More Valentine dresses in Pink and Red for my dolls….

Trust me when I say I think Pink was my number one doll dress color of all time. I have plenty more to show you so let’s get started…



Here’s a real “oldie” from way back when. This is Rebecca’s doll before I even got my first American Girl doll, Felicity. This dress was sold to someone in Sweden and the one that my hubby thought put me on the “map” so to speak. He thought that I had “arrived” and began calling me his little International Doll Dress Designer. Silly man…


I don’t think I showed this one of Patsy yet…so here she is in one of her Valentine dresses…and awfully cute looking I might add…







My Bitty Bethany doll was so new I didn’t even have any shoes for her yet when these pictures were taken…



Yay… we got some pink shoes…


Okay, that’s enough for today…but I still have more! See what I mean about having lots of pink dresses…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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An Old Fashioned Valentine Dress for Molly…from the archives…

I saved this Valentine dress of Molly’s to showcase all by itself. It was made back in 2013 and sold on Ebay. Still having the template with all the wording as when I sold it, I thought I would just share it as it was then and include the pictures for it. I hope you enjoy it. It brings back memories of me making my own “Valentine” boxes for school. I was always creative, so my boxes were pretty fancy. I almost didn’t know how to stop…the more stickers…the better. Lace? yes, I used lace! Buttons, ribbons, bows, old Valentines…they were all on my box!

Just as an example, I have a box that I use to store all my Married Couple’s Valentine things in for the party I host each year for our church. This is a box I decorated one year when I had everyone bring a Valentine card to the party with their spouse’s “pet” name on the front. During the course of the evening, I proceeded to pull out the cards, reading the “pet” names and having them come forward to get their cards. We had everything from “stud-muffin to puddin’ head!”


So this was my listing for Molly’s dress back in 2013:

Molly was so excited to get to class today!! Miss Campbell had asked the class to decorate a box to put their Valentine cards in. Molly had used lace, ribbons, cut out paper hearts, and stickers. She thought her box would be the prettiest one in the whole class. There would be prizes given out and she was hoping to win one!




This isn’t your typical Valentine dress. There are no hearts on it and it doesn’t have ANY pink on it, but it’s still very ”Valentine..ish!”
The fabric is a charcoal gray and cream and dark red (almost burgundy) cotton…kind of strange colors for a Valentine dress, but charming!




This style is taken from an actual 1944 dress. The bodice has two rows of decorative ribbon sewn diagonally to a point. Two bows are the focal point of the front. Necklines like this, ruffled with a bias edge, weren’t seen very often, but occasionally they could be found. The sleeves are short and gathered to ruffles instead of a cuff.




This skirt is very full and shows off those little 1944 legs! The back of the dress has red buttons covering the snaps. It is hand hemmed.




Now lets get to the fun part…the box! You will receive Molly’s decorated Valentine Box for your doll to enjoy! She told me exactly how she wanted it decorated!




BONUS: There just might be something to go inside it! You’ll have to win it to find out what it is!

I am also including the matching hair ribbons for Molly’s hair.


So that was Molly’s Valentine dress and box set back in 2013! I hope you enjoyed my listing back then… now it’s time to get something
made for 2015!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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How about some Pink AND Red doll dresses for Valentine’s Day….

I’ve been searching through all my pictures looking for doll dresses that are red and pink and ones that were exclusively Valentine dresses in years past. I have found quite a few more and wanted to share them. I think I might be able to say after this picture search of pinks, that it was probably my most popular color. Not all the pictures are of actual Valentine dresses, but many of them were and could easily have been.

If you click on any picture, it will enlarge somewhat.

This was Cecile’s Valentine dress in 2013…


This next dress was Addy’s Valentine dress back in 2011…


This next dress was called “Peach of a Valentine” back in 2009…



Here are a few on Isabelle, my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling…




This next picture of Isabelle and her dress isn’t very good, but it was an adorable dress and she never looked sweeter than she did in it.




…and last up today is a pink and white polka dotted dress for Lian…it was her Valentine dress in 2013.


I’ll have more to share in a few days… don’t want to give you too much “pink overload!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Book Review: Distaff Sketch Book ~ 1774 -1783

Many of you have been asking me to make another Colonial Dress when I get the chance and I’ve been listening. It got me to thinking of ideas for dresses from that time in history and that made me think of this book in my library. It was a very important resource book when I first started making dresses for Felicity back in 2006. I sewed almost exclusively for Felicity that first year so I made quite a few Colonial dresses. This book helped me tremendously. It has all sorts of little details that are fun to read about. The subtitle of the book is actually, “A Collection of Notes and Sketches on Women’s Dress in America.”

The book itself is just a thin, paperback book consisting of 61 pages. The author and illustrator is Robert Klinger. The publisher is Pioneer Press in Tennessee and the book was published in 1974. The entire book is hand written in cursive and done with pen and ink drawings. The book is packed with lots of information on subjects like aprons, belts, bonnets, capes, hair pins, handbags, pattens, materials, pockets, plus much more!

Okay, so let me show you a few of the illustrations of this book.

Again, if you click on any picture, it will enlarge somewhat.









Now this was interesting…. apparently even in the Colonial days pimples were covered up… but with “patches.” They were worn on the women’s face to cover up scars or anything she didn’t want to be seen. Interesting, huh?


This was one of my favorite pages in the book. It told what the names of the fabrics were called. They had some common names for some of the fabrics we use today; calico, corduroy, gauze, lawn, but some were totally new to me… Linseywoolsey- a cloth of mixed linen and wool. Duffles – a coarse woolen cloth. Barleycorn -checked fabric. Jaconet -soft muslin. Ticklengburg -coarse linen.


The book is very nice for seamstresses but fun for anyone interested in the fashions seen in America from around 1774 to 1783. I give this book 2 thumbs up!

I wish I had some of my Felicity dresses to show you of the ones I made from copying these book illustrations, but sadly, I must have erased my earlier pictures. I have no Polonaises or Caraco jackets to show you. I did however find a few for Elizabeth that were inspired by the book. I hope you enjoy these few…







See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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