There are leaves on my dresses…

The leaves are really starting to fall around here. I did a post similar to this last year, only picking dresses that had prominent leaves in the fabric. This time I looked a little closer at my fabrics as I was going through my archived photos, and found a few that definitely qualify as dresses with leaves! Some might not be your typical color of leaves, but they all have leaves in the print… you might have to look close to see some of them.

[If you click on any picture it will enlarge.]

I’m just about out of this pretty fabric. It was one I used for several dolls.




Here are two Leaf dresses on my Katie Effanbee dolls.



Bitty Bethany gets to show you one I did with some cut out felt leaves and flowers…


Here are two for Nyssa…



How about three for Elizabeth…




…three for Addy…




…one pretty leaf dress for Felicity…


Kirsten’s cherry red apron is certainly sporting some leaves…of the reddish kind…


Now, here are some singles with their leaf dresses… those are leaves on Josefina’s dress, aren’t they?


Cecile is showing off her dress that several of you commented on a few days ago…


Here’s Nellie in her blue “leaf” turn of the century bathing suit…


Janie is in the same fun leaf print as Nyssa was earlier.


As I was looking through my archived photos, I ran across this one… It definitely qualifies as being in this group of leaf dresses. I used to make little girls dresses and sell them at a store a few towns from here. It didn’t matter the size, (my) Rebecca always wanted to try them on. This was probably a size 6 and she was probably a size 3 at the time… kinda big on her, but oh look at that smile! I couldn’t resist putting it in…


Well, I hope you enjoyed this Fall Presentation, brought to you by my many girls!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. There are lots of beauties here, but that last little doll was the prettiest, and still is.

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    Me too! Your little Rebecca is just adorable with that little turned up nose and curly red hair! Don’t you wish they could just stay that way for a bit longer? Me too!

    My gosh, all of those dresses are just beautiful! Loved Felicity’s beautiful gown with the lace ruffles, Kirsten in the beautiful red and white hanky dirndl, and wish I could have bought that green and black Josefina outfit! AG doesn’t do dresses like that—-all three! All those outfits are just gorgeous, and you should publish a book with your outfits in them. They would be such a lovely coffee table book!

    Have fun with your sister this weekend, Jeanne!

  3. Yes, I suggested a book when I first started seeing all of the lovely dresses. Now after seeing so many more and so much variety and creativity, the comment is even more relevant. With all of the books out there, some silly and even ridiculous, just think how well it would sell on eBay, Amazon and in antique shops. They are all simply lovely. And Rebecca is still the cutest “doll.” How about contacting a publishing company?

  4. I’m totally in agreement with the ladies who suggested a book….I thought of it too before seeing their comments. It would be such a pretty, pretty book. Your dresses/outfits are just so lovely for the dolls, Rebecca included.

    Have a lovely weekend in the leaves. Blessings.

  5. They all look wonderful, especially the one with the living doll!! She is absolutely adorable. 🙂

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    You’ve given us a pretty presentation today, Jeanne, but there is a clear winner this time. I think we all agree that as remarkable as your lovely “leafy” outfits are, little Rebecca completely outshines them all. What a little doll baby! That is a photo to treasure, for sure. The best part is that we know she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady also.

    Thank you for the fabulous fall fashion show, Jeanne. Blessings to George, best to you and your sister for your sibling weekend, and a beautiful fall weekend to all. See you Monday!

  7. The dresses are lovely. Only it reminds me of the three sycamore trees we have which will be dropping leaves from now until December 🙁
    Very cute Rebecca.

  8. Thank you everyone!
    I’m glad you liked my living doll in her leaf dress! I kinda like that one best too!!
    I am busy with my sister and mom, but I enjoyed all your sweet comments!
    Blessings, Jeanne

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