My Top 3 Customers of 2016…

Every year I have the pleasure of blessing a few special ladies who buy doll clothes from me. It’s become a tradition with me to honor the top 3 who have spent the most money on those clothes. It’s a very small thing to do for them, compared to what they give back to me. I always try to put a little bit of thought into what I send them. Most of the time, it’s always hand made and this year is no exception. I won’t tell you who they are…but they will surely know…or at least hope… because what I have made for them, uses the fabrics of the dresses they bought from me. :o)

I made little zippered pouches this year and had fun making them. They are about 6″ x 9″.

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.

I have to admit I got better as I went along. I looked on Pinterest and saw a few tutorials, but in the end I just winged it and came up with how I’d do it. If you are interested in trying one, just type in Zippered Pouch Tutorial and many will pop up. You can just find the one in a style you’d like and read through it to see if you think you might be interested in that tutorial. Some tutorials are better than others. I probably looked at 10 or more before I got up and just started sewing. I had the basic knowledge of how to put one together, but I was looking for “tips” to make it easier…Things that might make them look less homemade than normal. I needed a stiffer “sew in” interfacing instead of the one I used. It sort of got wrinkled by the time I was finished. It’s just a free gift, so I didn’t beat myself up over it. But I did try my best… don’t get me wrong.

So anyway, I thought I’d show you the pouches. I was going to surprise the winners, but thought I’d show them to you anyway. Maybe the winners won’t see today’s post! :o)
I will have another little surprise tucked inside them too!

Thank you to those 3 very special ladies who blessed your dolls with my creations. I’m humbled and flattered at the same time. And thank you for the rest of you who I’ll call Honorable Mentions… I think everyone who buys from me deserves recognition!

Here they are in no particular order… that way the winners won’t know if they are 1st, 2nd or 3rd place until they receive them…

…and next…

…and last up …

I will do my best to get these out to the winners in the next few days… and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your business this past year!

Just one quick little P.S. here… If anyone is looking for a pretty Felicity doll, I found one on Ebay. She looks beautiful to me… and I’d take a chance on her if I didn’t already have my beauty… Here is a link to the listing if you wanted to check her out! I like the 4th picture best!

Felicity Doll on Ebay

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. That is a pretty Felicity. Mine, of course, is perfect, but if someone is looking, that one is beautiful and looks well cared for, which does make a difference. You are right about the 4th picture, which seems to show Felicity best.

    The zipper bags are cute — I like the lining and the zipper pulls too. The person who gets the third one has some of my favorite dresses. I was surprised at how many I recognized. What a lovely way to make use of some very nice scraps and, even nicer, to say thank you to loyal customers.

    I have discovered that you can learn a lot about Etsy sellers by looking at the review section. If you click on the pictures, you can see the full sized display and the seller’s information about the article. The SugarloafDollClothes owner said that for pretty necklaces to go with some of her historical designs, we should go to IDreamofJeanneMarie shop.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      The Felicity on Ebay looks to be really sweet in the face to me. Maybe someone will win her who has been searching for a lovely one like her.
      I had fun putting the pouches together and hope to get them perfected the more I make. Everyone can always use a pouch for something.
      That is awfully sweet of Kathy to say that about Rebecca’s necklaces. I just finished reading a book about Etsy and want to do a review on it…great book!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    Such beautiful attention to detail in everything you make!

    • Thank you Charlotte…
      After I woke up this morning, I was having second thoughts about having shared the picture’s of the winners gifts before I sent them off…maybe I should have waited…*sigh*
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Marilyn writes up what my comments would be for me. I second all of them. I recognize several also, especially Christmas Rose and the black with roses for Ten Ping. What thoughtful gifts for your top buyers.

    Thanks Marilyn, Linda, Paula and Laura for the compendium of knowledge about the dolls that you share with us. I’ve saved a file of your wonderful posts about AG doll history. I used it to buy my Felicity which seems to be just like Jeanne’s. The Felicity on eBay right now is a wonderful find, Jeanne, so complete and beautiful.

    Thanks for the kind comments on my pictures yesterday and to Jeanne for posting them. Quite an honor. You were right, Linda, that’s the ice cream cart. Krish likes playing with the food but won’t have anything to do with the dolls! He’s all boy. He plays the baker on Skype and I’m the “asker.” Mommy gives the big sets for Christmas and birthdays. I have sewn some clothes and given a couple of the dolls. For Rita Bright, it’s just like riding a bike; I started sewing again after a 40+ hiatus, starting with doll clothes when I retired thanks to the inspiration of Jeanne’s blog. I just finished a shirt for my grandson who’s 20 for his birthday. He likes Hawaiian print shirts, much easier to make than the doll clothes. P.S. Thanks for the memories of the catalpa tree in my grandparent’s yard.

    • Hi Susette,
      I wondered if everyone would see the prints and remember the dresses… guess so!

      I’m glad I have some smart cookies who help out on my blog too. I love having the extra help when it comes to information about the dolls. I might know sewing techniques but the history comes alive when someone like Laura explains it.
      It’s fun that Krish can play with the “accessories” for the dolls while Rita plays with the dolls. I wish my sewing room had a big area to set up a bunch of different vignettes. I think I’d really enjoy that.
      I’m so glad to have inspired you to start sewing again…just think you would be missing right now if you hadn’t gotten back to sewing! And all those dolls who love you to sew for them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Very cute pouches. So useful for holding tiny tights, socks, and undies or whatever may fit.
    The doll link was great. Just makes me more anxious to receive my Felicity. Hoping soon.
    More crazy rain here. Think we all need a recipe for something hot to tide us through.

    • Thanks Joy,
      I thought maybe my customers could find a use for these pouches….
      I hope your Felicity comes sooner than soon.
      I suggest chili when it rains…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. What a kind act, Jeanne. The pouches are very lovely…no doubt the recipients will be touched by your thoughtfulness.


    • Hi Becky,
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I really had fun making these and they won’t be my last. Once you get going on them…they really are fun to make.
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. What cute pouches. I recognize the different dress materials too. You are so creative, Jeanne, and so very thoughtful. I’m sure the winners will be thrilled, especially with all the uses of these darling pouches.

    Joy, you’re getting a Felicity, how wonderful! Laura is truly the expert on those older historical dolls. You will enjoy your Felicity so much. She is a beautiful doll.

    • Yes, impatiently waiting her CA arrival from Arkansas. Long trip. We’ll see how she looks upon arrival, probably not until next week. She does come with her meet outfit though so that’s a plus.

    • Thanks Paula,
      It really was fun making them…and I think I’ll make one for myself. I saw some that had a longer zipper and a curved top…:o)
      I’m happy for Joy too in getting a Felicity doll. She WILL love her!
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Linda Doyle says:

    I have been here wondering what in the world everyone is talking about, since I could not get any pictures!! Now I see that you made some very nice little bags that are beautifully and thoughtfully made, Jeanne! I love the little beaded zipper pulls too! I do recognize most all of the fabrics, and what a sweet way to acknowledge your buyers. Anyone who buys from you gets the best, what more can I say?
    Joy, you will have to post a picture of your new Felicity! So happy that there is another Felicity lover out there!

    • Thanks Linda,
      Sorry you couldn’t get the pictures for a while. I wonder what is going on?
      I hope the winners like them…and can find some use for them. I think they will be able to.
      Thank you Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Just getting in from a busy day of errands.
    The zippered pouches are a sweet gift and I, too, recognize a number of the fabrics, especially the ones the AG’s wore.
    I’m flattered and humbled by everyone’s sweet comments regarding my knowledge on the dolls. I picked in up by reading information over the years. I think some of it had to do with the fact I secretly wanted those dolls and collections for myself. I have since obviously remedied that. LOL I love to have ladies to share my hobby with and everyone on here has doll knowledge of something.
    BTW, the Felicity on Ebay is a PC 1991 one and is very pretty. It’s nice she comes with her accessories and her boxed set of books. Those old books with the illustrations were some pretty, I’ll never understand why AG chose to remove them after Caroline’s. I think they encouraged children to want the clothes and accessories to reenact or set up the scenes. They encouraged me!!
    One last tidbit of knowledge I forget to add yesterday regarding “artist’s marks”. You can only find them on the Classic and Addy molds as those are the only two molds that the original PC dolls (Kirsten, Samantha, Molly, Felicity, and Addy) were cast with.

  9. Typo, thinking too fast . Forget should have obviously been FORGOT.

  10. Oh, some more interesting facts – the artists marks. I’m having to be patient for my niece to send pictures of Felicity to me to send to Jeanne. I’m anxious to share pictures of her. My Felicity has the tan body and the round strings, so that’s one point in a direction.

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