My “treasures” from Paducah…

I told you yesterday I’d tell you a story about going to Paducah, Kentucky for the Annual Quilt Show. For years and years, a group of ladies from our church would go down to Paducah and spend the night in a hotel and then go shopping the next day at all the vendors booths and see the hundreds of quilts at the show. It is the largest quilt gathering in the world and Paducah expects upwards of 30,000 – 35,000 out of town guests, so you can imagine how hard it is to find a hotel room, especially if you’ve waited till the last minute. Well, we usually did wait until the last minute because we were unsure of how many might be going. One particular year we waited almost too late but happened to call this one place called “Friendship Inn” and they said they said 2 rooms left, so we booked them for the 9 of us. We got to the hotel and this is no joke… there was a sign on the front desk that said “NO REFUNDS AFTER 10 MINUTES!” We went to our room and it was awful… in every way you could imagine… but we all just smiled, prayed over our room and hoped it would be morning soon! It still gives me the willies to think of that room!

You’re going to laugh when you see just how little I really came home with from my trip to Paducah. (Paducah, Kentucky…here we come) I mean who goes to the largest fabric store in America and buys 3 measly pieces from the remnant table? Me…that’s who… and why? Because I already have half of Hobby Lobby in my sewing room and the other half is from Joann Fabrics… Not really…but I do have a lot of fabric. There is something about getting new fabric…it makes all your “other” fabrics feel old and so “yesterday-ish”… I mean, Wow…look at this piece…it’s new and so different…and you want to use it up right away! Well, at least that’s what happens to me. Does that happen to you?

I can spot a Civil War fabric across the room and couldn’t resist these two prints…I’ve already shown them to Addy and she approved… but now she’s wanting another dress right away… I told her she’d have to wait her turn. A few other girls were ahead of her!


I spotted the gray fabric first and the red and blue one next… I really like the gray one very much!


Then I found this light weight white and pink fabric and I don’t really have anything like this in my stash, so I bought this one too. It’s a slick cotton and very cool to the touch. I sort of think of this as a pillowcase fabric…but maybe I shouldn’t call it that. I’m thinking it will make another beautiful Regency gown… I held it up to Rebecca so you could see the scale of the print. It’s a little larger but I think I can position it just right on a long flowing gown…



At Quilter’s Alley, I found these few things…


…silk ribbon for my handiwork on bodices…


…pretty white cotton heirloom laces…



…this pretty Swiss Batiste embroidery…


…and this one was just a scrap so she threw it in for free…


When I was standing at the cutting table, this pretty yellow, black and red Civil War print caught my eye… I debated and debated and finally gave in… it was a tough decision because it was $11.00 a yard! That’s way out of my price range, but this color combination is one of my favorites and VERY hard to find…


I made a yellow, black and red print dress for Addy before and loved how it looked on her…so I may do something similar again sometime…




I thought I’d show you what I got from KariAnne because I was one of her first 50 guests… it’s a stack of 28 5×5 squares of her new fabric line. I spread some of them out so you could see a few of her designs. I think I could sew them together for placemats or a fun over the shoulder bag might be nice. There’s plenty to make “something” with.



I had no time today to work on Elizabeth’s Regency gown, but Rebecca has been in her room working on the necklace and I HAVE to show you what she came up with. It is SO very pretty and matches exactly! My hope is to get it finished tomorrow…



See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    I’ve loved these last two days. Super shopping. The red and blue fabric looks like rayon or something that might drape — or is it plain cotton? I’m glad the woman gave you the “scrap” — on a doll, a scrap can be a whole lot. I especially love the wide Swiss batiste. I want to see what you do with that. You may have limited your shopping, but your selection looks excellent. I’m glad you got the yellow, black, and red. It’s going to be unusual and wonderful. Gray is one of my favorite colors. The pink and white is lovely and dreamy. How fast can you sew? I want to see all these made up. Tomorrow.
    I liked the idea of fabric everywhere — like slot machines in Las Vegas but more fun.
    Rebecca’s new necklace is beautiful, as are the ones you and she put in your Esty shop.

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, it looks like you hit the jackpot with the fabrics and trims you bought! I especially love the yellow fabric that would be for Addy! That doll certainly gets a lot of love from you! I think all the fabrics will be put to good use and I especially love the laces! How much time did you actually spend waiting in line to buy these things? That’s one thing I don’t like to do!! 🙂

    I can’t believe your story about Friendship Inn! I certainly hope they didn’t charge too much! How in the world can they stay in business?

    Oh, I love that necklace Rebecca made! It’s just the thing for this dress, and I’m sure that you will get this finished off and looking absolutely fantastic!

    We may be making a trip through Paducah next year, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Actually we want to have a road trip through the places we lived , in all the years we have been married, and would wind up in Virginia and Williamsburg, and kind of make a big loop on back to St. Louis. It would be interesting to say the least, of how different things are now.

  3. What a wonderful post this is! Now I don’t feel bad about only coming home with four fat quarters from the quilt show in January. My stash only matches my output but is still too big for an amateur. I didn’t find the laces nor the silk ribbon at the quilt show. I’ll have to really check carefully next time or look for that brand on eBay. I made doll quilts from the fluffy fabric samples I got at the quilt show, binding them with satin.

    Love the fabric for Addy. Feels great to be able to replace a favorite fabric. Is that machine embroidery on the bodice where it meets the sleeve? Perfect trim to accent the sleeve inset. The gray fabric with roses is a winner for sure and the pink roses too. Are the heirloom laces vintage or reproductions?

    Regarding what to wear, I have a story from 50 years ago, 1965. I was at a military commissary in the Deep South and they wouldn’t let me in because I was wearing slacks! Fortunately it was raining, so I went back to the car and rolled up the pants so they didn’t show under my raincoat and went back in. We’ve come a long way, Babes!

    • Marilyn Grotzky says:

      I love the commissary story. I started college in 63, and women were required to wear skirt or dresses, even if we lived at home and had to walk through snow. By 65 and 66, the administration was just grateful that students showed up in clothes.

  4. Boy – I’ve spent a night in a ‘bad hotel room’, too….yikes…. we ‘landed’ too late to try to find anything else…so, we just stayed. sigh. we survived. LOL!!
    I’m glad you got away for a shopping spree! Did you hubby find anything fun for himself at the Harbor Tool place?

    • BTW – I love that yellow! I’m glad you gave in and got it – Addy’s other yellow dress is a delight – I’m sure this fabric will be awesome, too! 🙂

  5. What a wonderful time, Jeanne. Your choices of fabric and trims are lovely…especially like that gray fabric too. I’ll be watching what you might make with each of these.

    Thanks for sharing your fun day with us as well as adventures of the past. It’s really a pleasure to share some of life with you.

    Take care.

  6. I love all your fabric choices! It’s so much fun searching for just the right fabric for the scale needed for doll clothes. Those laces are to die for! So very lovely! I think you did well for getting just a few pieces to add to your stash.

    Your Rebecca did a wonderful job on the purple necklace for your Regency gown. I have gobs of that scalloped lace trim too, and I just love that headpiece!!

  7. Paula F. says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    What fun you had in Paducah. The materials and laces you got are beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you make with them all. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Even though I don’t sew, I love looking at fabrics. I can only imagine how you must feel, knowing you can create something from them.
    Backing up to one of your recent blogs, I meant to tell you how darling your pictures of you and Cindy are…the ones taken in Italy. You were as cute as a button and so was Cindy.

    We went through Paducah once back in the 90’s. We were headed to a lake near Paducah with friends. We brought our ski boats down with us and rented houseboats and had a lot of fun. I never knew much about the town so it’s interesting to know that they have this quilt gathering.
    Well, back to the doll room – I’m having fun reorganizing it but have much more to do!
    Have a great day, Jeanne!

  8. Ditto to first poster sister Marilyn.
    Loved the Friendship Inn story. I had a similar stay at the Little Papoose cabins outside Squaw Valley many years ago. One double bed and I think five of us. Only saving grace was skiing, great snow, and knowing the Highway Patrol Officer’s brother who stopped us right outside town as we returned home. 🙂

  9. Glad you’ve had a lot of fun shopping. Everything you bought is so nice , but I love the red, black and yellow print as well.
    I’m sure everyone has had a bad hotel experience. We got into one late (around 11PM) and had to leave because there were bugs and it was so dirty, you were afraid what you might bring home. We got another at 1AM, not a good start to a vacation. It is impossible to know if it isn’t a chain though.
    The necklace Rebecca made for Elizabeth’s dress is lovely. Can’t wait to see the completed ensemble.

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