Recap of my 2016 Doll Dresses… Day 2

If you are just joining me, I am recapping all the dresses I made in 2016 and we are going to have a little fun with it by picking your favorites each day. Then on, probably, day 5, I will show you the 4 or 5 dresses that were the top favorites and you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the
Dress of the Year for 2016! It’s just a silly little something to do, but I hope you’ll join in. If you missed Day 1, you can see the doll dresses HERE.

Starting us off on Day 2, is Patsy Tonner again, this time modeling “A Day to Play.”





She can ride her tricycle pretty well for being in a dress, don’t you think?


Taking us into April is Eden in a very pretty dress I called “Pretty in Periwinkle.” It was a super thin fabric and was a dream to sew! I made her purse from a straw hat that I sort of folded and manipulated.

Get ready for some sweetness as you see Addy again in “Sunday Special” a dress I sort of called my watercolor dress. You’ll see why when you see the fabric.






Janie, my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling, was headed to a “Birthday Party” in this next dress.







Elizabeth wants you to remember her Regency dress called “Endless Elegance.” Do you remember it?



Molly was next in 2016 in a fun Patriotic dress I called “I Love a Parade.”






It’s another Effner doll showing you her dress… this one was called “Just Me and Teddy!” See what you think of this one…







And last up for Day 2 of my 2016 Doll Dresses is Lian showing you why she looks so pretty in lavender! Here she is in “Lavender Loveliness.”








So remember, pick your favorite from today’s dresses and let me know below…or email me. I’m keeping track of which doll gets the most votes. Then everyone can vote on the 2016 Doll Dress of the Year from the winners of each days choice. I think it will take me several more days to get all the dresses shown.

Thanks so much for all your comments yesterday. My sister is down until Friday morning and we are busy doing things for and with my mom so my time will once again be limited but I’ll try to at least make a “group” comment somewhere in the day!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Ooh, decisions, decisions!! Much as I love lavender, and your Lian, I think I have to go with “Just Me and Teddy” (isn’t that Janie modeling it?). There is something about that dress I just love….it’s so feminine and dainty and pretty…..

    BTW, I did vote on your yesterday’s blog, too, but it was after you had made your group comment. Thought I’d better catch this one before I go to bed.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      That’s why I didn’t give the name of the daily winner yet…I thought I might get some “late” voters as the days go by.
      Thanks…and I’ll check out who you picked and tally it in…
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. oh, I have to go with ‘Sunday Special’ that Addy is modeling. I love everything about that one. the others have nice fabrics or special techniques, or designs…. but, they all ‘fit’ together just right to suit me on Addy. 😉

  3. All are gorgeous…hard to pick, but I’ll choose Addy’s, “Sunday Special” today.


  4. Addy, Addy, Addy!

  5. Charlotte A. says:

    I think my vote today goes to Eden in Pretty in Periwinkle. That bow is perfection.

  6. Lian again! I thought it would be Elizabeth in the purple and white because I made a dress like it in pink, but the embroidery and little full slip won. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures.

  7. My vote goes to Addy! All of the dresses are beautiful, but Addy’s is exquisite.

  8. Janie’s birthday party is my pick, although it was a tough decision. So many sweet outfits.
    For your mom, is there some service that might be able to bring meals daily and check in with her? We have Meals on Wheels here which is great. Know you probably have already thought of it though. The meal prep, even microwave, becomes very difficult and scary.
    Good news here. The heater repair people are coming this afternoon. Of course, the heater appears to be working today. Wouldn’t you know.

  9. Diana Jenness says:

    Hi–It has been awhile since I’ve responded, but I wanted to say something today. I loved the dresses yesterday, but today I wanted to vote for Addie’s watercolor dress with the beautiful lace collar. Next I wanted to vote for Janie’s long red hair–beautiful. I know it is not in the contest, I loved it.
    Happy New year to all!

  10. I love all the dresses, I mean all, all the time!! However once again since I have the first dress and love it, that is my vote. “a day to play! thanks again so much!

  11. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh my, another exquisite fashion show! This is getting close to impossible to pick just one, but I’ve taken my time with it and decided it will be Lavender Loveliness with little Lian! Such darling detailing on the waistband, the sweet lavender hat, the lacy underpinnings—-it just melts my heart! And to top it off, you have her posing at a Teddy Bear Tea Party! My favorite kind of fun!

  12. Anne Johnson says:

    Oh, oh, oh…3 darling Little Darling models in today’s grouping, Jeanne! With my LD still months away from arrival, why must you tempt me so?! 😉 It was hard enough to overcome the charms of the first two, but then you ended with sweet little Lian……so pretty in lavender with the fancy cutting, the lace, the ribbon embroidery, the flower adorned straw hat, 3 little teddies at the tea table….and that sweet full lace slip! You know I am crazy about your slips! Well, there was nothing to do but review all the dresses again….all except the LDs, that is, and objectively, today’s choice must be Addy in her wonderful watercolor dress with the lovely beaded lace collar, although with my love of the empire style, Elizabeth’s “Endless Elegance” Regency dress with the lace bodice was a very close second. Now, if you’ll excuse me for dashing off, I have some more LD coveting to do! See you tomorrow, Jeanne!

  13. I voted late for yesterday’s dress, too, but got it done. Today I have to choose the Lavender Lovliness, again modeled by a Little Darling. It’s the hand details that please me so much, and the embroidery on the waistband is a wonderful finishing touch!!

  14. Thank you everyone, for all your kind compliments on my doll dresses for today. It looks like our choices are all over the board today. I love the variety.
    We have gotten lots done at my mom’s and still had time for some fun!
    I hope to see you tomorrow for Day 3 of the 2016 dresses!!!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  15. Late to comment again, but, of course my vote will go to Addy.

  16. I meant to comment yesterday, but apparently I didn’t get anything posted. My vote today will have to be the dress Addy is wearing. The bullion roses on Lian’s sash are lovely, but I don’t love purple the way some ladies do, so it has to be the Addy dress.

  17. I plotted out what I’d say and then I read the comments. I match person after person. Best bow goes to Eden in periwinkle. Best hair to Janey in red (hair). I think AG uses purple too much, so, like Carolyn, I tend to, maybe not dislike it, but be a little tired of it. However, Elizabeth can sell nearly anything she puts on, and I love her outfit. I’m nearly tied on Lian’s purple and Janey’s green. The purple is splendid, but the simplicity of the green is very appealing, as Charlotte pointed out. And then there’s Addy. If you said, “Choose one and I’ll duplicate it for you,” I suppose I’d be here all night deciding on Addy, then Elizabeth, then Addy….
    And now to answer the question from the 26th — did anyone get a new doll for Christmas? I did — sort of. Yesterday at 3:30 she was supposed to be on my front porch but she was in Des Moines. At 10:30 she was in Denver. At 6:30 she was in Boulder, and at 3:30 she was where she belonged, on the front porch. So she wasn’t really for Christmas, but close. Julie, at last, wrapped like a mummy in bubble wrap and wearing … that’s for Jeanne to show you.
    I conditioned her hair with my too expensive conditioner — it kept wanting more — and shampooed it out with dishwashing liquid — organic of course. I added braids to both sides of her hair and tied them together behind her head. If you wish you had some of the “rubber bands” AG uses, DollieMomma ( ) sent me some as an extra when I bought something a month ago. They are called Snag-Free Doll Hair Bands. Then I added a few items of clothing, including tights and slouch boots from Etsy, and put Julie’s farewell present from Jeanne back on, and there was Julie, looking like that perfectly lovely 70’s icon, Julie Christie. Many thanks, Jeanne, she’s completely lovely and seems very content wearing clothes.

  18. Hard choice again…. even though I’m not a fan of American Girl dolls, I really like Addy’s Sunday Special outfit. But my vote goes to Janie in “Birthday Party”. I love the criss-cross pattern in the bodice and the bit of pink at the waist. It looks very sweet on her.

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