My hubby had other ideas than me sewing this weekend…

Saturday my hubby asked me if I could help him stain his shed… it sounds like it should go fast, with two of us working, it’d be a snap right? He’s always just used Thompson’s Water Seal on it, but after 15 years it was starting to look pretty weathered. He decided we’d stain it this year… a Redwood color. First it had to be brushed off with a stiff brush to get the black spots and grime off it. We didn’t want to wash it because then it would have to dry.

If you click on any pictures they will enlarge.

Once we got going on the east side, it went pretty quickly, but the front was a pain…all the extra pieces of wood to make it “decorative” really got in the way and slowed us down. The side took over an hour BUT the front took almost 3 and 1/2 hours. I know… I know… and my shoulder knows too! We stopped after the front, as it was getting dark…Hallelujah!

Remember when my hubby trimmed our Mulberry tree and I was sure he pruned it back too far? This was it on April 19th, and here it is today! He does know what he’s doing… It grows back every year… just like he says it will!

We can’t get over how pretty the color is… it changed dramatically in looks!

SO… Sunday morning he woke up with another idea…however it didn’t involve work… it was a fun day. After church we left and went back to Cape Girardeau, MO, to the SEMO Fair. (South East Missouri) He had gotten a brochure somewhere and there was supposed to be chickens and rabbits dressed up in costumes and he thought I’d like to see them. Well, we raced as fast as we could, (obeying the speed limits, mind you…) and made it to the fairgrounds, only to discover you had to walk a REALLY LONG way around to the 4-H tent… I spotted a shuttle bus and saw other people walking toward it, so I called to my hubby, “Hurry and we can catch a ride down to the grounds.” My hubby can’t walk quite as fast as I can, so I beat him to the bus…Just as I was about there, the doors shut, but I was standing there at the door and the guy opened them up. I climbed aboard, and the guy goes…”Yeeessss?” I said, “Isn’t this a shuttle bus taking people to the fairgrounds?” Everyone on board laughed… He said it was a federal bus… We don’t know exactly what it was, or who was on it, but we’re guessing it was a “correctional” facility with workers on board…maybe they had to pick up trash at the fairgrounds…we’ll never know. My face may have been red as I backed off the bus, but my hubby’s was probably redder as he gathered his wife off the bus. He kidded me all day long and all the way home…

We huffed and puffed and made it to the tent just in time to see the winner announced… It turns out it was just for the kids in 4-H, and there weren’t that many participants. The chicken winner was a cowboy “get up” and the rabbit just had a hat and a a blanket on… Maybe it was a sombrero.. I’m not sure. Anyway, here were the winners…

There was also a winner announced called “Chicken Noodle Soup.” It wasn’t exactly a dressed up chicken.. but a little boy with a chefs hat on and 2 banty hens in a pot with some veggies on top… The little boy must have only been 4 or 5 and was standing on a milk crate…

They had a rooster crowing contest and a corn shucking contest and next door were a few animals… I took just a few shots… I thought this was a beautiful rooster and the rabbit caught George’s eye…

We went to the Arena and looked at the 4-H competition and saw the ribbons they won…

This quilt won Best of Show and Grand Champion (I think).

The things the kids made were displayed on a wall, sort of mixed up like… I’ve never seen a fair done quite like this…

This sweet little cake reminded me of one I did…


(You can see that post HERE.)

…and look at all the red and blue ribbons on the canned goods!

My hubby kind of snickered and said, “I think someone’s mom helped with this one…”

The 4-H judges were still working on the entries for the sewing and needle crafts and it was going to be another hour before they were done, so we decided we’d have to move on.

As we were walking around, the smell was unbelievable… there were more vendors selling things here than I had EVER seen before at ANY fair… It was like this, row after row after row for as far down as you could see… We didn’t get a thing! :o)

Next we came to the tractors.. and my hubby was intrigued with the vintage ones…Have you ever seen so many red tractors in a row?

My hubby was trying to find the one they had on the farm when he was growing up…

In the middle of all the vintage tractors, they had a “People’s Choice” contest for the best riding mower! Seriously? I have no idea how many there were…. but LOTS!

He could hardly believe it, but he found the tractor like they used to have… and he had to tell me ALL about it.. how they hooked a belt up to that big thing on the side and used it for grinding hay and for a saw…(I think…my stomach was growling and my mind was thinking of food…)

It was getting pretty hot walking around, so we decided to leave the fairgrounds and see what else we could see… There is a neat Antique store downtown called Annie Laurie’s and we started there…We just looked but didn’t buy anything.

We went to a few places downtown and looked around…YEP…that’s my hubby…he found the “tool section” in this store…

I wandered around and saw some vintage wedding dresses…hanging up high…

…and I found a booth with lots of old catalogs and magazines and a few paper dolls, so Betsy and I visited for a while!

It was getting later in the evening and I finally said, “I’m ready to eat…” so we found a nice place and had a quiet dinner, and then headed home. My hubby said he just wanted to “extend” our time from the other day when we came… I was glad he suggested it. We had a wonderful day…

It wasn’t about sewing or dolls, but I hope you enjoyed it…Monday morning we are going to try and get those 2 other sides of the shed whipped… Oh Boy!!!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Does Rebecca’s dress look like you thought it would?

Well, today we have a little bit more structure than we did last night! Here was last night’s shot…

I managed to get the bodice constructed, and it’s shaping up to be one pretty little Civil War dress to me! Of course, my sweet Rebecca helps just a bit!

I used the bottom section of the lace to make a pretty stand up collar. The sleeves are nice and full, as most 1860’s sleeves were.

I added a little placket on them and will finish them off with snaps.

I know it’s not a whole lot to see, but I worked long and hard on it… when the skirt gets attached, it will really start to take shape.

Also, Linda happened to ask if the hats fit Betsy McCall. I snapped this quick picture of her in the brown one. My doll has the absolute fattest, thickest wig and it still works on her. I don’t know if ALL the Betsy’s have these big fat wigs or if it’s just mine. Mine also has a section pulled over to the side with a rubber band on it… that might make the hat stand up just a bit… I just wanted to show you a picture in case you were wondering…

Well, that’s it for this Saturday…
See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I can only go so long without making a Civil War dress…

Just like the title says, the next dress coming up will be one for your dolls who live in the Civil War era. I spent some time looking through my illustrated dress books and sorting through my fabrics and finally settled on an idea. I’ve had this fabric for a little while and think it will work for what I have in mind.

You’re really going to have to use your imagination on this pieced together dress.

It’s probably the worst “drape” job I’ve ever shown you. I just wanted you to see the start of it.

I think it looks pretty nice on Rebecca’s skintone, so she will be the model this time.

I quickly looked through my buttons and pulled out these, but I may find something better tomorrow…

I only have 3 fat quarters of this fabric, so it will be a young girls mid calf length dress, but I think a pair of pantalettes will be perfect out of the white embroidered cotton lace.

I think I can squeeze in some sewing time tomorrow…but everytime I say that, something comes up, so I’m not holding my breath!

Three of the little hat sets sold, and I just about jumped out of my chair! Thank you!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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FINALLY…a post about those HATS!!!

It has taken me forever to get this post written. It wasn’t because it was hard to write, I just couldn’t seem to find the time… I thought I better do everything I could today to make sure I was talking about something “dolly” related… especially those hats!

So here’s the deal in a nutshell. I LOVE making these little straw hats for the dolls. There’s something fun about going round and round until you get to the top of the hat and then it’s especially fun to pull out the paper roses and flowers and see what looks best on them. Well, combine that with all my fabrics and you have a match made in heaven… well, almost!

I decided it might be fun for the ladies who sew, to be able to buy the hat and then have a piece of fabric already matched up with the colors of the hat and flowers. So, this idea was born… I’d make the hats and decorate them and then offer a few different choices of fabric for the winner to choose from. They buy the hat and the fabric and then they can make the dress for whatever doll they want. I’m offering 1/3 of a yard of fabric for the hats…(in some cases only a fat quarter) They work for the 13″ Effner Little Darlings, Ellowyne, and 10″ Patsy Tonner and friends. So they are sort of Hat/fabric kits in a way.

Now, not everyone sews, so I decided if they only wanted the hat, and not the fabric, I would send them back $3.00 in their box.

This is sort of a kick starter for me to see if it works this way… I guess we’ll find out! I took new pictures outside today of the hats on the fabrics to try and get the colors as close as possible to what they really are…

Here they all are at a glance… it’s like a little hat shop, isn’t it?

If you have any suggestions or think of anything I may have left out, let me know. My listings are scheduled to go on Ebay just past 8:30 Thursday evening…(Central Time)

I hope you’ll check them out. I’ll list them over at the right side bar when they become active listings on Ebay.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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