Regina, it’s Patsy Tonner’s turn for a Valentine’s Day dress…

I had one of my subscribers ask if I could make a dress for little 10″ Patsy Tonner sometime in the near future. I actually think she had wanted a Christmas dress when I did the poll and asked my subscribers who they would like to see me make a dress for next. Patsy never got that Christmas dress, *sigh* so I decided to send this subscriber a few pictures of 5 different fabrics and let her see if any of them caught her eye. I told her she could pick, but wasn’t under any obligation to purchase the dress when I listed it. This way, I could just go forward with the fabric she chose and see what Patsy ended up with.

If you click on my pictures, they will enlarge somewhat.





Patsy was being quite the little ham in these pictures… My sister sent me these little appliques in the mail and they are just the perfect size for a doll like Patsy. You might see one of them on the finished dress…


She’s dreaming of her new dress from I Dream of Jeanne Marie…


Which fabric will Regina pick???
Which fabric would YOU have picked???

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Gosh, just realized my Patsy hasn’t had anything new since fall of 2013. Poor thing.

    No matter which fabric is picked your Patsy will be pretty in pink, Jeanne. Those little appliques are so little and cute too. You have a sweet sister. Have fun sewing!

    • Hi Cindy,
      It’s been a while for my Patsy too…those little girls don’t get the attention at my house like they should.
      I won’t spoil it for you, but Regina picked a sweet one… we’ll see it soon!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Thanks Jeanne for letting me choose the fabric, it was really hard to choose since I love pink. The one I did choose reminds me of a dress my daughter had as a little girl. Can’t wait to see what you make for Patsy.

    • HI Regina,
      I’m planning on keeping everyone in suspense so they’ll come back and see the finished dress… no spoilers here!
      I hope I make it just perfect!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Jane Miller says:

    I love all the fabrics…but I would have chosen the mice! So cute and different.

    Love your blog!

    • HI Jane,
      I’ve had the mouse fabric for quite a while and haven’t used it yet! I won’t spoil which one Regina picked, but stay tuned…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. On my goodness I have that ballerina mouse fabric still also.. I made a little dress for my daughter for her first day in Kindergarten. and she is now 37 yrs old. and I still have the leftovers of it…
    Whatever you make will be bautiful.

    • Hi Kath,
      That is too funny that you have the same fabric. I believe it’s a KP Kids fabric, but not positive. I could look and see…
      I haven’t had mine 37 years but probably at least 8-10. It’s so soft and sheer and lovely.
      You’ll have to keep a look out for what I make from it…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    I would pick either the fabric at the right side of the screen or the one at the left side of the screen, and I’m very tempted by the applique shown on the pink fabric with the white dots. Of course, you can’t lose with any of these, and when you do make a mouse outfit, I want to see it.
    I’m involved in a huge housecleaning project but I stopped last night to make steamed persimmon bread and now the whole house smells like cinnamon — you can’t be depressed in a house that smells like cinnamon. I wish it on all your readers.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Well, I’ve gotten all varied choices…you’ll just have to wait and see what Regina picked….
      As far as the persimmon bread goes, I’m sure it’s wonderful, but my dad played a terrible trick on me when I was younger and gave me a persimmon that wasn’t ripe. I puckered up something horrible, and to this day, I’ve never been able to make myself taste one. I’m sure they are good, but I just can’t do it. I’ll pretend I’m loving the smell though!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Marilyn Grotzky says:

        That was a horrible trick. I’ve been told to wait until the persimmon is jelly like. But how would you have known that.
        Many years ago when I lived in New Jersey, a co-worker and I were driving down a less traveled road and a saw a huge tree with bright orange small fruit. She said they were persimmons, and we stopped and collected enough that we could each make something and then compare the results. These were wild persimmons, small and a bit dirty and definitely sticky and full of seeds. They were a true mess to work with, but what a thrill — something entirely new to me and free of charge when I was living on very little. It’s like being given an odd piece of fabric — you wonder what you can do with it and when you are successful, it becomes a favorite thing.
        A good memory. I’ve been fond of persimmons ever since, though I don’t just eat them, I always cook with them.

        • HI Marilyn,
          I don’t think my dad necessarily did it out of meanness, but I still remember him laughing… He thought it was funny… me? I thought it was awful. I think the only way I would try them nowadays is if someone tricked me again and told it was one thing and it was really persimmons…
          Makes me shudder to even think about that taste…
          Thanks, Jeanne

  6. says:

    They are all cute..but since it is for Valentine’s Day I’d go with the hot pink/white dot. Way to get our curiosity up! 🙂

    • Hi Kathie,
      I think the pink and white polka dot is cute too, but I won’t give anything away till the reveal… but it’s a good choice! Stay tuned…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I’d love to see the little mice on Patsy’s dress then a complimentary color as well

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