Molly’s new Valentine dress is HALF done…

The top half of Molly’s dress is finished…and it’s cute as a button on her…at least I think so! I decided to use the buttons I had but tried to soften them up just a bit by using the darker thread when I sewed them on. I’m not 100% sure seamstresses would have done that back in the 1940’s but “I” would have, so “I” did! But…this isn’t a dress for ME…so give me your opinions on it.. does it make it too “splotchy” looking…I mean too many splashes of color with those little “slits” of dark pink thread? I’m not sure of it when I see it in my pictures. It’s an easy fix if you think matching thread would be better.

I took the braids out of Molly’s hair and was fooling around with it a little while ago. I liked Joy’s suggestions of bows in her hair.

If you were wondering, I got the idea for this dress from some small 1940’s catalogs (really just pamphlets) from the Best and Company years ago. This particular one is from 1944-45. I paid a fortune for 3 of them but have used them over and over again. Here’s the picture I copied. I was going to make the pointed front on her dress, but cut my fabric straight across before I remembered… oops!

Look at those 1944 prices! $3.95!

Here are a few other dresses I made using this same idea…as you can see, I’m a big black and white checked fabric fan!

This is Katie Effanbee and Molly sharing a dress…

…and here is Isabelle, showing you her version of the dress in a smaller size. I loved this dress…

That’s it for today… My hubby has a very important doctor visit and procedure being done in St. Louis today and I would be very grateful if you felt so inclined to whisper a prayer for us today.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Wonderfull Merveilleux

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, very sweet, Jeanne! I love the pink thread in the white buttons! It echoes perfectly the pink and white trim. Love those little puffed sleeves too, and the way they fit. I always has a “thing” with puffed sleeves, because they were always too big for me. I had teensy little thin arms, and wanted mine to fit!! Does anyone remember getting new school clothes in the fall several sizes too big so we could “grow” into them through the year? I like seeing 1940’s dresses because there were so many variations of them. That’s basically what we wore and we wore them EVERYWHERE!

    Those black and white checked dresses with the Scotty dogs are just adorable! What is it about black and white and Scotty dogs?

    You can certainly be assured of my prayers and thoughts today while you are here in St. Louis. May George’s doctors be guided to do the best for him and my prayer for you both is peace in knowing you are in good hands. Keep the faith!

    • Hi Linda,
      I do remember getting school clothes that were a bit too big so I could grow into them. Well it looks like the pink thread in the buttons might be staying. I glanced over the comments and it seems everyone thinks it’s okay.
      I like the 40’s dresses too. You can take a basic pattern and make it hundreds of different ways.
      Thank you for your kind words and prayers today, Linda.
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      I grew so slowly (I had growth problems–a form of dwarfism that hit when I was 2 years old) that getting things too big would not have worked for me. That first year I didn’t grow at all, and subsequent years sometimes only one inch per year (although that did speed up as I got older and they were able to figure out what was going on and try some different meds on me), but I never got any taller than 4’6″.

      My great-aunt used to make pajamas for us kids for Christmas. Since my cousin Carol and I were the same age, she made pjs for both of us from the same pattern–in Carol’s size. It usually took me 2-3 years to grow into them. I Hated that!!

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    I vote for the pink thread too. I think it makes the buttons pop and can’t imagine it with anything else. I noticed you did the same with the Isabelle’s black and white check dress. Her buttons are red and you used black thread.
    I love old catalogs. I have a couple of them and enjoy looking through them. They are a great source of inspiration and reference.
    You and your husband are definitely in my thoughts today.
    Take care.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks for your opinion on the buttons….guess I just like contrasting thread when sewing them on.
      I have quite a few vintage catalogs and love looking at them too. You can get first hand looks at what was in style back then.
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. My memory was jogged yesterday so I looked up “Pussywillow Dotted Swiss.” Sure enough, there is such a thing. It is listed more often now as Clipdot Dotted Swiss on the websites. Glad I wasn’t hallucinating again. The memories your Blog bring to mind!

    The dress is adorable. Yes, the pink for sewing on the buttons. The next pattern I’ll be using will be the one with the Basque waist. It’s a bit tricky to attach the skirt. Your choice of fabric is just great and reminiscent of the 40s fabrics for little girls’ dresses.

    My thoughts are with you today too. Hope all goes very well and recovery is quick.

    • I forgot to mention how wonderful the dresses all are. It’s amazing how the same pattern and fabrics look on the different dolls. Beautifully sewn.

    • Hi Susette,
      Pussywillow dotted Swiss…who would have thunk it? I guess there’s something for everyone! :o)
      That’s what I’m here for…to stir up memories of your past…it’s fun to remember and think of things you had long forgotten about…isn’t it?
      I hope your next paytern, with the Basque waist goes together smoothly.
      Thank you for your sweet compliments on all the dresses shown today.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. What a refreshing photo for this morning. Just takes your mind to a happy place. Love the darker pink thread in the buttons, because it picks up the pink from the trim.
    Those vintage 40’s dresses are so perfect for many dolls. All that work and such bargain prices. I think I have one of my 50’s dresses buried away some place. Have to take a look.
    Thoughts with you and George today. And of course, the weekend. Very happy you have siblings to help with decisions. Not easy times.

    • Thank you Joy,
      I appreciate your thoughts today. Thank you so much for you vote for the pink thread in the buttons and I hope you find your childhood 50’s dress.
      Thank you Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. These are all beautiful dresses, Jeanne. Bless you for taking time to find dresses of that era to show us.

    I think the pink thread for Molly’s buttons is just fine. She looks charming in your lovely creation. You’re a wonder with fabric and trims. Thanks for letting us join in on your fun.


    • Hi Becky,
      I’m so glad the Lord blessed me with the talent to sew. I truly do love creating little girls dresses (for dolls that is…) and sharing them.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I agree with everyone that the pink thread pops! Her dress is going to be adorable when finished. And the black and white checks…love them and it’s fun to see how well the different styles look on the different girls. The black and white checks always look so fresh and smart. Then with the touches of red, perfect.

    My mother loved black and white outfits as well as black and white spectators. Spectators were her ultimate favorite shoes. And she always looked so classy in them.

    Thinking of you and George today with blessings and prayers.
    I also feel for you and your siblings this weekend. My siblings and I went through that with our mother. It was very hard.

    • Thank you Paula,
      Well I guess I’ve gotten enough feedback to leave the pink thread in the buttons the way it is now.
      I’ve always loved black and white and most of my dresses are black and white…just can’t go wrong with it.
      I was trying to think if I ever had any black and white shoes and don’t think I ever did…
      Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts, Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Hoping for a good day for you and your husband!!!

    I love this dress, my grandmother made me a pink swiss dot dress for my 7th grade dance. It was wondering and I still remember it fondly. It seems that it was a little different, but I loved it. It had a drop waist and long sleeves. I cant tell you how long ago that was!!! LOL

    You do bring back wonderful memories, both of my grandmothers sewed for me, but one in particular made me my most precious dresses.


    • Hi Robin,
      Well it seems that Molly’s dress, made from this dotted Swiss fabric, is bringing back lots of memories for everyone. I’ll have to think about what I remember that I wore that was dotted Swiss. Mine would be from long ago too!
      Thanks Robin,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    My prayers are with George and you today.
    Love Mollys dress it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see it completed. It just amazes me how talented you are.

    • Hi Ingrid,
      Thank you so much for your prayers.
      I wish I could have brought Molly dress with me today, but there wasn’t any handwork that I could do on it…it will wait. I can’t wait to get it finished either.
      Thanks Ingrid,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. I will certainly be praying for George. May everything go smoothly and George recover quickly.
    Molly’s dress is adorable and I echo that the pink thread is a great choice for the buttons.
    Love the black and white checked dresses. With the little scottie dog Kit could have worn them as well.

  11. Hi Laura,
    Thank you Laura…we appreciate your prayets.
    Well it’s official…the buttons will stay on with the pink thread…
    Thank you for the compliments on my dtesses…yes, Kit would have been cute in the black and white dress.
    Thank you Laura,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  12. I think the pink thread is fine as it echoes the trim. I have probably said before that black and white fabrics trimmed in red are one of my favorites, so I enjoyed seeing the other dresses. I don’t remember seeing them before, and they’re all pretty.
    I read through yesterday’s comments and saw that you are going to have “the talk” with your mom. I’m so glad you will have the support of your siblings, and I hope she is receptive. I think it is easier with moms than it is with dads.
    I also saw that you are looking for a 10″ Boneka. I have one; she is the Thursday child sculpt which is not my fave, but the others are a little hard to find and price dictated my choice. I do love her size and her chubby little cheeks! Some people send theirs to one of the doll artists for a repaint, but I won’t be doing that.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the black and white dresses “for the first time!” So glad you enjoyed them…
      My mom is so independent. .this is going to be a bear of a discussion…unless we have a miracle happen.
      I have looked at all the Boneka dolls and I’m pretty sure I want to wait for a Tuesday’s Child…you are right…they don’t come up very often…so it might be a long wait…
      Thank you Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Hi Jeanne, Hope things went well for you and George today.

    Another vote for pink thread on the buttons! Also, I do see that, on the garment, they do look more cream-colored, and pick up the background of the trim.

    Now, some information for you: Best & Co. was headquartered (I think ) in Seattle, at least I remember a Best store there in the 1960s. When I was taking a Fashion Merchandising course at business school in about 1972-73, one of our projects was to choose a couple of windows in one of the local department stores (the business school was in downtown Seattle), and follow them for a certain number of weeks. We were to sketch out and write down which items were displayed, what changes were made from week to week, etc. I chose Best & Co., as I figured they were too high-priced for me to ever afford, I might as well enjoy them in another way!! (I did go in and look once or twice, too!)

    Later in the 1970s, Nordstrom Shoes bought out Best & Co., and for a few years, they were called Nordstrom-Best. Now, of course, they are just called Nordstrom’s.

    And a bit of trivia–my husband went to h.s. with one of the Nordstrom brothers (Bruce, I think), although in a different class!

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