My Valentine present and a “little bit of prettiness…”

I thought I’d show you what I got for Valentine’s Day from my hubby… it’s not your typical romantic gift, and there was probably a time when I might have said, “You got me WHAT?” … but not this time! He knows me too well… I wanted Beadboard…and that’s what he got me.

No chocolates, no flowers, not even a card this year… but beadboard…*be still my heart!* You might be thinking, what’s it for? It’s for a later post and it won’t be too long before I can show you!

We got it at Home Depot and they even cut it in half for us… the sheets are normally 8 ft x 4 ft, but for what I’m using them for, I needed them cut in half… They have a huge machine at Home Depot that cut them all precisely in half…

My hubby said, “Hey, that’s a tool I don’t have!” They guy told him you can find them online… and have your very own… for a mere *gulp* $700! That’s one he’s going to have to wait on for a while! :o)

Okay, now in “kitchen news”… here are a few pictures of what happened today…

The floor was patched in 3 major places… gotta make it as smooth as possible to lay down that loose lay flooring!

The “Caulk King” did his thing all around the top of the kitchen, filling in all the little cracks and crevices that caught your eye…

The “Spackle Queen” (that would be me!) went around the top of the soffits and filled in all the little nail holes and then sanded them… Then I washed down all the walls!

I even did a tiny bit of painting under the right side of the soffits because we are getting the brick board put up tomorrow! (hopefully!)

That was really the only “pretty” part we did today… but it’s coming right along… I’ll get back to sewing real soon! Hang with me, please!

See you Monday,
Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings, Jeanne

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You’ve waited long enough…

I haven’t been very good at sewing lately… not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because I can’t seem to make it into my sewing room. I know it will come back to me when I get in there, but in the meantime, it’s all about getting the church’s kitchen finished. Just a little while longer and things should settle down.

I’ve made you wait for a long time on this dress for Molly, so I decided to show you some pictures anyway. I was hoping to get it listed this evening, but that didn’t happen as we got home to late… I took some pictures yesterday in my sewing room and had this elaborate get up with my ironing board set up and 2 large boxes were on top of each end. I had my Ott lights on top of the boxes… I took about 70 pictures and just knew they’d be wonderful and I’d have lots to choose from…

WELL… it didn’t turn out that way. I used my new background for Samantha and was super excited that I didn’t see any white flashes in the pictures I took… BUT… when I saw the pictures on my computer… all I could say was ICK! This is what they looked like…sort of drab and dull and yellowish.

So I got up early this morning and before we left for the church, I set up a card table in the living room… I put my pink chenille piece of fabric down for the rug; I set up the Scenes and Settings book for Samantha; I placed Molly in front of it and the sun miraculously came through the window. I snapped away as fast as I could and hoped when I got home this evening they would be better than yesterdays. They were better but not as nice as I would have liked… Here are some of the ones I’ll use for my auction… a little brighter, but not as crystal clear as I like them to be…

So, that’s what’s happening with me right now… hopefully I’ll be back at my sewing in a little bit!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Can you stand ONE more Valentine dress?

I found another Valentine dress in my archived pictures, being modeled by Samantha…and funny thing is, it’s out of the very same fabric as yesterday’s dress. But it is completely different. Yesterday’s dress was made in 2008…

…and today’s dress is from 2009. Again, my pictures aren’t great at all… Samantha is leaning and there are those dreaded white flashes in the background again. Just look at the dress instead of my crummy pictures…and try not to think of her as wearing football shoulder pads. *sigh* She already had the widest shoulders of any of my dolls so WHY did I put her in something like this???

If you click on these pictures they WILL enlarge…

This was my story line for the dress…

Samantha was so thrilled when Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard gave her this big and beautiful stuffed dog for Valentine’s Day. They always gave her candy, but this year…Oh my, this was just too good to be true!!!

…and here is what I wrote about the dress…

Samantha is dressed in a sweet frock, that is typical of the early 1900’s. It is made from a pretty, pinkish-peach cotton with rows of flowers. The wide pleated, drop-waist skirt is joined to the bodice where just a few gathers are evident in the front. It closes in the back with snaps covered by tiny pink buttons. The white venise lace accents the front bodice and carries over onto the sleeves. Three tiny silk ribbon bows are tied and their ribbons hang down from the lace. A tiny pink heart ”brooch” is added at the neck.
A small stand collar is characteristic of this time in history. It is covered with the same gorgeous lace that is added just above the pleats.
The hair bow has a snap clip making it easy to put in Samantha’s hair.

Okay, so here goes…

I hope this isn’t too much pink for everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I did!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Valentine Wish from Samantha…

I did get Molly’s slip made, but it’s 10 minutes until midnight and I need to go to bed… however Samantha stepped in and said she’d be glad to model the slip for me…What a sweetheart!

I used 2 layers of white dotted netting and 2 layers of pale pink netting for a sweet slip…sort of drop waisted…

It will hold out the regular skirts and do a fabulous job on the drop waisted dresses!

Linda also sent some pictures of her girls dressed up in their Valentine finery… You’ll enjoy looking at her pictures.

Here’s Betsy McCall and Ivy…and aren’t they sweet?

This is Susan(?) Ruthie and Molly… beautiful girls, Linda!

…and here are some more of her girls… don’t you love her little scenes she creates?

I also found some old Valentine pictures of my first Samantha doll in a dress that had a silly title… “Samantha in Hot Pink dress with 2 ribbons!” Kind of a goofy name but I guess it worked…it sold… I hope you enjoy these pictures… on my “broad shouldered” Samantha…

Oh…and have a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day today!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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