My Last Sunday Post…

I have been contemplating it for a while now and decided it was time….I am going to make Sunday my day of rest, my day of not constantly checking my computer or my phone, and just taking time for myself and my family. This will be my last Sunday post. As much as I like writing and visiting with you each day, I do need to take a Sabbath, just like the Bible asks us to. The Lord gives us 6 days to do all our work, but asks us to give Him one day a week… a day to rest and reflect on Him. I want to do that!

I have enjoyed our Sunday visits and hope to see you all on Monday mornings…


See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Joy Kramer says:

    I agree. You definitely should rest on one day, at least.

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    I understand completely, Jeanne! I’ve been thinking about how much more complicated life has gotten, and yes, we need to stay off the electronics more, and just enjoy life, so enjoy your Sundays and see you tomorrow!

  3. Kathie Welsh says:

    You probably won’t find too many that disagree with you. I think that’s a really smart idea and will give your followers something to look forward to on Monday morning πŸ˜€
    Enjoy your “Sunday’s ” with your family!!!

  4. Wonderful idea! I was hoping you wouldn’t burn out with all of time spent writing such a creative blog and answering all of our Comments.

    Wishing you many happy Sundays with your family and friends, Susette

  5. Two giant thumbs up from me!! You’ll be blessed!

  6. How funny. I’ve been thinking much the same thing. I found a book called Mudhouse Sabbath — the Mudhouse is the name of a coffee shop. The author, Lauren Winner, converted from Judaism to Christianity and eventually realized that she missed the Jewish Sabbath, with its traditions and obligations — church in the mornings and an hour in her favorite coffeehouse in the afternoon didn’t make the day feel holy. She did say that Friday afternoons were a rush, trying frantically to get ready for a day of rest, but once the table was set, things started to calm down. She admits that the Jewish Sabbath could be boring but was mostly restful and often joyous in small ways. One thing that was interesting was that on the seventh day, Jewish people could not create (following God’s example) — I think a lot of us would consider down time as a time when we could create, but I can see that a lot of creating would be the opposite of restful. Perhaps writing in a journal would be restful, but writing a book chapter would not. Playing the piano might be restful but composing or practicing seriously would not be. Going on a bike ride with your family might be restful but riding for exercise would not be. I’ll have to re-read that chapter for details. Even rest requires thought and discipline — probably a lot of thought and discipline since we are accustomed to cramming as much as possible into every day. It will be interesting to see if your Monday entries change. This is definitely an experiment worth trying.

    The authors of Laurel’s Kitchen said that when they were working with people beginning meditation, most men could find a fairly regular time for a half hour of meditation, but most women, especially mothers, struggled more. Our lives are so often made up of interruptions — we adjust when we do things to what we need to do for others or we work around the projects we set for ourselves — cleaning bookshelves or creating a sewing studio. Learning to take time can be a whole new experience.

    Happy Sunday, whenever you read this.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments, Marilyn. You have a way with words and I enjoyed reading them…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Jane Miller says:

    Just a note…Lauren Winner is the Vicar at our church and her outlook on life is really awesome! We have been lucky to have her in our Parish (Episcopal). Good idea to take time off’s only fair for you and your family. Have fun relaxing!

    • Hi Jane,
      What a neat thing that the lady Marilyn referred to goes to your church!
      I did relax and visited and visited some more…
      Thanks, Jeanne

  8. Beautiful flower photo. Definitely, you need time off for good behavior! Enjoy.

  9. I agree with each and every lady and all gave such good comments. Only you know what adjustments are right for you.
    I’m happy for you in that your convictions are important enough for some changes.
    Many people work 5 days a week and have at least the two days off, why shouldn’t you? You’re so busy as it is with all you do.
    I too, love the picture of the flower.
    Enjoy your Sunday and see you later!

  10. Anne Johnson says:

    A truly inspired idea, Jeanne! Reading your blog is a daily joy for us, but of course it is “work” for you. After your long, uninterrupted streak of daily blog writing, I’m sure you struggled with this a bit, but I agree you will be blessed. The “fringe benefits” may be many. It may help prevent “burn out,” and perhaps you will find that you can accomplish more in six days than you ever did in seven. Your creativity may flow more freely, and Monday posts definitely will be more highly anticipated. But the main thing is to purposefully enter into your rest as God did when He finished creation, and in that you will be a good example everyone. Thank you for your daily devotion to all of us, and thank you for leaving your Sunday posts with such a lovely picture of God’s handiwork. Enjoy your days of rest, Jeanne, and may your Sundays be holy and happy!

  11. πŸ’’βœπŸ˜ƒ

  12. What a lovely hibiscus photos. I couldn’t agree more. We should take the Sabbath as a day of rest. Life is soooo much more complicated now. Enjoy the day with your family.
    I’ll see you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful photo, Jeanne! Lovely to think of a small rest for you, even from what is so obviously a passion.
    Time for inspiration.

  14. Thank you so much everyone…I love what you all said. In fact I have read all the comments twice and they all made me feel so special.
    Now on Sunday afternoons we can all take a nap together…but we’ll have to start next Sunday because I was visiting with family today!!
    Love you all…
    Blessings, Jeanne

  15. I’m with you, Jeanne.


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