Just the way things are…

Tuesday I had the “Crud.”

Wednesday I was “Crudier!”

Today, there will be no post….Sorry!

Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow!
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, so sorry Jeanne! I was worried about what could have happened. So glad you wrote to let us know, but I feel your pain! I had that too, and still have it a bit. Maybe it’s the pollen, but the rain should have washed it away. Oh well, eat some chicken soup, drink tea and take a nap—–and don’t worry about tomorrow. We want you well! Love and hugs!

  2. Wow, for Jeanne to be this sick, it must be a doozy! Might check on pneumonia symptoms. Hope it isn’t and that you recover quickly.
    I’ll continue with telling where we’re from started on the bottom of yesterday’s page.
    I’m in northern California, an hour north of San Francisco and twenty minutes inland from the coast. We have marine environment, so if we have hot weather, after a couple of days, the fog rolls in and cools everything off. It was over 90 yesterday and today maybe 75. Currently, the fog is lifting and looks like a beautiful day ahead.
    So much for the western weather report.

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    I hope you feel better soon!
    Take care.

    • Anne Johnson says:

      Left a message for you on yesterday’s blog, Charlotte! Sending a warm hello to Saginaw from Powell!

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Saw your comment from yesterday. Michigan is lovely, we have vacationed there many years since I was a child. We go and stay in St. Ignace and then take the ferry across to Mackinaw Island. We have stayed. on the island before. Hearing Michigan immediately makes me think of fudge . We always get fudge at Murdock’s and sometimes May’s. Yum.
      Yes, since Jeanne is unfortunately sick, let’s all chat.
      I have five PC/AG girls. My first is my PC German Samantha that was actually gifted to me when my daughter downsized her collection before college. I also have a PC 1991 West German Felicity ( my favorite and the one I always wanted, but though adults didn’t have dolls), Caroline and Marie-Grace who are renamed and assigned to Civil War and a custom, Nellie with #33’s wig also renamed and my time traveler . She covers Pioneer, Civil War, Victorian/Edwardian and 1930’s. As you can see, everyone is historical.
      The A Girl for All Time dolls are lovely. I just can’t invest in another line where the clothes can’t be shared.
      What specific AG’s do you have? I am always interested in which ones people choose.

      • Charlotte A. says:

        Oh the Island is beautiful. We lived for a while in the Upper Peninsula (Sault Sainte Marie). It is a very special area.
        AG dolls — I have Felicity, Kit, Julie, and two JLY dolls (#41 and #26). The historical ones are are older but not PC. I enjoy making their clothes and AG patterns can be shrunk to fit AGFATs.
        Thanks for saying hi!

  4. Hope you get better soon….ditto on the chicken soup and lots of water!

  5. Dear Jeanne, I wish you blessings, God’s help and joy! The love of God is with you.

  6. Marilyn says:

    All the advice here is good. Take all of it and get lots of sleep.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Get well soon! It’s no fun being sick.

  8. Linda Marie says:

    Feel better, soon! I drank gallons of ginger and lemon tea with raw honey!

  9. Suzanne Sharp says:

    Feel better soon🤞🌹

  10. Anne Johnson says:

    As you can see, Jeanne, you are “surrounded” by caring thoughts and warmest wishes for a quick and easy recovery, and I add my name to the growing list. Sending hugs and prayers for you!

  11. Susette says:

    Me, too, wishing you well very soon. Great to hear from you. Take good care of yourselves. Love, hugs and a get well soon.

  12. Hope you are felling better very soon. It’s no fun being sick and especially when the weather getting nice. I second the chicken soup and add garlic and onions to it. Also tea with ginger and honey. ((Hugs))

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