Just Jumpers….Part 2

Yesterday I started showing you some of the pictures of past jumpers I’ve made for my dolls. (HERE) I had too many to show in one post, so I am continuing them today. I hope you’ll be inspired by looking at the ones I’ve made.

Molly is starting us off with her patriotic jumper in red, white and blue.


Isabelle is looking nice and bright in her little pleated pink and brown jumper. I always thought she looked like a “real” little girl in these shots.



Elizabeth is standing in again for Julie in the red and white hounds tooth checked jumper. Perfect for the 1970’s!



I know, I know, I have TOO many favorites, but how can this green “decorated” jumper NOT be one of them? Bitty Bethany looked pretty sweet in this and didn’t want to give it up! (me either…)



Janie was wearing her new platinum wig (that I almost cut TOO short) in this photo shoot showcasing her lavender linen jumper.



My hubby thought Janie looked like Doris Day in this next jumper. Doesn’t she look all grown up in this one?



I made a mix and match set for Nyssa and wanted to show you a few of the different elements of her jumper.





Patsy and Elin both got a full shot of them in this jumper. I couldn’t decide who wore it best…



…and last up is Isabelle in the same plaid only showing her jumper made a different way…



Well, I hope you enjoyed all the dolls in their jumpers. Did you have a favorite?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Try to pick one…..They all are beautiful. I tried but couldn’t pick just five…… couldn’t.

  2. All the clothes you’ve shown us in the last couple of days are so wonderful. Starting with the leaf prints to the jumper. I really love the plaid jumpers and your flowers on some of them are so beautiful. I also love the clothes you modeled on Addy. Jeanne, your designs and creations are the best!
    Are you girls kicking up a storm yet?

    • Hi Paula,
      Yes we are having way too much fun so not much time for commenting on all your thoughts!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    It is REALLY hard to pick a favorite, but I love Isabelle in the bright blue corduroy (from yesterday) the best. I’ve never seen that one, it’s so feminine and I love the blue. Many, many others are close seconds. In fact, there’s not a one that I don’t like! Like your dolls, I remember loving jumpers as a young girl too.

  4. Jeannie Brandon says:

    Loving that you can use the same fabric and change the style so it looks completely different.
    Isabelle is “just darling” !!

  5. Oh gosh all of the jumpers are just so pretty. I think my favorite is Isabelle’s pink and brown floral jumper, but Patsy is also really sweet in her plaid jumper with the ladybug.

    • Thank you Regina,
      I am so glad you liked the jumper pictures. I was hoping everyone could see them differently since almost every single one of them has been shown before.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Kathie Welsh says:

    I guess jumpers really have personality…they look cute on every model you have! I think the plaid one is my fav….. Is it the same one on all the different dolls? If so that’s great it fits so many dollies!

    • Hi Kathie,
      The one plaid dress fits Patsy Tonner as well as Elin Iplehouse….
      Thanks so much for your kind words.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. My favorite is on Nyssa. i have only seen this doll in photos but I do like her in your photos. At first I did not understand the appeal of the face but now I find the exression very appealing over the usual pretty faced dolls.

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks so much for the compliments on Nyssa. The tan Nyssa belonged to a friend who loaned me her doll while I was trying to find one… I just love them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    Just wanted to send this for fun. Wanted to let you know that I love all of your jumpers, but especially the red plaid for Patsy…….because I bought it! 🙂 The ladybug was the perfect adornment. My Patsy likes it for the first day of school, and right on into fall! One day, I shall have another of your charming outfits.
    You do an amazing job with your blog, and your posts are always very interesting and informative. And it goes without saying that your dolly outfits are adorable! You make a lot of people like me happy with both!
    Hope you are having fun on your “Girl’s Trip.”
    Blessings to you,
    Anne Johnson

    • Hi Anne and thanks so much for chiming in on how much you like and enjoy Patsy’s jumper. I am thrilled that you like seeing her wear it.
      Thank you for all your very kind words about my blog and my doll clothes. I truly appreciate the,
      Yes…. We are having a great time at my sisters house!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Linda Doyle says:

    Hi Jeanne! I have been really late in writing, but I guess there is no real deadline anyway. I’m loving all the jumpers, they are all so cute, no way to have one favorite! But I do love the last one with Isabelle. She is just so cute and the jumper looks like something a real little girl would wear to school!

    • Thank you Linda,
      When I put Isabelle’s hair in those pig tails, it seemed to bring her to life a little bit. Tomorrow we are going to Ozark to the Tea room again…our favorite spot!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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