~ Second Glance ~ American Girl Civil War dress “revealed!”

I had the house all to myself today and did ONE thing…sew! I managed to get my latest American Girl Doll dress finished. I showed it to my readers yesterday (HERE) but was a little stumped on how to finish the neckline. I asked for your opinions and there were more “votes” for using the cameo than anything else which made me happy because when I woke up this morning I had decided that’s what I would use…somehow. The cameo “brooch” has a sort of greenish tint to the edges and I think it picks up the olive green tones in the collar.

I cut out a smaller piece of the tufted aqua fabric and frayed the edges. Then I gathered up the middle and stitched it on, centering it just under the collar split, and added the cameo on top.





I only had a very small scrap left to make some kind of a bonnet for Saige to wear. I managed with a little careful cutting to stitch together 3 slivers of the fabric and had enough to make a ruffle around the edge. A few flowers and leaves were added, a tie in a light green sheer ribbon and her bonnet was done!!



Saige needed a crinoline to hold out her dress so we picked out a pretty and soft white cotton fabric with some embroidery work on it. I added some boning in the bottom of it to make it hold her dress out just like the real thing in the 1860’s. It has a tie at the waist with elastic run through the band for a perfect fit on your doll.


So is this the way you imagined it? I hope you all like it. I think Saige looks particularly pretty in this as it matches her eyes wonderfully.


I hope to get it listed on Ebay Thursday night and it will run for 5 days, ending on Tuesday evening.

(I have had several ladies email me asking “where is the ‘comment’ button? I don’t know where it disappeared to, but I will try and get it added back on the site ASAP!)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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