See if you can envision this next dress….

I won’t give too much away, but some of you are P-R-E-T-T-Y smart cookies and just might figure it out. I had too many phone calls today trying to figure out something for my mom…so I didn’t get much done besides cutting it out. As you can see I’ve given you a “laid out shot” of the dress…but it’s pretty hard to tell what it might look like.

This is going to be for Nora and here is a shot of her with the bodice piece next to her skin. I think it’s pretty on her.

I had a yellow fabric out, nope…a purple one, nope, a black and rose print, nope… and a white fabric, nope… I needed some inspiration as I’d been away from my sewing machine just long enough to get “cold” with my sewing… I found a new pattern that I’ll share with you maybe tomorrow… and I think you’ll like it…

I have this black lace that will work on the sleeves…

I’ve had this forever and I think if I can get it to work, it will be used…

There are several ruffles and I can’t wait to work on it…

Since I didn’t have much to show you, I pulled out a few more pictures that Barbara sent me a while back. They are photocopies of dresses I made that she liked and sent to me. They aren’t super clear but I think you’ll be able to enjoy them. These are all from 2007 (10 years ago!!!) and they should be new to everyone…unless you happened to be the winner of one. I could look them up in my notebooks but it’s late and I thought I’d just show the pictures…

Here is a dress for Samantha that is similar to another one I made, but it is slightly different. Once again, she was so new I didn’t have any shoes for her…

I bought a stained Samantha Meet dress off Ebay once and took it apart for a pattern…this was my version of the gray and burgundy plaid dress…

Molly’s suit was so beautiful and bright in person. It was a chocolate brown featherwale corduroy with hot pink dots in it. Her blouse was hot pink and had little tufts in the fabric.

Kit looked pretty in this color, but that’s about all I can say… I think “my camera added 10 pounds to her body!” :o)

Actually, as I was looking at this dress on Kit, it became more and more familiar to me, so I did a little searching in my archives and found that it was originally made for Katie Effanbee, so Kit must have just been trying it on for some reason… it’s the only picture I have of her in it. Here it is on Katie.

Well, I hope just knowing I’m back in my sewing room is enough to keep you interested and wanting to come back… I’ve been away from my sewing and I’ve missed it… I hope you’ve missed it too! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Victorian, and for Nora — what could be better? I love the jewelry and I hope it works, and I really, really hope that the solutions for your mother work out for all of you.
    My sister’s mother-in-law needed a safer place with people around to keep her interested and give her more to think about. They found a place with good food, a work-out room, and space for her favorite furniture, and she was miserable and angry for a week, and then said, “Why didn’t you ask me? I probably would have said yes.” They had asked, for 2 1/2 years. She’s making new friends and loves having a chance to exercise in the exercise room. The first week was very bad, but the ambassador program for integrating new people is working well.
    Everyone is different, but a first reaction may not be the only one. Also, you may want for people to take shifts — as in, you come for 2 days, then you come for 2 days — and so on.

  2. Life is full of so many trails. I trust that the trail with your mom will be lit well.

    Nora is looking great in that fabric bodice so far. The possibilities are exciting…and…as always…you’ve left me in suspense, waiting for the next “chapter” of your dressmaking adventure.


  3. Susette says:

    Paisley jewelry on paisley fabric; what could be better. Your imagination continues to amaze me along with your “stash” of fabrics and accessories. Can’t wait to see it finished and all the steps in between.
    Regarding Moms and decisions, as a gerontologist once said to me: “Good luck.” But I had to ask what he murmured as I was leaving the room: He had said, “You’re going to need it.” And I did. Hope things go smoothly.

    • Susette says:

      Correction: The doctor said, “I don’t envy you.” Much better. I finally called the ophthalmologist as she was still driving and he said, “Your mother doesn’t have driving vision.” Doctors should be clearer about telling patients and notifying families of this. Much better acceptance thereafter. I must say she was 89 and independent until then.

  4. Charlotte A. says:

    My Mom passed away when she was fairly young so I never had to experience what is happening with you and your Mom. I do have friends though and I know from their experiences how hard it can be. I hope things go well for you.
    The new dress looks beautiful so far. I love the fabric choice. The lace is beautiful, and the jewelry is special. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.
    Molly’s suit!! All those pleats!! It is wonderful!!
    Hope you have a good day. We’re supposed to get storms.
    Take care.

  5. Love the dress fabric and black lace. I think lucky Nora is going to need a big sun hat to keep her from getting more freckles. 🙂 She is a lovely doll, by the way.
    I really like the lines of Samantha’s meet dress, your version. Wonder if you could resize for a LD? Would be cute.

  6. Jeanne, whatever you’re working on with your mom, I hope it goes well and you see a clear path. Our family had to make changes for our mother and while it was necessary, it nearly broke our hearts but she was safe and well taken care of. Our mothers are so precious to us.

    Love, love, love the material and the beautiful necklace trim. What you’ve shown us looks more Civil War to me. What era do you see Nora in?

  7. Yep, I think you’ve found a new Victorian girl in Nora. The fabric is lovely and the “jet” necklace is so historically accurate. Jet, better known as obsidian was an extremely popular choice for jewelry in the Victorian era, mostly for mourning clothes, but not many know that . The fabric choice is perfect and I’m so glad you’ve decided to leave Nora’s freckles. It makes her unique in your doll collection. So glad you’ve found your sewing room once again. The last few creations have been delightful, all PC/AG girls and in all my favorite eras.
    Hope that you are able to find a workable solution for your mom. If she is able to be surrounded by familiar things it will be easier. The one nursing home here in town has little apartments in which each person can bring their own furniture and sentimental items. It’s like having a bedroom and sitting room, but going to lunch and dinner in the dining room each day. They also have activities (crafts, singing, exercise) and are close enough to walk to the library and even our town’s theatre (which turned 101 this year)!

  8. Linda D. says:

    Oh goodness, I’m so tired, Jeanne! I couldn’t comment earlier today, since I had two grandchildren spend the night, and then we went to the Magic House in St. Louis todays, where I think everyone in town with a toddler or pre-schooler, was there! Besides that it is so very HOT! All those steps, all those kids running around, the heat—-I am more than done!

    I love the beautiful fabric for Nora’s dress, and the jeweled piece for it. Just perfect! I also enjoyed the pictures of the dresses from long ago! Love, absolutely love Molly’s suit! It’s so Molly!
    I wish you all the luck in the world in setting your mother up so that you can rest from worrying abut her. I know that takes a toll! My own mother was pretty independent until she turned 87, driving and living alone, but then cancer took her independence away, and she had to go to a nursing home for a short time before she died. It’s something we all go through sooner or later, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

  9. Anne Johnson says:

    A little time away from your sewing has only inspired a burst of new creativity, Jeanne! These are beautiful beginnings for Nora’s debut dress, and I look forward to where your vision will take them.

    Confident your path is paved with love and caring as you and your siblings chart new territory with your momma, and trusting God to guide you with hope and confidence in the journey ahead. Keeping you close in heart!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Well I can’t completely envision the dress but I can see that you will have to add to the sides of the bodice. Will you use the same fabric or a different one? I guess I will have to wait and see. I hope you can use the jewelry finding on it. It’s very pretty. Good luck with mom. You will have to manage it carefully, whatever you decide. I will pray for you that everything goes well and is well-received.

  11. Jeanne W says:

    HI everyone,
    I am the late one tonight…sorry about that… a really busy day for me…but I”m in my sewing room trying to get something done on Nora’s dress.
    I appreciate all your kind comments on what’s coming up for her and also for the concern for my mom… just to put it out there… my mom is one page and all us kids are on another… and it makes it very stressful…
    Thanks again for all your sweet comments and I’m glad you are liking what you see as far as the dress goes. I think it will be very pretty…
    See you tomorrow,
    Blessings, Jeanne

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