Much Ado about Molly…

Before we talk about today’s upcoming dress… don’t forget about Nyssa’s red dress.

It ends this evening on Ebay and fits 17″ ball jointed dolls such as Kaye Wiggs’ Nyssa, Layla, Miki, Talyssa, etc. You can see the listing by clicking on the picture at the right side bar or you can click HERE and go directly to the listing.

Okay… now let’s see who guessed correctly… The new dress is going to be for Molly…but of course, ANY doll can wear it! :o) I tried to get more done, but this is all I could manage for today. It’s very sweet and such a delicate pink…not a bubblegum pink, but a soft, barely peachy pink and looks nice next to my Molly’s skin. I have a long way to go, but I finished some of the areas that take the most time… centering the decorative straps, making the collar and getting it stitched on, and then adding the lining to the bodice.

Okay, now this next picture and the one after it, will require you to use your imagination. I’ve laid out the pieces and it will be up to you to see if you can visualize what it will look like in the end. The trim is vintage… but I’m not exactly sure how old it is… it’s very sweet though. I think the buttons will work…I’ll see, but they might be a little bit too pearlized to suit me. The pink ones had too big of a shank on the back and they stood out too much from the straps. I bet I have more buttons than any person who reads my blog, and yet, I can’t find any that match the pink in the trim… SURELY I won’t have to go BUY some!

Kinda hard to imagine…isn’t it? I guess I better keep working…

Well, that’s it for me tonight…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Woo hoo!! I was right!! It was Molly!! (I commented on your last post not long ago.) It just looked like Molly fabric to me, you know? Although MY Molly would much prefer red to pink, and I can’t get her to wear lavender at all! (She told me, “That’s Your favorite color, momma, not mine!”)

    As to the buttons (and I beg to differ, *I* may have more buttons than you do! LOL) I’m wondering if a cream color might work. As I look at that trim, it seems the background looks sort of cream-colored. Just a thought……

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I was just about to go to bed when I saw your comment. You were right about it being Molly fabric!
      Well if you have more buttons than me… you’ve got a lot!
      Actually the buttons ARE cream…but they are pearlized… I’ll have to see what works best in the daylight.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Now why on earth didn’t I think of Molly, Jeanne? After I said I had a dotted Swiss dress and it was from 1947! That is just adorable and I can’t wait to see the finished dress! Are you copying a picture or using a pattern? The buttons look fine to me, but you might want to experiment a bit to see if that is what looks best.
    I can see Molly going to school on Valentines Day wearing this dress to their party, and bringing her Valentines to her classmates. Then too, it can be a Sunday church dress!

    • Linda Doyle says:

      Jeanne, someone else mentioned that this was probably not dotted swiss fabric, so I looked up dotted swiss and find there are many different types. Some are sheer and other not. Some have one neat dot, and others have more of two dots, and others are a bit raggedy. I do remember my Easter dress being somewhat sheer, but having two dots close together. My mother also had organdy collars and sleeves on them. I do remember they were a bear to iron and keep looking crisp!

      • HI Linda,
        I was sure you’d be the first to guess the fabric was a “Molly” dress in the works! Guess I fooled you! I think I’ll call the fabric a “tufted dotted Swiss”… how does that sound? I have some of a few different dotted Swiss fabrics…from the very slick organdy kind to the hard dotted kinds.
        It’s just a matter of what you like I guess. This one is super soft and would be so nice to wear.
        I’m hoping to get some more done on it today… My brother and sisters are coming in this weekend for some “heavy duty” discussions with my mom… driving issues, moving from her house, etc.” I’m not looking forward to it… :o(
        I’m just going to stay as busy as I can sewing to keep from thinking about it all.
        Thanks Linda,
        Blessings, Jeanne

        • Charlotte Trayer says:

          I had a dress or blouse of the dotted Swiss with the double dots, back in the early, navy dots on white. My two “main” childhood dolls each has a blouse of that same fabric. Guess mom had plenty left over after she made whatever it was for me!!

  3. This is going to be a beautiful dress. Molly looks great in red, but I think she’s really going to like this pink dress for spring. It’s so pretty with her hair. I already like what I see. There’s something appealing about this nice, simple collar, and anyone would like that trim. I love the buttons, which must be smaller than I thought. We’ll trust you on the color because you are the only one who can see the real thing. Will the sleeves be puffed or straight?
    Is this another spa day? If so, I hope it goes smoothly and easily.

    • Thank you Marilyn,
      It is going to be a sweet dress for Molly and this fabric is a dream to sew. It’s so soft and feminine…(so unlike Molly, really!)
      The sleeves are puffed with a cuff and the skirt will be full… not necessarily the circumference requirements from the 1940’s, as I like my skirts a little fuller than allowed.

      We went to the cancer place yesterday. George’s platelets were down to 46 last week and they wanted to make sure they were up before we go to St. Louis tomorrow. He would be given some platelets yesterday if needed. But… they were up to 245 so he didn’t have to get any and he’s set for his cystoscopy tomorrow. … well as ready as one can be for that procedure. He hates them…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I don’t *have* any large ball jointed dolls – but, that’s a wonderful dress you made for Nyssa! My AG girls are still in their Christmas dresses. :-/ I guess I really *should* get them changed, huh? I’m still ‘elbow deep’ into making a baby quilt for our expected grandson, next month….hasn’t left much time for other things. :-/ This pink creation is sure shaping up beautifully!

    • Thank you Mary,
      Molly does look pretty in pink…I’ve made her a dress in pink before and she looked wonderful in it. I hope to get some done on it today…I’m a bit like you…preoccupied with other things right now…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Charlotte A. says:

    I can imagine it all finished and it is beautiful — so springy! It is snowing here (Michigan) today so a little spot of springtime is welcome. Hope you have a good day!

    • HI Charlotte,
      Oh good, you can see the dress finished and it looks beautiful? I’m glad!
      Snowing? Oh dear…is it still winter? I’m ready for Spring?
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I’m glad it’s for Molly. Beautiful fabric and trim. I like the white buttons. I finally got approved for AGPT. The first article I read was “Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by your collection?” The experiences of other collectors was instructive, as in “Stop before it’s too late!” Thanks to your followers who steered me to the site before I do become overwhelmed. I did finish a shirt for my four-year-old grandson out of the scraps of one for an adult grandson, so time to sew for the dolls. Thanks for the inspiration to sew for them.

    • HI Susette,
      Thanks for the compliments on Molly’s new dress. I’m just getting it started, but I think it will be a real cutie on her.
      Glad you found your way to AGPT and you’ll enjoy it there. There is every topic imaginable discussed on the site.
      I did see the picture of Krish’s shirt…just haven’t gotten around to emails to people yet. It was beautiful and I bet he loved it! I love repurposing fabrics.
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi Susette,
      Glad you are joining us over at AGPT. You will have fun there.

  7. All lovely, Jeanne…Molly looks so fresh in it…we’ll think of Spring when we see her fully clothed. I just know it’s going to be lovely on her.

    May your day be filled with unexpected blessings.

    Take care.

    • HI Becky,
      Thanks so much… and yes, it will be a breath of Spring when I get Molly’s dress finished. It is totally a Spring time dress!
      Oh, I love unexpected blessings…so I’ll be watching!
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Well the only guess I was correct about was that it was an AG. Actually, love Molly in the fabric. I can just see her with little pink ribbon bows in her hair. Maybe she has a secret Valentine for someone. I know, visiting the mailbox. I don’t have a Molly or a Samantha. No, can’t go there! But, I did buy a couple of dolly chairs. Bad me.
    Hope your day is filled with good news and happy thoughts.

    • HI Joy,
      Well, guessing that it was for an AG doll was a good guess… I like the idea of little bows in her hair… I might do that! Oh, as cute as she looks, I can’t imagine that some boy in her class, isn’t smitten with her… or maybe “she” has a sweetheart!
      What kind of dolly chairs did you buy? What dolls will they work for? Bad you???
      I’ve been looking at Boneka’s Tuesday’s Child dolls! They are 10″ tall and so adorable! Just what I don’t need!!! Bad ME!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Chairs are AG size. All my girls are standing there in rows, so thought someone needed a seat. Ha They are plain wood brownish color. Now we need a table. Always something.
        I too have been looking at Boneka/Effner 10’s. They are the perfect size for a little sis for the LD’s. Only thing holding me back is knowing that I should be receiving another LD (not sure when). Dianna Effner is 3/4 of the way through her orders from July 28th. That would be me. So figure sooner rather than later. I think you definitely need a Tuesdays girl. Would be a buddy for Patsy.

  9. Molly looks adorable in this lovely and sweet pink creation. That beautiful trim is perfect. Like you, I not sure the pearlized buttons. They seem to shiny. Perhaps it’s the lighting.
    Your Molly is a beautiful doll. Is she one of the older versions with the tan body? Her facial paint is beautiful.
    By the way, I can see that finding the first red headed, tan body Felicity is going to be a long search. But that’s okay as I have too many dolls as it is right now.
    I must see what this AGPT site is all about. It sounds interesting for American Girl collectors.

    • HI Paula,
      I’m not sure where my Molly doll fit’s in the timeline of dolls. She does have Pleasant Company stamped on the back of her neck, but it’s not the bigger letters like the very first dolls had. I just thought she had the prettiest coloring and her hair was in wonderful condition.
      Sometimes if you type in “just” Pleasant Company and not add the American Girl in your search line, you’ll find the older dolls. Just a thought… hope you find her someday. I’m sure you will.
      You would love American Girl Play Things! I hope you can find your way there too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi Paula,
      Yes, come join us over at AGPT. It’s a lot of fun and you can see sneak peeks of dolls and items before they come out.
      Don’t be discouraged in your search for first edition Felicity. I looked for mine for about six months and then one day, there she was. I really hit the jackpot with mine. I got mine NIB with three unused PC outfits ( birthday , Christmas, and her cardinal cloak) for less than those items would have cost back then new. The gentleman was listing his wife’s collection and didn’t know anything about them. He even said that he was surprised by the West German tags on her dress and box.
      On eBay I always typed in Pleasant Company German Felicity doll and it sorted them. You need to find one in the burgundy box with the cream and burgundy band to get the older ones.

  10. I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!! I received the beautiful Valentines dress for Kit last year, I think Molly needs to join her friend in this dress.. I love reading these posts, since I am not a seamstress I can only admire all the beautiful work!!


    • Thank you Robin,
      I’m glad you have enjoyed Kit’s dress from last year… it was fun making all those Valentine cards…
      I’m glad you enjoy yourself here…It’s nice to have you! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Marti Garner says:

    I am so happy, I won Nyssa’s red dress. I don’t have Nyssa, but I do have Annabella Elf, Lilac Layla Elf, Miki Elf, and Koneko. I hope Annabella’s ears won’t get in the way of her new hat. If it does than, I think Miki will get the outfit. I will be trying the outfit on my Dollmore Illua. She can wear some of my KW girls clothes.

    • Hi Marti,
      I’m happy that you won Nyssa’s dress set too. Maybe if your dolls elf ears are too big, you could mark where the ears hit the hat, and make little slits for them to go through…just a thought…
      Thanks again,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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