My Little Darling, Lian, looks sweet in Black and Pink…

I did it! I got Lian’s dress finished and actually had time to make chicken and dumpling’s for dinner! Yummy, who wants to come over?
Oops… get back on track Jeanne!

If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.

I had the hardest time trying to figure out what combination of trims to use on this dress. As you saw my pile of trims in yesterday’s post,


I had everything from ribbons to bows, and appliques to fancy looped trim. I didn’t even show you the buttons I had, the rick rack, the lace, the piping…etc. I thought about putting the tiny pink and white checked ribbon around the hem with those tiny black and white dotted bows placed on top of it, but the houndstooth check was just too busy. So I opted to just go for the pink applique…(the black one got lost in the print), and just tie a simple bow out of the pink ribbon I had. It’s more simple than I thought it would end up, but I think it has just enough the way it is. Actually the pink in the houndstooth fabric is very very pale and some of my trims that I thought might work, ended up being too bright pink.



I had a few different shades of pink wool felt, but not the shade I needed. I was going to make a wool felt hat, but when I remembered my little black high button boots, I decided to make the whole feel of the dress more old fashioned looking and go for the muffin hat. Lian can wear these so well, especially when they are cocked just a little bit sideways.



The fabric in the dress had enough body to stand out on its own, but I decided a pink tulle slip was needed to hold the dress out evenly all the way around. I did sew one of those black and white bows on it.


When I was looking through the Dolly Toy Box, (HERE) I happened upon these little “Baby Scruff’s” and just had to use one. Lian has taken quite a liking to her very own little Scruffy.


The dress was listed on Ebay on Monday evening and will end on May 2nd. I was thrilled to see I had a bid on it within 17 minutes of listing it! That’s always fun for a seller! If you’d like to see the auction, you can click on the picture of it along the right side bar, or click HERE.

Now I wanted to share something else… many of you know this, but some do not. About 18 months ago, my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It was the biggest shock of our lives and turned our world upside down. He began the treatments right away and has had to have a painful Cystoscopy every 3 months since then. We have been very blessed to have gotten good reports every time he’s had one. Last week he had another one and this time the doctor discovered a little spot inside his bladder and wanted to do a biopsy the next day. He told us he didn’t know what it was, but it was suspicious looking and he wanted to be safe by sending it off. Then we had to wait a week for the results and it was a very long week. This morning we had that appointment to find out and I just had to thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us. The doctor said it was benign and truly seemed as happy as we were. I felt like I could finally breathe since last week when we found out about the spot.

When we left the doctor’s office and got to our car, my husband said, “It just doesn’t seem like it’s enough to say, thank you Lord, for watching over me and giving us such a good report.” So we had a little “moment” in our car… The Lord has been, and still is, VERY good to us and I just wanted to thank Him for his faithfulness to us during this whole time. He truly does have us in the palm of His hands. It was just too good of a day for me not to share it…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh Jeanne, what a simply wonderful way to end your blog! I was so very happy to hear this, and will keep the two of you in my prayers! I know how it feels to hear that something you are worried about comes out OK, and you are just bursting with happiness and thankfulness! Yes, God is being very good to you!

    Lian’s dress is darling! It is interesting to hear you tell us how you reason through all the different ways you could use the trims and why you choose what you do. The slip is just darling and just the right touch!

    • HI Linda,
      Thanks so much for your prayers for us. I certainly wish your dear friend, Marcia, had had some good news…
      Thanks for the compliments on Lian’s dress. Yes, sometimes the “reasoning” goes on and on and on…
      I appreciate your presence every day on my blog.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    Jeanne, it is wonderful that you received good news at the end of your long wait after his Cystoscopy. I fully understand taking that “moment” to give prayers of thanks and to gather your thoughts. The Lord is good indeed !! Thank you for sharing this good news with us.
    Everyday I have with my husband is a blessing to me. I don’t have the answer as to why the Lord is giving us this additional time together but I am so very grateful for it. Possibly He is preparing me with a new form of strength.

    Lian’s dress turned out just darling. I do like the pink embellishments because they stand out a bit. Just the right touch. I did see your eBay post last night before there was a bid. I am happy to see that you are getting swift action on this auction. Lian is, as always, a beautiful model.

    • HI Jeannie,
      Yes, the news was so wonderful and we’re still in a thankful mood today!! I’m sure we will be for quite some time too! Every day you have with your loved ones IS a treasure and should be lived like it is the last day you’ll be with them.

      Thanks for the compliments on Lian’s dress. I thought I was just partial to how pretty Lian is, but I think others think so too. It’s a wonderful feeling!
      blessings, Jeanne

  3. I remember when this happened to your husband and I prayed for him to be alright. I am glad that you both got such a good report this time and your husband is doing well. Lian’s looks precious in her new dress. 🙂

    • Thank you Christine,
      It seems so long ago when it all started, but with the Cystoscopy’s every 3 months, it seems like it is with you every day. I appreciate your prayers and thank you so much for taking time to remember us.
      Thanks too, for your comment about Lian’s dress being pretty. I’m glad you liked it.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    I am so happy for you that that the doctor’s report was benign. I, too, fully understand pausing to give the Lord thanks and praise. He is always faithful!
    Lian looks lovely in her new dress The baby Scruffy is perfect. 🙂 You better be sure to keep one of those always for your dolls. I know I’ve looked for a long time trying to find a doll sized Yorkie because AG’s doesn’t look quite right to me. I still haven’t found one.
    The sun is shining here and I hope it is there, too The spring flowers are so beautiful.
    We have big drifts of daffodils that I just love.

    • Thank you Laura,
      It is a wonderful thing knowing you have the Lord on your side when things get difficult.

      I showed the little Scruff to my husband when I showed him Lian all dressed up. I think he approved! He had a little smile on his face.
      I’ll keep an eye out for a little yorkie for you…
      We are getting ready to work in our garden today… it’s cool out, but perfect weather for planting.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Good morning, Jeanne. That is the BEST news ever!!! What a long week you must have had. I had no idea. So happy to hear your good news!

    Lian’s new dress is very pretty. Poor Lian looks so sad. Did you tell her it has sold already? Sometimes I think they hope and hope that what they are modeling doesn’t sell so they can keep it.

    • HI Cindy,
      Yes, it is the best news! I totally agree with you!!!

      Yes, Lian is sad because I told her the news that her dress would have to go to some other little girl. But I told her she’d get to model more sometime. I got a small smile out of her.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Jeanne, after seeing the trims yesterday, I am really surprised by the finished dress. I didn’t realize that pink trim was large enough to cover the bodice on the dress. Perhaps I needed a ruler in the photo! lol The dress is perfect with that applique and just the ribbon at the waist and I love her perky little beret! And now you have TWO bids! Off to the races!

    • HI Jevne,
      Thank you for your kind words about Lian’s dress. I think it’s one of my favorites on her. She just looks adorable in it in person. She has such a sweet personality and it comes through best when I make her dresses a bit on the old fashioned side.
      Yes, getting bids early is always fun!
      Thanks Jevne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Jeanne, so happy your husband got good news about the biopsy. Lian’s dress is so cute, just how I imagined it would look. I ordered shoes for Jar-Lu size 30mm and they fit perfect! Have a blessed day!

    • HI Regina,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m glad Lian’s dress turned out to suit you and the others. I wondered if I picked the right embellishments… or not…
      Thanks for the heads up on the shoes for our dolls!! I’m going to order some today!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. You couldn’t have gotten better news…it is such a relief! Bless you both. I’m sure you feel like you have a new lease on life.
    The finished dress is just perfect…no wonder it has bids already.
    I’m like you…work outside? Work inside? Guess I better do a bit of both and do it NOW!
    I know you will be having a great day!

    • Thanks Kathie,
      Yes, it really was a long week and to get good news like this was more than wonderful!!!
      I’m already in a dilemma…today it’s beautiful outside…a bit cool, but perfect for working in the garden, but then… I’d love to stay inside and sew… perhaps I’ll set a timer and work inside and then go outside, and then repeat…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    What wonderful news!! I am so happy for you both concerning your husband’s good news. It is indeed hard to wait for results like that. Bless you both and praise the Lord!!!

    Lian’s dress is just too too cute! I can’t stand it!!! The black and pink is perfect! Some day I will get a doll like Lian but I will remember all the dresses you have made her. Each one is beautiful.

    I am so happy for your husband’s good news! Will keep you both in my prayers!

    • Jeanne W says:

      H Paula,
      Thanks so much for your enthusiastic happiness for us! We are out working in the garden and celebrating that way!
      Thanks for your compliments on Lian’s dress. I like it too! :o) As much as you love dolls, one of these days you ARE going to have to get a Little Darling for yourself! :o) :o)
      Thanks so much Paula,
      blessings, Jeanne

  10. The wait time is dreadful to go through. I’m sorry you had the stress of this and thankful all is well. I remember when you posted on his original diagnosis. My thoughts were you both are too young for this, but I now understand you have great support in your lives.

    Love the creativity in Lian’s dress.

    • Thanks so much Jan,
      It’s awful for anyone to go through this and I know first hand some who haven’t had the good results we have gotten. We are VERY thankful for the news we got.
      Thanks for liking Lian’s dress. She likes it too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. So glad you had such wonderful news! Very stressful time. Perfect trimming on the dress. You are truly an artist. Again, very thankful for your good news.

    • Thanks so much Susette,
      Yes, we are very thankful too! I’m glad you like Lian’s dress. It was really fun to play with and see what worked best. I hope it got it right!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Didn’t want to comment the first time you mentioned your husband’s illness, since I’m so far behind in your posts, but just thought I had to at this point. That had to be SO stressful!!! I can relate from more than 20 years ago. Not exactly the same circumstances, but close enough.
    The dress is adorable, I was thinking the pink applique would get lost in the print, but I think you chose wisely! Love it!

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