Slips, Slips, Slips for your dolls…

Did anyone get my title? I hope as you saw it, you immediately sang Skip, skip, skip to my Lou… well, anyway, that’s what I was hoping for.

I spent every spare moment I had today working on some new lace and tulle slips for your American Girl dolls. They are listed in my Etsy shop and you can see them HERE or you can click on my mini Etsy pictures at the right side bar to see them.

I’m still working on more, so if you don’t see what you need, click on my “sales” and let me know if what you need has already sold.

Short post, but it’s all I could do today.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. You were sewing instead of writing. Who could complain about that? Isn’t it nice to have the store well on the way to being restocked?
    My favorite garden store has opened early, the weather has been so warm. I now have lots of pansies to plant. The seller is cautioning against herbs, since he thinks we could get at least one more freeze. He has about 1/3 of his stock out and people were already buying as fast as possible.
    I see that Angie’s List came out with a list of trees to consider not planting and one was the sort with the spiky brown balls that you showed us pictures of. The trees are lovely, the mess considerable.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Well, it did feel good to have my Etsy shop restocked… but now it needs it again…
      I’m so glad your weather is easing up enough that you can even consider getting outside and doing some planting…
      Oh yes, I wholeheartedly agree…no spiky ball trees!!!
      Have fun!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, those slips are so pretty and feminine! I love that first one, especially for someone like Cecile! What I really would want is one that would fit my Betsy McCall doll. She needs a slip! Do you do special orders for a different size? She keeps seeing all the other dolls in their pretty slips and then looks at me with that smile of hers, and I can’t say no to her!!
    Oh Marilyn, yes, DON’T plant a Sweet Gum tree! They are a mess! Although they are beautiful in the fall with red and gold leaves, the balls are just plain horrible!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Linda,
      Yes I can make your Dear Betsy a slip…just let me know in what color tulle or lace?
      I saw your email about the gloves too…
      I told Marilyn the same thing about the gum trees…NNNOOOOO!!!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    Your work is always lovely and a marker for a high standard of doll clothing….always admired and appreciated.


  4. Charlotte A. says:

    All the pretty little slips – I did get the song reference within your title. They are all so pretty. Plus, looking at them gave me a chance to look at those pretty pearl earrings again.
    Hope you have a good day. The sun is out here and it looks like it might be a pretty one.
    Take care.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Thank you very much for taking a peek in our Etsy shop…it needs to be restocked already… I guess everyone was just waiting on slips…

      It was very pretty here today too…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Your slips are so pretty. The first slip is just gorgeous. I think a princess dress with all that tulle as the skirt would be beautiful.
    Hope your weekend is enjoyable, Jeanne.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thank you Paula,
      I’m just about out of that lace and have been looking for more like it… it really does make the prettiest slips.
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Lovely slips. I had friends who wore several (like 5) at a time to make their skirts stand out. I had one which was only allowed on rare occasions. I don’t think my mother liked underwear showing or at least that’s what I think. However, dollies seem to be able to handle the stiffness just fine.
    Finally some sun here today. Rain due back for Easter. And I’m not cooking. 🙂

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Joy,
      That’s funny about your friends wea ring several slips at a time. I remember liking to wear the full slips and then twirling…nothing more fun than that….
      We’re supposed to get rain on Sunday too…it’s certainly going to put a damper on our church picnic if it does…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I like your tie-dyed Easter eggs but I just had an Easter Egg suggestion pop up on Facebook and it is so easy you won’t believe it. Enter “How to Create Swirled Easter Eggs.” It’s just food coloring and shaving cream. Unbelievable, cheap and beautiful eggs with strong color. Thanks for offering the slip I just ordered.

    A beautiful day here with some clouds. I’ll be washing the patio door windows after all the rain so I can take pictures of all the orchids blooming on the patio.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Susette,
      I’m going to look up swirled eggs as soon as I finish your comment. It sounds fun to me…
      Your slip is on the way…
      We had a really pretty day here too. It’s still sunny but the sun is setting fast…I’m loving the spring like weather…but rain is supposed to be heading here by Sunday…:o (
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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