Recapping 2016 and showing you all my doll dresses… Day 3

Oh, this is becoming very interesting and I hope you’ll stick around to see all the dresses from 2016. In case you missed out, I have been showing all the dresses I made in 2016. I still have a few more days to go, but if you wanted to see the ones you may have missed you can see them by clicking the following links:


We are all the way to June now with more dolly dresses. The first one for today is a “Sister Set” and featured 2 dresses! I loved this fabric as it was lightweight and very cool to the touch… “Cool” means “slick” to me… I love slick cotton fabrics… just like I love cool, slick cotton sheets! Eden and Lily look pretty patriotic in their red, white and blue dresses, don’t they?

Kirsten was next up in a very colorful Dirndl I called “Mid-Summer.” Kirsten almost looks as pretty in pink as she does in blue! See if you agree.

Now it’s Felicity’s turn in a fun set called “Surprise at the Fair.” My greatest accomplishment was the tiny jar of strawberry jam…

Isabelle is making her first appearance of the year (sadly) in a dress I called “Toodles Escapes” and it was a fun set to create. If you missed this one, Toodles DID escape, but Isabelle saved the day with her hat!

You’ll find “Molly at the Fair” for my next dress of 2016. One of my readers, Mary, sent me this vintage fabric and wondered what I could come up with for a dress. This was what the fabric turned into…

If you have a Trixie Tonner doll, you probably already know how good she looks in turquoise. I think I just called this bright dress set “Trixie in Turquoise.” She was very pretty in it and so we decided to have a tea party.

I had to look this dress up in my notebooks because I didn’t want to just call it Addy’s grayish brown dress with white polka dots! I found out I called it “Charming Addy.” I think that’s pretty fitting, don’t you?

“It’s Circus Time” for Kit in this next dress… we’re now into August of 2016. I think this was interesting… I copied a random image of circus tickets from an image I found when I googled Depression Era Circus tickets and reduced them to a smaller size for Kit. I could have picked any number of circus ticket images to copy, but chose the tickets from Wisconsin. It turns out the winner of this dress had ACTUALLY been to that circus when she was a little girl!

Getting us to the middle of August is Lian… in “Ready for School.” You can’t go wrong with a pretty blue dress, some white lace and a plaid book bag! I even made the tiny school supplies.

Oh, sorry, forgot to tell you…that was the last one for today… Now don’t forget to vote for your favorite today and if you missed the other days, you can go back and vote for them as well. I’m keeping it a secret which doll dress is the winner each day, because the numbers might change if others go back and vote.

I hope you are enjoying this. It’s fun for me to look back and see what all I accomplished this past year!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. It’s nearly 8:00 and no one has left a comment. I’ll bet Linda is writing one right now and this will show up right after hers. Today’s favorites. Lian’s blue dress is one of today’s two favorites. Addy’s rose print dress is the other. This has a lot to do with the photos — these two are somehow islands of calm in a busy world. I especially like the detail around the hem on Lian’s dress, and there’s something about the warmth and contentment of Addy photo that I find very appealing.
    I’ll be back to check on other votes later. This series is being very interesting, you are right about that, Jeanne, as you are right about so many other things.

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    Today is I hard for me because I like so many of the dresses. I’m voting for “Sister Set” though.

    • I’m so glad. My goddaughter has these, and she loves them. She noticed immediately that it’s the details that make them so special.

  3. How difficult is this! So many adorable dresses. Wish I’d thought of this before, but just to mess things up, I have a split vote!
    1/3 for Isabelle and Toodles Escape
    1/3 for Charming Addy
    1/3 for Lian and Ready for School.

  4. Felicity because of all the wonderful techniques, authenticity and details. Amazing!

  5. Kit’s Circus Time Dress! It’s simple yet adorable, and perfectly captures the “feel” of the 1930’s. Plus, I love the story about the tickets!

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    Jeanne, you have certainly found an interesting game for us to play during this last week of the year, and what better activity than to review all of your beautiful dolly designs for 2016. The only problem is that with each succeeding day of recaps, it seems more difficult for me to choose a favorite! Like the ones that came before, there are so many special features in this grouping that make every design something special:

    The reverse mirror image, button-detail capped sleeves, and lovely embroidered bodices with starburst-detail buttons on the patriotic “Sister Set” (not to mention those festive sparkly slips!); the delicately embroidered bodice, flower trimmed eyelet apron, ruffled pantalets, and sweet floral crown of Kirsten’s “Mid-Summer” dirndl (bonus points for the May Pole); Felicity’s lovely and versatile lace fichu and matching mob cap, pretty straw hat, and perfectly matched necklace (Thank you, Rebecca!), as well as her amazing blue ribbon award-winning jar of strawberry jam; Isabelle’s charming petite floral dress with bias-striped piping, sheer lace hem, and ruffle-adorned muffin-top hat (that saved the day for Toodles!); the beautiful sheer polka-dotty fabric (thank you, Mary!), gathered sash with beautiful bow, and perfectly-placed rick-rack trim of Molly’s 1940’s Fair dress; “Charming Addy” and her period rose and dot print dress with the dropped-shoulder bishop sleeves, cameo-adorned neckerchief, and beautiful lace and pearl headpiece; Kit’s classic navy-and-white polka dot “Circus Time” dress, with the charming ruffled yoke collar, angel-wing sleeves, and sweetly embellished hem; and Lian’s beautiful blue “Ready For School” dress with the eyelet bodice, tiny double-breasted buttons, and machine embroidered- detail hem, not to mention her cute plaid school bag with all the meticulously crafted miniature school supplies! (You may think I have forgotten “Trixie in Turquoise,” with her flocked dotted-Swiss bodice, “signature” eyelet waist, perfectly matched flower-trimmed felt hat and that ADORABLE full lace slip that could be worn as a dress! But now that it belongs to my Patsy, I can assure you I will never forget it!)

    With so many interesting details, and so many charming dolly designs, there was only one fair way to choose a favorite design today, and that is the “Jeanne Marie” way! I wrote each of the dresses on a piece of paper, put them all in a brown paper lunch bag, shook them up, closed my eyes, and pulled out…….”Ready For School!” I must admit I am a little bit sad for all the other girls, but fair is fair, and Lian is more than deserving of my choice, as are you, Jeanne, for your wonderful sewing skills and all the joy you bring us, your readers, with your talent and presentation of ALL of your creations. Thank you again for the wonderful review of your 2016 designs. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dolly dress parade! (The choice for tomorrow’s favorite, not so much!)

  7. Linda Doyle says:

    Trying again, for the second time! I think Anne’s comments got priority over mine, and I lost mine! Also, we had a 2 1/2 hour power outage this morning, so I couldn’t do much.

    Okay, to recap what I said previously, I really, really like Kirsten’s dirndl, and especially in the second picture of her with her hair up in a braid crown with flowers. That is so perfectly sweet and is so cheerful! I love the maypole you managed to get in the pictures to give it a springtime feel! Everything about the dress, from the lacy apron, to the flower appliques on the bodice, to the ruffles and cheerful flower print, well, it all just has me oohing and ahhing . The funny thing is, I don’t even have Kirsten! But I do love the outfits you make for her and they are always something special, not just plain dresses. They have so much detailing and interest too.

    And Felicity’s outfit is simply amazing! I know how difficult it is to make a dress like that, I found out the hard way, and I must say you outdid yourself on that one! Love the lacy fichu, and the mob cap with the straw hat too!

    Kit and Molly’s dresses are so cute! They remind me of the kind of dresses I wore when a girl. That was an amazing story about the circus tickets!!

    And that last dress that Lian is modeling, I can see my Betsy McCall wearing that one to school! Just darling!

    Wish me luck in posting this!!

  8. Today’s is no contest for me. Felicity’s dress is pure perfection. The coral peach and peridot green fabric sets off Felicity’s coppery red hair and the gorgeous green eyes.
    I’m glad AG has decided to return her to the line-up and I’m looking forward to seeing what is made.

  9. Kathie Welsh says:

    Right off I loved seeing surprise st the fair….it’s so perfect for her era and the color is awesome …..your strawberry jam is so Cute!
    Charming Addys headpiece is beautiful just is the perfect touch! And Mid summer is just amazing but guess I’ll stay with Surprise at the Fair
    This has been fun…can you believe how many outfits you have done?

  10. Diana Jenness says:

    All of the dresses are beautiful, but I choose Kirsten’s Mid-Summer outfit. There were five that were my favorites, but I could only choose one.

  11. I’m having a really hard theme choosing between Kirsten and Addy. I love the dirndl on Kirsten, but Addy’s dress is just so flattering on her. I also like the hair accessories with each dress, so that’s no help in deciding. I just looked at them both again and think it will have to be Kirsten’s Maypole dress.

  12. Thank you again, everyone, for all your wonderful and sweet comments about my doll dresses. It blesses me so much to read what you think.
    I am over at my mom’s visiting with my mom and sister. Deb is leaving in the morning after we have a birthday breakfast for my mom.
    I’ll get your votes tallied for today.
    Thanks so much,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Hi Jeanne-
    I MISS YOU and the girls. We’ve been traveling and I was finally able to catch
    up with your posts this evening.

    I loved seeing your 2016 dresses. Addy in the Civil War dresses are my favorite. I also love the 50’s outfit which includes Kit’s navy dress. I’m probably too late in adding my two cents.

    For Christmas, my two boys went together and got me Maryellen’s icebox. It is so cool and the acessories are so cool. Since I fixing my dollroom to be more useful, I’m not sure where I’ll set it up. It’s really Maryellen’s parents icebox so I don’t want it to be considered hers or make it look that way- but there are orange popsicles for Maryellen!!
    I’m telling you, the acessories of the AMG dolls are the neatest items ever!

    • HI Paula,
      No, you’re not too late…I’ll add your choices!
      I’m glad you were able to log in and be a part of our little contest to see who will win “Dress of the Year for 2016!” I’m looking just as much to seeing the winner as you all are!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  14. They’re ALL scrumptious, Jeanne…but, alas, to have to pick just one, I’ll choose “Charming Addy”.


  15. Gotta go with sweet Lian in “Ready for School”, though Felicity was a close second. I just loved all the detail on Lian’s dress, and the book bag and its contents made it extra special.

  16. Harder and harder choices! This time it is “Circus Time”!

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