Pattern Review: “Michelle” by Primrose Lane

I purchased this Michelle pattern from Primrose Lane several years ago. The lines of the dress were so pretty and I knew it could be made many different ways with many different looks. The pattern is a classic sailor dress and has a square neckline with a front inset, short puffed sleeves with cuffs, a dropped waist with a pleated skirt, sash and beret. The front inset allows embroidery if you wish… I chose piping and buttons for my version made for Nellie.



The pattern pieces are printed very plainly and have easy to read directions on them. [I photocopy my pattern pieces and cut them out, so I always have the original pattern intact.] This dress was an absolute perfect fit for Nellie and I didn’t have one single problem using or understanding the directions for the pattern. This particular pattern is labeled an “intermediate” level sewing pattern but it’s fairly simple to put together if you just follow the directions…



Here is a link to the Primrose Lane website where the pattern can be ordered…Primrose Lane

Would you like to see some pictures of Nellie modeling the dress I made her?











Why, oh why did I sell this girl???

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    What a darling pattern, Jeanne! I can also see Cecile wearing that! That pattern looks more “user friendly” than the one I have! Of course also, it is all about the style of the pattern, and this looks like it would not be that difficult to sew, but then you have to also be very precise, and that is where YOU come in! Just a darling pattern and yes, why did you get rid of Nellie? She could also be a 50’s girl! Not everyone was wearing a long pony-tail—-at least I wasn’t!

    • HI Linda,
      You’re right, I think Cecile would look sweet in it! If you follow the directions I think anyone could make this dress. There is nothing left to guesswork in the directions.

      I have to admit I have been stalking Ebay looking at Nellie’s… silly woman!!!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I keep meaning to get some of their patterns, and always end up not. I don’t know why. Or Lincoln Mold patterns. Maybe I should soon, as they both have nice patterns. Nellie looks wonderful, especially in blue. It was actually your photos of Nellie in a Sew Adorable pattern outfit, that made me go and purchase a Nellie. 🙂

    • HI Christine,
      You should get one of their patterns… you won’t be sorry. Yes, the Lincold Mold patterns are nice too.
      How sweet that my Nellie sold you on getting one for yourself. It had to be that Aqua Blue ruffled Beach set… with the big floppy hat…
      Thanks Christine,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    As Linda says, “That’s where you come in.” Notice the buttons, front and back, the fabric selection, the tiny blue and white striped piping along the front panel — it takes a lot more than a pattern to make a dress. There’s taste and talent, and the time it takes to visit the fabric stores and markets and choose the buttons and trim. As for Nellie, there are a dozen on Ebay hoping to join your girls, have their hair washed and curled and wear beautiful new dresses, like the green school jumper my new (previously owned) Nellie doll is wearing right now.

    • Thank you Marilyn,
      You are way too kind in lavishing your compliments on me and my sewing… I just love to sew and I’m glad it shows!
      Yes, I know there are many Nellie’s on Ebay… I keep looking at them… Yikes!
      Thanks so much Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Nellie is a darling doll. I think she is the ONE AG that truly could pass for a little girl. She is , by far , my favorite with the Josefina mold only equal to the original 1997 Josefina. Mine wear Victorian/Edwardian fashions, time travel to the 1930’s, and at least for now, will also be my 1950’s girl. I think she is a very versatile doll. If you aren’t wanting a NIB one like I did there are plenty to choose from. She looks wonderful in that sweet dress and Marie-Grace’s boot really go with it.

    • Thanks so much Laura,
      Oh dear… all you ladies trying to convince me to get another Nellie doll… How shall I ever resist???
      I’m like you, I think she’s very versatile and she has that sweet little girl look that I love. I was already looking on Ebay just this morning… Look out Eden…
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Know you’re on a spending freeze, but I too looked at ebay and there are quite a few under $100.00 that look good.
    Your bows are so tastefully done. Love the outfit.

  6. Jeanne, you have done a fabulous job with my Michelle pattern. Your attention to detail really shows. Nellie looks stunning!
    Seeing your pictures makes me wish I had more time to “play dolls.” These days my focus is on my hand embroidered quilt patterns; but I still have over 50 patterns that fit the AG dolls and Bitty Baby. Maybe sometime this winter I can get back to designing doll clothing. Any suggestions Ladies?

    • HI Beth,
      I’m glad you got my email and thanks for the compliments on Nellie’s dress. It truly is a wonderful pattern and everything about it was just perfect.
      As far as patterns go, how about something historical…I’m sort of partial to the Colonial, Civil War, Regency, and dresses like that. But I’d be open to anything else you had in mind…
      I hope you can find time this winter to design a few more patterns… I’ll be watching…
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Jeanne; I do have the Little Women pattern that is based on Civil War era clothing. I also have Patience and Little Dove that is a pilgrim and Native American pattern. The Native American outfit is made from a leather car chamois from Walmart. It’s beaded and the tiny moccasins are too cute! Can you tell I had fun with these? I will have to think about other eras.
        I am looking forward to seeing what other
        suggestions your readers have.

  7. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Oh, I am so glad to see you featuring one of Beth’s patterns!! Primrose Lane patterns are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES for American Girl dolls, and I must have at least Two Dozen (yes–24!!!) of her patterns!! Some of them I have made up several times!!!

    When I first got them, I made the mistake of cutting up the patterns–now I copy them so I can keep the originals in tact! After you’ve made a pattern 4 or 5 times, even the sturdiest paper gets full of pinholes!! LOL

    I was glad to see that Beth chimed into the conversation, too. Beth–if you’re reading, I do hope you’ll bring some more patterns out!! Also, let me tell you about a doll that is currently Very popular among collectors/sewers/adult “players”, Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings. It would be great to have some patterns scaled to fit them, too!! (hint hint!!)

    Charlotte, who has been buying Beth’s patterns for many years…

    • Thanks for your comments Charlotte,
      I was glad to feature one of Beth’s patters as I really enjoy them too. The suggestion for some Little Darling patterns sounds great to me too. Wow…24 of her patterns…you MUST love them…I think I have 3…
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        Yes, I do, Jeanne. Her patterns are accurately drawn, and the directions are well written and easy to understand. I’ve never had a problem with any of the ones I’ve used (and don’t anticipate problems with any I might make in the future, either). I recommend them to anyone interested in sewing for AG and similar-sized dolls.

  8. For Beth:
    Would love some patterns for 10″ Tonner dolls. Also 8″ Ruby Red Galleria Ten Ping.
    Not sewing for the big dolls right now.

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