Okay, so why did I show that 1974 Simplicity Pattern book?

You’d probably have to live under a rock not to have guessed why I showed this pattern book yesterday. (HERE) For some it was a dead give-away… maybe for others not so simple. But in case you DO live under a rock… here are a few more hints…




Okay… I’ll tell you what I did. I got a belated Christmas present from myself ! I have been looking for a nice used Julie doll and have probably…no joke….looked at 300 dolls on Ebay. They were either too expensive, had wonky eyes, crooked eyebrows, eyebrows painted up too high making the doll look startled, haircuts, came from a smoking home, had their fingers chewed off, just a tiny (seriously) spot on their forehead, missing limbs, etc… I think you get the picture. I bid on several, only to get outbid at the last second. Every night I would look at the newly listed Julie dolls. Sometimes I found a few that might be promising and some nights there was nothing.

If you click on any of the pictures, they will enlarge.


I spotted this one, nude and the description said she was in excellent condition but just had a “super duper bit of tangle in the back underneath layer” of her hair. I thought probably nothing a little shampoo and conditioner might solve. Long story short, I won her and couldn’t wait to see her in person. She arrived and she was pretty nice. Not excellent. Her hair was washed and conditioned but it has these little curled hairs in it… almost like a ceramic iron was used on it and sort of singed the hair in spots. She has a blemish on her right cheek and a mark like a gold sharpie pen on her lower right chin. I know you get what you pay for and since I’m just a seamstress and need a nice doll for modeling, she will do fine. I may do a Downy Dunk on her hair in the future. Her legs are quite loose, so she has a band of velcro around her hips holding her to the stand for now.





The most important thing to me was that she has half way decent hair, lowered eyebrows and straight eyes, and from a non smoking home. I think when she gets her first outfit on, she’ll look wonderful.

Speaking of outfits… I was hoping to get her first “outfit” done today, but my mom had some eye surgery today and I was with her for a better part of the day. So maybe tomorrow… but I thought I could at least give you a hint…


Do you like it so far?

Since I didn’t get Julie’s “oufit” finished, I thought maybe I’d share a few more pictures from my past…This is my school picture from Future Homemakers of America! Can you find me?


I’m on the bottom left front row…yes the runt of the bunch. I made that quilted jumper and if I look a little stiff, like I have a board up my back… I had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and wore a Milwaukee brace in high school. It fit around my hips and came up under my chin and back of my head. I do look a bit stiff there with it on.

This is another year in FHA… I’m next to the teacher… and see that dress? I made it from a burgundy soft knit. Don’t I look stylish sporting that scarf?


Here’s another view of that dress…only for Girls Ensemble.


Okay, now you’ve seen me back in 1973 and 74… can you find me in Swing Choir? We all made our outfits…They were purple, navy and khaki plaid…ick!


…and how about one more from the 70’s… this isn’t me, but some random outfits I picked for you to see… that pantsuit you see on the right was C-R-U-S-H-E-D V-E-L-V-E-T! Everybody say Oooooooooo!


So I was just wondering…how many of you have Julie dolls?

Hope to see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne and Julie

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  1. Thanks Jeanne, That was fun for me too! A lot from my class too, but didn’t think we were so “dated” looking way back then! 🙂

    • Hi Cindy,
      I have some more pics that I downloaded from my yearbook that you might enjoy! I thought we were pretty stylish too… I guess not so much!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Susette W. says:

    Funny, I’m looking too but passed on her. Wobbly legs stopped me in my tracks. I still hold out hope. Congrats to Julie. She’s been adopted by a wonderful lady.

    • Thanks Susette,
      I hope you find your perfect Julie doll. I think it’s going to be fun sewing for her.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. All of the AG dolls in my house belong to my daughter and one of them is Julie. It will be fun for you making her 1970’s fashions, especially with the pattern book. Can’t wait to see beyond your little teaser photo.
    I enjoyed your pictures from this era. That swing choir costume…! WOW! I love your groovy-looking pant suit in crushed velvet.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on Gina’s sweater dress.
    Wishing you a great day, Jeanne!

    • HI Cindy,
      I found more pictures in the pattern book and talk about bringing back memories… I think this will be fun… How old is your daughter and does she still play with her dolls?
      I should have put my comments on “your” blog, but didn’t think I’d make it. Gina’s dress was adorable and I see why that last person asked about it and you had to say, “I’m sorry, it’s already sold!”
      Thank you Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Julie was my first AG. I got her first as I was born in ’75. 🙂

    • HI Christine,
      Oh, this is going to be fun for me AND you… seeing some 1970’s fashions in the future.
      Thanks Christine,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. I love your Julie doll, she is adorable. Can’t wait to see what you sew for her since we are ’70’s girls. I love seeing your yearbook photos too.

    • HI Regina,
      Thanks for liking my Julie doll. She has grown on me and I think she’s a keeper! I had company this morning so I’m hoping against all hope that I can get her dress finished this evening.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    I am in love with your pattern book. I remember those styles well as they were evolving when I was in high school {’65 – ’69}. I remember short skirts {even in the cold winter} and long vests.
    Now Julie is a well known AG in our house. We just passed one down from the original grand daughter to a younger grand daughter. The hair was bad so I went to work on it. Slowly and patiently I brushed and combed. Then I took the large barrel curling iron set on lowest temp and very carefully ran the iron over a small section at a time. Some areas required two runs over it. The hair turned out beautifully straight. I was very pleased with the results and we saved one beautiful Julie for further use.

    • Hi Jeannie,
      Great going on your Julie save! I may try that on the underneath side of my dolls hair and see if that helps. I am hoping to get her dress finished this afternoon and evening. My company just left so I can start working on it…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I enjoyed seeing your high school pictures. Oh, the styles back then!
    My gold corduroy Home Ec. jumper’s design looked like your jumper (the one I mentioned in yesterday’s reply)- with the wide open bodice! At that age you were well on your way to sewing. That was surely a handy talent.
    I have a Julie doll and got her when she came out but I never bought anything from the AMG store for her. I liked her because she had brown eyes and straight blonde hair. I keep her in the “modern” day group of AMG dolls/girls though and re-named her even though I like the name Julie. With the “peek” you gave us – not so sure she should stay modern. Love that material!
    Hope your Mom is recuperating well. Have a great day!

    • Hi Paula,
      I missed this comment, but enjoyed reading about your gold corduroy jumper and your Julie doll. Maybe if I make enough cute 70’s outfits, it will convince your Julie to back to the 70’s, where she belongs… :o)
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Linda Doyle says:

    I just knew you would be sewing for Julie, because you mentioned on AG Playthings that you won a Julie doll. I am looking forward to see what you sew for her, should be a fun thing for you,– remembering all those “groovy” 70’s fashions!
    Loved your high school pictures too! Oh, Future Homemakers of America ! I also was in that and took Home Economics for 4 years in high school. Wasn’t it fun? We went straight to the Home Ec. room when first getting to school in the mornings to check out our clothes in the big 3 way mirrors, freshen up our make-up and see what was going on with everyone. Our teacher was just great, a real mother figure and fun to boot! Where else could you learn how to cook and sew and pick out the perfect diamond engagement ring??
    Oh, your Julie is darling! I think she will be perfect for you to show off all those amazing outfits you will be sewing for her! I don’t have Julie, but did get a used one from an AGPT member for my youngest granddaughter. My own collection of 8 dolls is quite enough and diverse for me, so I doubt there will be more, but never say never!
    I really do enjoy your trips down” memory lane”, Jeanne, even though your trips don’t go back as far as mine! They make me feel young again!

    • Hi Linda,
      What a fun bunch of comments you left here… yes, Home Ec was “Where it was at” for me! I didn’t have “great” teachers…but it still was enough to put that love of sewing in me. I got more of my learning from 4H. The girls in my school, were more interested in pulling pranks on the teacher than on learning how to do things the right way…maybe if they had been like me, in wanting to learn more it would have been better.
      I do like the Julie I won. She is really growing on me. I don’t think she’ll ever be a “super money maker” but she’ll still be fun to sew for.
      Thanks, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    I already told you I bought my daughter a new Julie doll for her birthday and she was thrilled with her. I do think she has harder hair to deal with than some other dolls, but since my daughter is an adult it won’t be a problem. She loves ’70’s stuff along with a number of other decades. I know she will enjoy seeing Julie’s finished dress.
    I saw you might try a Downy dunk ,but I found something recently that even fixes up old Pleasant Company doll hair and is much easier. Bring water to boiling, take it off the burner and cool for 5 minutes. Immerse the doll’s hair up to as far as you can without wetting the wig cap and be careful of her eyes. Soak for a minute. Towel dry and brush out and let air dry.
    I enjoyed seeing your H.S. pictures as well.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks so much for the tip about the boiling water… I think I’ll give it a try… let’s hope it works…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. mikekathie@msn.com says:

    Julie looks pretty darn good! Try an eraser on her chin. Have you used Johnson’s Kids No More Tangles…it’s amazing. It’s a spray and leaves the hair clean, not sticky. I use it on my dolly patients when they come in for a Dolly-Day-Spa.
    There is also a u tube on tightening up arms and legs on the AG dolls..I saw it quite awhile ago..it’s done by a teen age girl and it was really good.
    Have fun with Julie!

    • Hi Kathie,
      Yet, another solution to Julie’s hair… I’ll give this a try too… I wrote it down!
      I’ve done the legs before, so I know how to do it…it’s just a matter of doing it!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Your Julie certainly looks “handpicked” she’s beautiful and looks gorgeous in pink. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I was born in the late 70’s but total identify with the culture of that period. Perhaps, it’s because time moves slowly in small towns.

    • Hi 2littlebits,
      Thanks for your compliments on my Julie doll. She is very pretty and she DOES look sweet in pink… I always loved pink and brown together anyway.
      Blessings, Jeanne

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