband’s parents old home. She sent a picture of this fabric store in Santa Rosa. She thinks it might be from around 1910 or so. Most of town was destroyed in the 06 earthquake so she’s dating it from that. Anyway, can’t you just imagine sitting on one of those stools while the employees laid out fabric to view. Joy told me she thinks laces are stored in all the little boxes. It’s a pretty incredible picture, isn’t it? Also note the gas lighting above.

I got this email a little while later from Joy with an update…
“So looks like that photo is a bit older than 1910 because I found a pic of the front of the store in the library archives and also found that the owner started the dry goods store in 1889. This was apparently only one portion of the store which also carried just about everything else. It was located across from the courthouse in the photo I saw. Courthouse and all of downtown was completely leveled in 1906. Just an interesting piece of history to me. ~ Joy”

Jenna visited my Etsy shop and bought a pair of white gloves with black satin bows for her Molly doll. She had a black and white scotty dog print dress and thought the gloves would complete the set… Molly looks pretty cute, doesn’t she?

Linda sent me some pictures from a trip she made to The Gardenland Express at Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Since Linda lives in St. Louis, she might take it for granted just how beautiful this is.. but for the rest of us who can only view it from your pictures, get ready to feast your eyes on some gorgeous sites!!! Linda, they are just fabulous pictures…

One of Linda’s pictures “accidentally” got in the mix… but I think you have some real talent there Linda! Maybe you could get a job at the Gardenland Express! I think your Christmas scene fits right in!!! I had to show it! :o) It’s her kitchen shelf…I was going to mix it in with the others, but decided to tease her just a bit!

Well, that’s going to be it for today… one of these days I’m going to actually make it back into my sewing room… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jeanne!!!!!! That last picture was a big mistake from me! I had no idea that was included in the others, but oh gee, what more can I say? You are a tricky one!!! 🙂 The reason I take pictures of my decorations, is that I know where to put things the next year and it saves me time, not that I think it’s so wonderful !!
    The Fall Fancy” dress looks just beautiful on Elizabeth. I’m so happy to see that it was bought by someone who appreciates the work that you do.
    Joy’s picture of the fireplace with stockings and everyone wearing a mask, is both touching and sad. Very touching to see the human spirit at work trying to make the best of it, and sad, that the fire took away their home.

    Wow, that fabric store is fantastic! Can you imagine working there and keeping everything straightened up?

    Jenna’s Molly looks adorable in that darling outfit, and her new gloves are the crowning touch! Jenna, is your Molly a PC one?

    That was funny to hear about your momma wondering if Bingo was a sin!! I hope that she has fun playing and it sounds like she has made a few new friends. I’m so happy for her—-and all of you too! Maybe some kind of a key holder thing to hang on the wall by the door, or a special dish or container by the door where she can drop her keys in and then find them on the way out. I have a hanger right by the back door on the way to the garage, and I put my keys there right away when I come home, so they are always there when I need them.

    Oh, is that photography thing you mentioned awhile back still on? The one where we send favorite Christmas outfit pictures? I’ll have to get going and see what I find, and hope everyone else does too!

    Jeanne, just do all the things you need to do for yourself. We all know what a hectic time of the year this is for everyone, and you are included in that “everyone” too! You have what seems like endless energy, like the Energy Bunny! Take the time to refresh your soul, after all, this is Advent, and that means preparing ourselves for the birth of Christ.

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    What wonderful pictures everyone sent! I sure did enjoy them.

    RE: that vintage picture of the fabric department. I’m thinking some of those boxes may have held notions, too–things like collar stays, snaps, maybe boning strips for corsets, or garters to add to corsets or garter belts, those big hooks and eyes used on fur or heavy wool coats, perhaps even things like small feathers for hats, or suspender clips. In fact, they could even have held small spools of thread all lined up, one color per box!

    Hope tomorrow you have a little time in the sewing room, for some rejuvenation!! I’m glad to hear your mom is doing so well, Jeanne! Prayers continue!

  3. Sounds like the church staff are going to have an unbelievable party. Yummy.
    What a perfect home for Felicity’s dress. Such a nice setting.
    Great dress for Molly too and the little gloves just add the right accent.
    And the Gardenland Express is quite amazing. All of the little details and lovely holiday plants. Our grands would love it. Just a short flight from CA. 🙂 So glad to see the wonderful photos.
    There have also been more big fires this time in southern CA. Here, they are cleaning the debris from lots and trucking it to our dump which can’t handle that much more. They have been working almost 24 hours a day with lights at night. Everyone is anxious to have a cleared lot so they can get permits to rebuild. We’re looking forward to when stores are rebuilt and open.
    I have two ideas for the key problem for your mom. I’ve seen stretchy spiral bracelets that fit over the wrist for keys and also go on the doorknob so they are there when one leaves. And then there are the fashionable necklace ones that hold id tags and keys as well. I see everyone wearing them so they don’t have to have pockets to hold anything but the phone. That too could hang on the door or right next to it if it is a lever handle.
    Decorated yet?? Just kidding, as we have not yet either.

  4. What a wonderful set of pictures. I’ve chosen the house with the tower to move into in Linda’s pictures.

    Isn’t that a fabulous fabric store? I think most of us would love to visit and buy. Wouldn’t you love to see what fabrics they had — and not one of them easy to iron. Maybe I wouldn’t buy as much as I think I would but I would like to see the patterns on the fabrics.

    Elizabeth looks beautiful — I’m so glad she got that dress, she certainly deserves it. Speaking of pretty girls, yesterday’s doll has such beautiful eyes, and I loved the way she looked in various wigs. I’ve decided she needs a Victorian dress to go with the long brown curls. Doesn’t everyone need a Victorian dress? Except Molly. She could wear one nicely, but that black and white outfit is perfect for her. And that’s a wonderful picture. I’m so glad Jenna sent it.

    And thank you to Joy for the picture of the Family with Guts. Whatever they don’t have, they have what it takes to face whatever comes. Human resilience is a wonderful thing.

    My sister Linda gave her mother-in-law one of those stretchy coil bracelets with her key on it. That could hang on the hanger Linda D. mentioned above, next to the door. You’d have to choose something color-coordinated, of course, but it would be big enough and colorful enough to catch her eye on the way out, and it would be hard to lose once it was on her wrist.

  5. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, Thanks for sharing the photos. I am a real “arm chair” traveler. I love to see other folks’ pictures. I find that it broadens the world if one can “go” somewhere, even if that someone is just sitting at home looking at pictures. And it’s free!
    I hope you will be able to squeeze in some rest this weekend.

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    Fun pictures thanks for sharing. I think it’s so cute that your Mom asked about bingo. I’m sure she will enjoy playing if she goes. I love that photo of the fabric store what an awesome find! I didn’t comment on yesterdays post because it was so late but I wanted to say what sweet and generous readers you have and what a pretty little girl Holly is. Enjoy your party at church.

  7. What a fun mixed bag for today’s post. Lizzie looks lovely in that Colonial gown. That’s a neat store picture, Joy. I just love historic sites and pictures of them. We have an old stage coach stop in my town as well as the old railroad depot, along with a few Underground Railroad houses.
    Molly looks sweet and ready to go to a fancy party.
    Wow, I love all those pictures, Linda. That railroad depot sometimes has a model train set up and that is fun to see. I really like your Christmas shelf. It’s so festive.
    Jeanne, I second Linda about having your mom have a place for keys. How about a decorative hook on the opposite side of the hinges of her door from the inside. that way your mom would see them as she walks out and could hang them on it as she closes the door when she returns.

  8. Thank you for trying to keep writing despite everything. It was so nice that the new owner sent a picture of your fall doll. I loved your Mom’s new apartment. It is so homey. I am so thrilled that she will be going down for Bingo. She will have so much fun if she joins in. Living alone can get lonely at times. I send a huge welcome the Holly. She has such a lovely face. Noel and Holly look so sweet together. They would be cute in matching Christmas outfits. I would love to see the Christmas village. You could take hours looking at each detail. The girls ideas for keys for your Mom were all good. She’ll get used to taking her keys every time she steps out. I appreciated the photos of the old fabric store. Silly but I could almost imagine what it smelled like. That would be hard to have the clerk bring you fabric, I would want to touch it all. I haven’t been able to sew for a couple of weeks and I’m getting grumpy. Anyone else like that? Hope you have a lovely church dinner. Sorry this is all run together. There was just so much to say. J Lynn

  9. Sally S. Kriebel says:

    Jeanne, my heart goes out to you with all that you have had to do with your mom and her things. Exhausting, heart wrenching, overwhelming, and yes, usually rewarding when accomplished. So many of us have been through this process. How pleasing to hear that she is deciding to join in with activities at her new home. What a remarkable job you all did to make that home look so inviting. Loved the pictures.

    I also want to say that I was so pleased you were able to use my Lizzie pics today. She is still in that dress and mighty pleased with herself. Can’t blame her one bit. I so enjoy the pictures your readers share. Quite a wonderful community.

    I would like to wish you peace and joy this season. Thanks for your wonderful blog, your personal stories which are so inspirational, your dedication, and your wonderful, wonderful sewing. Merry Christmas to everyone.



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