My daughter, Rebecca, likes to bead as much as I like to sew!

There are two people in our house who are passionate about what they do! One is me…and you know what I’m passionate about… sewing! My daughter, Rebecca, loves to bead! She has been beading since she was 11 years old, she’s self taught, and she loves to find time to create pretty necklaces for my doll outfits. (just between you and me, I’m never letting her move out!) I think she does spectacular work and I may be biased, but I love her style.

A while back she received a package from one of my subscribers, Jan, and it was filled with vintage Czech Crystals and several other sparkly glass beads. She was thrilled and I am very late at thanking Jan and getting pictures of these taken. While Rebecca was at work this evening, I went snooping in her bead stash to try and find the ones Jan sent her. I know there were 5 little cameos and more yellow beads, but you can get the idea… Jan said some of them were over 30 years old… some were strung and Rebecca cut them apart.

I do have to tell you a funny part of the story. Jan sent me an email and some pictures about the beads to show me what she had. She said the cameo pins came from a toy store in Tokyo years ago when Takara had the Barbie license and the cameo pins were sold along with Barbie thongs she bought. I read that and then I read that again… Barbie thongs…like you wear on your feet? (I never asked…just assumed!)

I guess I better show you what Rebecca got in her surprise box… Thank you again Jan!

[If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.]







Aren’t they beautiful?

Rebecca found a little time to make up a few necklaces for the American Girl dolls and 2 pair of earrings for ladies. I haven’t had a spare moment to get them listed in our Etsy shop, but I thought I would at least give you a sneak peek. If anyone sees something they’d like “dibs” on, just let me know. The doll necklaces are $8.00 each and the earrings are $10 and $12. You can check out our Etsy shop by clicking the little etsy icon under “Connect with Me” or click HERE.








Everything is much more sparkly in person than my camera shows…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Hi Jeanne
    I had to smile at the Barbie thongs. In England a thong is a type of underwear that is more like elastic and a bit of lace that would do nothing to keep you warm on a winters day!
    I know in Australia thongs are a type of footwear that we call flip flops. I think it could lead to a very confused conversation between someone from England and an Australian friend.

    • HI Lorna,
      I’m glad you got a chuckle out of the “thong” story… I guess it could be confusing for the two different people… I only know of 2 types of thongs… the kind you wear on your feet and the kind you wear… *well you know…*
      Thanks for chiming in Lorna,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I actually own one of the old Takara Barbies. They had a different look than the American ones, but still pretty. I don’t remember any cameo on mine, with or without the thong! LOL

    Just had to say, you are a Bad Influence on me!! I ordered the new Gigi, friend of Ten Ping, from Lone Star Dolls tonight! I saw your Ten Ping when you first got her, and when you sewed for her, and although her face didn’t really do anything for me, I thought her friend Gigi was darling! They are currently in stock, in case you were wanting Ten Ping’s best friend, too!! 😉



    • HI Charlotte,
      I’m going to have to check out the Takara Barbies and see what the difference is. Maybe I’ll find one with a “cameo” with her…however that works…

      I’m so thrilled that you ordered a Gigi from Dale, at Lonestar dolls. I know you’re going to love her. Did you get the latest one with the longer hair style? Let me know when you get her and what you think…
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        Yes, I got the newest one. For quite a while, it said “pre-orders” and then when I checked last night, it was changed to “available”, so I took the plunge! I should have her on Monday!!

        Next time I’m digging in the basement, I’ll try to remember to take a look at my Takara Barbie and see what she looks like again. I know she’s very pretty, and they generally had a sweeter, softer look than the American Barbies.


        • HI Charlotte,
          I mentioned you in today’s post… about getting Gigi…I hope you love her.
          I am over the moon…it’s almost 2 am, but I just finished Ten Ping’s shoes… I finally got it figured out.
          I want to tweak them just a tiny bit in the width, but I think I got it!!!

          I’m going to have to look at those Takara Barbie’s too…
          Thanks Charlotte,
          Blessings, Jeanne

          • Charlotte Trayer says:

            I saw that, Jeanne!! Thanks. I emailed Jevne to let her know, too–she’s been encouraging me to get her! (You are all just a bunch of enablers, you know! LOL)

            Glad you got Ten Ping’s shoes figured out–it’s always exciting when you have finally puzzled out something “impossible!”


  3. Linda Doyle says:

    Such pretty beads, and necklaces, AND earrings! Rebecca is as good at beading as you are in sewing! What a wonderful gift from Jan, and you are so lucky to have such generous subscribers!

    Barbie thongs?? LOL

    • HI Linda,
      Yes, Rebecca is good at beading. She once took a class at Hobby Lobby when she was younger, so I went along too. After the class was over, I realized just how much she had taught herself and how talented she was. She could have taught that 13 years old!

      Yes, I do have generous subscribers. Wait till you see what I got from someone tomorrow!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I have a stash of beads that equals my stash of fabric. I love beads!! They sometimes give me inspiration for outfits that I want to add them too. Those necklaces are gorgeous. Nice and sparkly.

    • Thanks so much Christine…
      Just like fabric, one can never have too many beads!!!
      Thanks for the compliments on Rebecca’s necklaces…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Growing up there were no flip flops only thongs (footwear). Does anyone remember that? Maybe it was just in our family or area of the country? It’s funny how words start to mean something different as the years go by.

    I went through a beading craze in the early 2000s. In fact, that is what I was doing early in the morning on 9/11. I used gold filled for my jewelry and remember the price of gold was about $300 an ounce back then; it’s crazy how that went up.

    So sweet of Jan to send Rebecca beads. Your daughter makes the prettiest jewelry, BTW. I love seeing her bead patterns on the necklaces. Yes, beading is fun.

    • HI Cindy,
      Yes, I grew up calling what we wore on our feet..”thongs” too…

      Did you used to sell your jewelry, Cindy? I know you make little bracelets for the Little Darlings.

      Yes, it was sweet of Jan to send Rebecca her left over beads. She’s in there trying to pack for a weekend trip and I keep reading her the comments, so she keeps showing me things in her stash that she can use for this and that.

      Thanks Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Jeanne,
      I did a few craft fairs, but it wasn’t my thing. My family members got lots of jewelry gifts though that they loved, and I still have lots of beads that I use for my doll outfits. It must be fun having another “maker of creative things” in the house.

      • Hi Cindy,
        I started out doing the craft scene too… only with Cabbage Patch doll clothes.
        Rebecca and I do bounce ideas off of each other a lot. She gives me her opinion and I give her mine… it is nice!
        Thanks Cindy,
        Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Wonderful to see the beads in use. They have travelled across the US in many moves we made and now they have a real home.

    we wore thong sandals and each sprng would need time to get used to wearing them.

    I wished I had kept sone of the Takara collection I had. The manager of a toy store in Tokyo would send me a huge box of items after I sent money. The last things were wonderful pink or white metal doll furniture. A daughter livng in Tokyo, when comng hometo visit, would bring one suitcase packed with dolls. Not a one left. I have never liked too many items of one collectible but the furniture was wonderful.

    • HI Jan,
      Thank you again for all the beads and cameo’s. Rebecca has already gotten a few emails requesting things from them…
      Well, it seems we are all familiar with the “thongs” we wore on our feet…

      I’m really going to have to look up that Takara Barbie and her collection. I’m very intrigued with her and the things you describe.
      Thanks again Jan,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I agree with everyone, Rebecca does a beautiful job with her necklaces and earrings. The necklaces I’ve gotten for my dolls are weighty too…she uses nice beads. Such talent. It would be fun to bead and design.
    I remember thongs as Cindy remembers them. Some were plain, some colorful but so easy to slip on and be off playing.
    Looks like we’re getting some rain today. Oh well…Got doll stuff to do anyway. : )

    • HI Paula,
      Thank you so much for the nice compliments on Rebecca’s jewelry. She only uses glass beads so it does make a difference in the sparkle and the way the necklaces hang on the dolls neck.

      I’ve got on a pair of “thongs” right now…
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Rebecca is a real artist, Jeanne. This jewelry is beautiful, I especially like the earrings in the last photo. Alas, my ears aren’t pierced and I wear very little jewelry, but I still like to look! I have looked at her things on your Etsy site, too. The dangles she puts on the scarves are perfect.

    • HI Jevne,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words about Rebecca’s jewelry. Those anchor earrings are SO beautiful in person but I can’t get them to photograph well at all. I bet I’ve taken 50 pictures of them and still can’t get them to turn out like they look in person. I may need to go outside and do it. That’s why I haven’t gotten them listed in our Etsy shop.

      I’m going to try and get the newest scarves listed in our Etsy shop for tomorrow.
      Thanks, Jevne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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