Some oldies but goodies…about doll dresses this time…

We’re still trying to settle my mom in her new apartment, and it’s taking all of our time, so this will just be a few archived posts too… I tried to think of something fun and colorful for you to look at today… and I hope I succeeded…these posts were from 2014 and were done on my 19th, 20th and 26th day of blogging. I barely knew what I was doing; with the writing… but I knew what I was doing with the sewing… hope you enjoy them!

Click on the links to see the posts…

How my doll dresses come to life…

I thought I better show you the next post…so you could see how it ended up…

Lian’s big reveal…

A little bit of 3-D fun…

Thanks for sticking around till I get back in my sewing room…
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. I loved the mini-Doris Day and the teeny-tiny piping on Lian’s dress. It’s especially fun to see these very early posts.

    I wonder why I thought that all of your problems were going to be over with a couple statements from your mother. I am so glad that Deb stayed with her the first night, and probably last night too. Hard on Deb, but it did give your mother some needed security and answers. I’m hoping that this morning will be better.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Deb stayed nights one and 2 and I’m staying with them tonight too. We are having a slumber party… we’ve had a pizza, did a pedicure on my mom’s toenails and just finished up with root beer floats!!!
      Things are looking up!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Root beer floats. Of course that would make things look up. I hope you aren’t all sick all night. Good luck to you!

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I loved the mini-Doris Day, too, and of course Lian’s outfit. Seeing the dimentional embellishments was fun, too.

    I did add a couple of comments to yesterday’s blog, with some suggestions; I’ll add them here. One was to use pictures of your mom and family (copies of the originals) in some way either on or by her door, so she’ll immediately recognize it.

    The other was this: Repeat after me: It’s not mom, it’s the dementia speaking….and then maybe try to distract her with something else for a little while. It’s kind of like having a toddler who changes her mind and her attitude every few minutes–only she’s an adult, and she’s your mom! As with toddlers–distractions, and lots of patience. She’s not doing this intentionally….. Prayers continue.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Thank you for your kind and caring comments… we hooked up my mom’s digital photo frame and she’s enjoyed looking at it. She knows all us kids now and we are hoping downsizing to a smaller place will be much better. It seems to be working. Today has been much much nicer.
      Thanks so much Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Oh, I loved that darling lavender jumper on the mini-Doris Day, with the tiny pleats all around the bottom of the skirt! I love lavender anyway, and the sewing on that jumper was just perfect——as was the sewing on everything else you had on that blog! It’s so fun to see the older blogs, and for sure you shouldn’t quit showing them! I think we all enjoy them immensely and your newer readers have never seen them, so it’s a first for them.
    I thought of you yesterday at the airport and of course, we had another “visitor” come in. Did you find anything different when you were there as far a security? I hope Rebecca enjoyed her plane ride!
    Like everyone else here, our prayers and good wishes for your family at this time. Years from now, this will seem like a blip in time, but yes, for now, it is hard. Hugs!

    • Hi Linda,
      Rebecca had a very nice time in Texas and it was her first time flying so she told us all about the rules and regulations of the airport!!
      Nothing new that we were aware of…
      Things are going much better now….the stubbornness seems to be going away and we’ve heard her say a few times that she likes her new place. We are hoping her talking about her other house gets less and less as the days go by…
      Cindy and Tom left this afternoon so it’s just me and Deb and we’re having a “slumber party.” With pizza, toenail polishing and root beer floats! What could be more fun?
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Oh, I hope you can make another denim jumper soon. With a Christmas print blouse it would be lovely. Or maybe just a winter print that could go into January too. Love denim.
    Be strong, as you will need to be for the next few days. As soon as your mom figures out that this is now home, I think she will settle in just fine. Not that it will be an easy road, but no going back now. After a week , maybe an outing to go Christmas shopping. Put it on her calendar so she knows when that will be.
    Thinking of you and siblings on your journey.

    • Hi Joy,
      I’m hoping with everything going on that I can get a few dresses made…no promises on the denim jumper, but that does sound fun to me!!

      Deb and I were just talking about how we think Simple and Smaller will be good for momma. I hope things continue the way they’ve gone today! We are very optimistic!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Hope your day is going better. I really enjoyed revisiting your blog posts – loved them all.

    I agree with Charlotte re: decorating your mom’s door. I’m sure you have noticed other residents have something at their doors. We did that for my in-laws when we went through what you are and it really did help them. I’m sure the staff is used to this transition time and we found they were more than eager to help and very compassionate. Many times it’s harder on those helping so please take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to reach out to your family for help.

    Keeping you all in prayer

    • Hi Leigh,
      We have my mom’s door decorated and her new apt is pretty cute too…
      Things are going much better now…she went down to lunch by herself and we were amazed…small steps….YAY!!!
      Thank you so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Dorothy in PA says:

    Jeanne, I loved the postings! I am fairly new to the site so the postings weren’t old to me; they were brand new.

    I liked how you discussed how you choose the color palette to match the doll. Even though I don’t sew, I still look for outfits for my dolls and that technique is very helpful to me.

    I am on the waiting list for a Little Darling so I can’t get enough of looking at them. Thanks for sharing Lian’s adventures.

    Take good care of yourself!

    • Hi Dorothy,
      I’m glad you are enjoying some of my older “new” posts to you!
      I’m excited that you are getting a Little Darling. ..I bet you can’t wait…trust me…it will be worth the wait…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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