Molly said, “How about our top 10 favorites for Me?”

First of all, thank you very much for all the sweet comments you shared about my “new” Dolly Award. I know it was just a silly thing to share, but it was a “first” for me, so it was kind of special…(if you missed yesterday’s post, you can see it by clicking Molly’s Rick Rack Redo & a Surprise Award!) If you want to see yesterday’s comments too, you can click on the link.

I don’t know if it was the part about the “Award” or just the mention of Molly’s name in my title, but I almost broke my record of number of hits on my blog yesterday. I missed it by 4 hits… phooey! I wanted a new number to beat!

My sister and mom and I are having lots of fun… today was “shopping” day… We went to Kohl’s, then to lunch at Panera’s. It poured while we were eating, which forced us to visit with each other a little longer! It was a good thing! Then we went to TJMaxx and shopped some more… we went to the Thrift Shop and then to our Goodwill… and then we decided maybe we should go home… We ate some dinner and Deb said, “Hey, does anyone want to go to Penny’s and Macy’s?” “Sure,” momma and I said…so off we went again… Deb was the only one who found any treasures, but it was fun helping her find things for when she goes back to work at the Library in the Fall. (I’m saving my $$’s for a new phone… mine is practically dead and I seriously need a new one.)

I didn’t answer your comments on the page as my phone was dead when I was over at my moms, so I’ll just do a little summarizing here.

Charlotte – I literally will only have a handful of scraps left when I get that sash made.

Marilyn – The tulle does have a lot of sparkle and I hope it’s not too much under the dress… I mean, I hope it doesn’t sparkle too much through the fabric. Yes, the sash will be a detachable one… and a ribbon could be tied if the winner wants to change it up a little bit.

Paula – We only did clothes shopping and no COOL SPOONS today… we called it Boot Camp… got to get back to basics with healthy eating… :o)

Susette – It’s funny that your granddaughter like’s Molly’s “personality!” How sweet is that! It sounds like you two are having lots of fun!

Linda – I like the rick rack closer together better too… I think it really changed the looks of the dress… The sash will be detachable and I will probably pre-tie the bow… it will take less fabric that way… We got poured on today but fortunately we were sitting in Panera’s when it rained so hard…

Joy – So you think Molly needs a lightweight denim jacket, huh? Yes, I am still looking for a “many drawered” dresser or some kind of a unit that has lots of drawers! I stalk Craiglist on a daily basis!

Laura – It’s not much cooler here… although the rain did cool things off this afternoon… but after the rain was done, it was all steamy and super humid and muggy. This morning when I left to go over to my mom’s, the temperature was 87 degrees, but the heat index was 96 degees… that was at 11:00 this morning…

Anne – Thanks for all the dress “hems” information. I had looked all that up one time and knew some of it, but it was a nice reminder and a good read! I appreciate that!

Becky – Thank you so much for your sweet words to me!

Ingrid – I’m so glad you found my blog too… I enjoy your input very much!

Okay, Molly has been helping me pick out “OUR” top 10 favorite dresses and she’s anxiously waiting for me to post them, so I better get busy and show then to you. They came from my archived pictures, some as far back as 2007, and you’ll recognize many of them, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy seeing her in them. Soon, and very soon, she’ll have a new dress to add to her favorites…

We disagreed on a few of them, but I was a good mom…and let her have the final pick!










green birdnest full 2

I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Charlotte Trayer says:

    My Molly’s favorite color is red, and I see here that over half your favorite Molly dress are red, or at least have red in the trim!

    Molly was my first AG doll, and when I first got her, I made her a lavender dress with a detachable collar; I put it on her once, when I first finished it. After that, she refused to wear it!! She reminded me that “lavender is Your favorite color, Mom, not mine!” LOL

    My fifth AG doll, April Eleanor, has it now, and she loves it. She’as a lavender girl, like me!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Yes…I guess you could say red is a color Molly and I both like.
      I’m glad you found the perfect doll for your lavender dress. It sounds perfect for April Eleanor!
      Thank you Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Susette says:

    I don’t rarely comment on the weather as it is 95% wonderful here when the rest of the country is suffering, but we went to LEGOLAND on Monday and it was a lovely 75 degrees max. All of the AG dolls would have fit in with the beautifully landscaped grounds, landmarks and little houses. Universal Studios for Harry Potter is on the menu today. Hope the cool weather holds.

    I’ll see which Molly dress my granddaughter likes the best and try to make one. Wish me luck. Love your posts.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Susette,
      I’m glad you had a fun time at Legoland…and don’t feel bad about your nice weather…we might be a little bit jealous but it won’t last long.
      It will be interesting to see which doll dress Riya picks out!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Marilyn says:

    There is a lot of red in this group, isn’t there? Charlotte is right. Maybe it’s your Molly’s favorite too. Most of the dresses aren’t for winter either, though my favorite is. The last dress, the green one, reminds me most of the dresses we wore to grade school in the 50s. My sister and I had matching polka dot on navy dresses with white collars, like the third from the end — no red trim though, that would have been nice, but even without, I think those were some of our prettiest dresses. My current favorite here is probably the red with white trim. The rick rack on the sleeves is as pretty on red as it is on Molly’s new blue, and I don’t usually like rick rack.

    I’m trying to find out why it’s called rick rack (also spelled ricrac, rickrack, rick-rack, and ric rac, and possibly other variations). It seems to have appeared in the 1860 as “waved crochet braid.” I will continue my search this afternoon. In the meantime, Jeanne, where will you go today, you exhausted so many possibilities yesterday. And Susette, I hope you love Harry Potter at Universal and that the weather stays magically perfect.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      I think Molly really does like her red dresses.
      That tiny green print was one of my favorites and always has been. I even made (my) Rebecca a dress from the fabric. She loved the green as much as Molly did!

      I hope you’ll enjoy the rick rack on Molly’s new dress when I get it finished.
      We went back to Kohl’s again…and then had lunch again at Panera’s. Guess we really liked our salads yesterday!!! Yum!
      We took my mom to the eye glasses place and helped her look for new glasses. We delivered some snacks to my hubby for a meeting he has tonight and stopped by and got a watermelon and some things for dinner…if you can’t tell…yes, we are having fun.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Molly has modeled your choices of fabrics so very nicely. Thanks for taking time and being so generous to us, your readers in sharing the lovely work that you’ve created.

    So glad you’re having a nice time with family.

    Take cae.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Becky and thanks for enjoying the dresses I showed on Molly. It was pretty hard to pick out just 10.
      My sister is leaving in the morning and I’m already missing her!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Dots Rule! Love the navy/white/red. Molly would be voted “best dressed” in her class for any of the outfits. Sew cute.
    Sounds like you may be out of shopping for today. Perhaps the next town? Ha Ha

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Joy,
      We just stayed here in town…but yes. We did do a little more shopping…it was fun!
      Thanks do much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Sounds like you girls had fun yesterday. I was waiting to see what neat treasure you might have found since you find the coolest things. But you behaved yourself! LOL. Perhaps today?
    It was so nice of you to “talk” to us girls in your blog. You are always so thoughtful.
    I loved seeing Molly’s dresses from over time. I think she looks so pretty in red too. My mother loved the red plaids and made me a few plaid dresses for school throughout my elementary years. She liked the collars and the sleeves to be white. I have a special likeness to the plaids as well. That’s why I had to have the Christmas plaid Molly is wearing.
    I like that Charlotte shared one of her doll’s name, April Eleanor, with us. Laura has too in the past. I’m very curious about any collector’s doll’s name and why that particular name.
    My niece and I have had fun naming all our dolls as did the “doll girls” from the 80’s. ( it was a group of us girls who heavily collected dolls, mainly because we loved dolls.)

    Enjoy your day Jeanne with the girls.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Paula,
      I did behave myself yesterday and today too!
      Maybe sometime I’ll do a post on doll names…that might be fun!
      We have had lots of fun and I’m sad she has to go home tomorrow…
      Thank you Paula!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Anne Johnson says:

    Loved Molly’s “Top Ten” favorites, Jeanne! The green floral is so Springy; the pink ruffle, so pretty; the red plaid, so classic; and the navy and white, oh my goodness! I think Molly was made to wear polka dots! She was a very good model for you, Jeanne. Thank you for the fashion show!

    Sounds like your “Girls” Day Out” yesterday with your sister and momma was a lot of fun! You did exhaust quite a few shopping venues, but I’m sure you have found something interesting for today. There is always Walmart, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s, and these hot days just “scream” for ice cream at Cool Spoons! It is 90 degrees currently in Columbus, Ohio, and quite humid to boot! We took our little dog, Coco, for a bath this morning, but I am happy to stay indoors with the AC this afternoon. Dinner will be a Cobb Salad and strawberry shortcake kebobs for minimal cooking and fuss.

    Can’t wait to hear about your latest adventures. Wishing you good times, lots of laughter, fabulous finds, and COOL breezes for the remainder of your visit!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Anne,
      I think Molly likes polka dots because “I” love polka dots…and especially navy and white and black and white polka dots…

      We skipped Cool Spoons this visit and had watermelon instead of ice cream..

      We really didn’t do anything extraordinary today but sitting and visiting is my favorite thing to do anyway!
      Thank you for your sweet thoughts Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Linda Doyle says:

    Trying again, Jeanne, since what I wrote earlier never quite made it! I love red on Molly too, like some of the others said. Actually, navy too with red and white accents, like several of your Molly pictures show. I did go to school in the 40’s, but I am actually younger than Molly, since she was 10 in 1944, and I was only two at the time. I do remember a lot though, from the late 40’s, and what we wore to school. I did have a cute red and white print outfit, but never remember any other red outfits, including for Christmas. Your Molly has or should I say had, the older style glasses, but have you ever gotten her newer ones? I really like those a lot better than the big, round rimmed ones.

    Marilyn mentioned that most of those dresses were for warm weather, but I ermemeber wearing little cotton dresses all year round. Never could wear slacks, and we about froze to death out on the playground in winter! Of course, playing jump rope and hopscotch helped! Just seeing Molly reminds me of when I was that age, and how fun it was then! We had NO electronic gadgets, but we did have TV’s, but children programming wasn’t an all day affair like now. I’m so glad I had the kind of childhood I had—wouldn’t give it up for the world!

    I hope you and your sister are having a good time together, and oh no, we are having another storm soon! This is getting ridiculous!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Linda…glad you made it to the log post today…sorry about your troubles…

      When I got my new Molly she didn’t come with any glasses. I didn’t mind because I always had trouble taking pictures of her without getting her glasses rims looking cockeyed.

      We seemed to always rear dresses too and see always played outside…till it was dstk and time for dinner of bed.
      We got a storm that went through this afternoon and it got so stormy and windy we went to the basement…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Well, I too remember the cotton dresses. All year long. So cold. But, we had to put on a coat over them to go to the playground. Surprised many of us didn’t perish from pneumonia. No pants allowed. I can still remember one girl who came to school in pants. Her mother sent her that way. We were all eyes. Teacher said that she was allowed as she had been so sick. A little skinny girl. So glad that students can wear appropriate warm clothing now.

      • Jeanne W says:

        HI Joy,
        It was the same with us.. mostly dresses, but at home sometimes we wore pants under our dresses to stay warm.
        It’s funny that that story about the girl wearing pants stuck in your memory… :o)
        We don’t have to worry about staying warm now… it’s been brutal here…
        Thanks Joy,
        Blessings, Jeanne

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