Some of my favorite Brunette doll pictures…

I thought I’d share a post with you today featuring a few of my favorite “brunette” pictures. I have several real beauties and they seem to be very photogenic… maybe they just like to be in front of the camera…

So here are some that I picked out…hope they make your Sunday a little sweeter looking at them…

Both of my Ellowynes, by Robert Tonner, are natural beauties. I think the Ellowyne dolls are some of the prettiest ever made!



Isabelle, by Dianna Effner, came in her brunette shoulder length wig and I’ve never changed it. She is very special to me…




Samantha fits the bill for being a beautiful brunette….don’t you agree?


Nyssa is a doll that I change wigs on fairly often… I have LOTS of wigs… but I thought this was a pretty shot of her…and just in time
for Christmas.


…and I’ll finish up the brunette pictures showing Elin, by Iplehouse in her “favorite” brunette wig…it’s sort of become her signature wig, I think… Ellowyne steals it occasionally, but Elin always steals it back.





Have a wonderful Sunday!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A little Pre-Thanksgiving post…some of my favorite oranges and greens

This has been a super busy week for me as our church is getting ready for a huge Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday evening. We belong to a student church that tries to be a “home away from home for the Internationals” and we always make a nice dinner for those students who aren’t able to go home and be with their families this time of year. I think we are planning on about 275 people and there has been LOTS to do in order for the evening to be a success. I was put on the decorating side of things and had 30 tables to make centerpieces for. I met with a friend this morning and we worked like little bees turning that fellowship hall into a pretty Fall area. A few other helpers showed up, and using pumpkins, candles, leaves, pine ones, corn, etc. we got them all done in a few hours… I took a few pictures with my iPod and they aren’t great, but hopefully you can see a little of how it looks…in person, it’s very beautiful and sort of homey looking.

Thanksgiving table decorations 001

Thanksgiving table decorations 008

Thanksgiving table decorations 007

Thanksgiving table decorations 003

Thanksgiving table decorations 005

As I was putting together pumpkins and Fall leaves, and candles and corn, I got to thinking about how I could tie this all in with my next blog post. When I got home and scrolled through my myriad of pictures, I decided I would show some of my favorite pictures featuring greens and reds and oranges…

I participated in a Fall Swap on the Little Darling Doll Forum and Isabelle and Janie are showing off what I received as my swap gift. Now don’t look too closely because neither doll has any britches on… I sew for dolls…but my dolls are usually naked.


Here is Wren Kish in a pretty reddish orange and green Christmas dress. She was a pretty doll and the more I see her in my pictures, the more I miss having her…


Millie, the skinniest little ball jointed doll I ever owned had fun with this little green frog. I made her a pair of orangish shortalls with a “frog pocket” in the front. She loved them.


A dear customer bought this darling sweater for her Millie but when she tried to find something to go with it, she was at a loss. She sent me the sweater and asked me to make something to go with it. I came up with theses two skirts, and the lacy blouse and tights…



Here is Millie again in a wild orange wig that I made for her. It was quite outlandish but she loved it! I made her fun little dress set and we had a great photo session that day!


This is the view outside my sewing room windows and there was just a touch of green as the gold and oranges were taking over…


…and my most precious red heads…love them dearly! (I included them because Rebecca’s blouse has green in it…) :o)


So those are just a few orangish/red and green favorites of mine… What’s your favorite in those colors?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Few Favorites in Flannel Fashions…

Over the years I’m guessing I have probably made and sold close to 500 flannel night gowns and pajama sets for dolls. I have searched and searched for some of those older pictures, but have only been able to retrieve a handful of them. I used to sell the sets at my local Farmer’s Market and each week I would always sell out of the nightgowns. The sets consisted of a nightgown, a pair of fuzzy slippers and usually a teddy bear. They were very popular with the little girls and at Christmas time… oh, my goodness, I couldn’t keep up with the orders.

I have this “thing” for flannel and one time as we were traveling I stopped at a little mom and pop store and they had their flannel on sale… Well, I “HAD” to buy some… and buy I did…over 100 yards of it.

You may have seen this picture when I did the post on my “Cabbage Patch” adventures. I just wanted to show it because it is pretty representative of how my flannel sets looked…


I used my daughters American Girl doll to model all my nightgowns way back when… Here are a few of those sets, one shown with a “little girl” nightgown to match.

pink floral doll and girl gown 3

pink floral doll gown on bed

pink floral doll slippers

Here is a Taz nightgown set…

taz nightgown

taz nightgown full

Molly looks pretty cute in her bright yellow butterfly PJ’s…


…and my littlest model is 7-1/2″ Riley in her cotton nightgown…take a look at those tiny slippers…less than 1 inch long!




Don’t you feel all cozy-like and warm right now?

Oh, just one more thing… yesterday I posted some pictures of some more of my favorite Christmas dresses. The one on my Wren Kish doll was a favorite of mine and it caught one of my readers attention. She shared this story with me and I wanted to share it with you all…


“I wanted to comment on the adorable holly dress. You said you can’t find that material anymore? That is too bad because it is a beautiful pattern of material. That material reminded me of a family story though and something I had not thought about for years. I’d like to share it with you since it’s a fun story.

My mother always loved holly. She was a December baby and should have been named Holly. Anyway, she always used holly to decorate our house for Christmas. She was very handy and artistic when decorating. One special little tradition she and I had was we always wrapped our gifts to each other in holly designed Christmas paper. One Christmas, she found this gorgeous holly wrapping paper and used it for my gift. I saved it and used it for her gift the next year. She and I did that for years and this beautiful holly wrapping paper got cut a little bit here and became a little wrinkled there and a little used looking but we continued to use it year after year. I think this started in the late 70’s or early 80’s. The holly paper looked a lot like the holly material you are looking for and it made me think of this fun thing my mother and I use to do. I still have what is left of the holly paper only I don’t use it. My mother passed away last December after 8 years of living with dementia, then Alzheimer’s and in your quest for finding the holly material, it made me think of the holly paper story and the fun my mom and I had using it over the years. Christmas always brings out the most wonderful memories!”

Wasn’t that a wonderful story? Thanks “P.”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I hope you don’t mind some more Christmas doll dresses…

I think it is now 35 days till Christmas, and as my title says, I really hope you don’t mind seeing some more Christmas dresses on my dolls. I still have plenty to show and I guess I’ll show them till I run out or Christmas comes and goes…whichever comes first. Today I’m featuring some “oldies” from the archives…some back as far as 2007.

My pictures of Elizabeth in her burgundy Regency gown aren’t very good, but I hope you can look past the poor picture quality and admire the dress. It was a beautiful printed velvet and was so pretty.



I found pictures of Wren in another of my all time favorite jumpers. I’ve been searching for that holly fabric for years to no avail. (Anyone out there have a bit of it???)



Song is in a lovely green Christmas print with a hot pink featherwale corduroy jacket that has been hand embroidered with some silk ribbon and glass beads.



Nellie is seen in a bright green crushed velvet dress that has been trimmed in black. I even decorated her shoes…



Molly just wanted a simple cotton calico dress one year, but she got a black and white puppy dog to go with it.



…and tiny little 7 1/2″ Tulah looks beautiful in her blue and silver Christmas stars dress. She was a feisty one!!!



Oh, and one more thing, my beaded dress for Ellowyne didn’t break the $100 mark for the free necklace, but the lady opted to buy it anyway. I just thought you might like to see what my daughter Rebecca made to go with the dress. It was beautiful…


Well, until the next round of Christmas dresses… enjoy these!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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