Fingerless Gloves Giveaway!!!

When I did my first blog post a few days ago, I mentioned I was going to have a giveaway on Friday, August 15th. It was going to be for a pair of my stretch lace fingerless gloves for the American Girl dolls. All you had to do was subscribe to my blog and I would enter your name into the random drawing. But… if you made a comment (up near the title) I would add your name in a second time. (How’s that for odds?) I will draw out a name at noon and announce the winner in Saturday’s blog post.

Many of you have already bought my gloves from our Etsy shop and if not, you can click on the little Etsy icon at the right side bar and it will take you right to our store. (My daughter Rebecca and I try to keep it “somewhat” stocked with our goodies.)

The winner can pick a pair already in our Etsy shop (DON’T buy them… just let me know which ones you like and I’ll take them out for you) or you can look through our sold items and find something you like. If I have that same lace, I’ll be more than happy to make the gloves you want. I thought maybe you might like to see what you were trying to win…Here are a few examples:







I can’t wait to see who the winner is… hope it’s YOU!!
See you tomorrow…
Blessings, Jeanne

Copycat Creations…

When I was a little girl, probably around 8 to 12 years old, I used to love going over to my Aunt’s house… she had 2 things I liked… a Pfaff sewing machine and Montgomery Ward catalogs. Even at that early age, I loved looking at the catalogs and would get lots of ideas and then duplicate them as closely as I could. It was fun for me and by 10 years old I was in 4-H and off and running with my sewing. Her Pfaff probably got a few extra hundred miles of wear because of me! I made many a Barbie outfit over there and still have some of them that I’ll share in a later post.

When I started making doll clothing to sell, I turned to the catalogs and smaller fashion magazines again for inspiration. I have quite a few old Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs in the 1940’s range, some 1904 and 1905 McCall’s Fashion Magazines, a few 1970’s pattern books and some very old 1894 and 1896 Delineator Women’s catalogs filled with more ideas than I could use in a lifetime.

Here are just a few of my copycat creations…








Look at this price…. $2.98!!




Hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane…
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

Regency Headpieces; sometimes fancy…sometimes not…

One of my very favorite style dresses to make are Regency dresses. There’s just something about those long flowing dresses, usually made in soft and airy fabrics and the headpieces are sometimes the “main” event! Whenever I’m sewing a Regency dress, the headpiece is usually the last thing I make. The dress will give me an idea of what it needs to be… fancy or simple; lavishly decorated or just a simple bow. Sometimes even just a ribbon will do.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my headpieces, some of which are fancy and some are not… Hope you enjoy looking at them.
Oh, and I guess you’ll see that Elizabeth is my “official” Regency queen!










Do you have a favorite?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

Gone, but not forgotten

Last year I was feeling the need to scale down my dolls a bit. I’m not what you’d call a “doll collector” in the sense that I don’t buy them to dress up and showcase them in a cabinet. I buy the dolls I buy because I need them for modeling my doll outfits that I sew and sell.

I’ve found that the people who buy doll clothes REALLY want to see the dress you are selling on THE particular doll that it is intended for. For example, they want to see a Colonial dress on Felicity or Elizabeth and not so much on Kit or a doll with bangs. The dolls are pretty much stereotyped for the period they were created for. When you think of Samantha, you immediately think of the early 1900’s. When you see Kit, you imagine her in the Depression.

I narrowed down my collection to 5 dolls (now 6, since I’ve added Kirsten back in) and thought I could get by with them modeling most periods for me. So far, it’s worked out okay, but I thought I’d show you a few that I let go…

















That was a lot of dolls taking up space on my “dolly shelf.” 6 is a nice number now!

Thanks for letting me share,
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne