Just a “little bit” of Valentine sweetness…

Don’t get too excited over my title…! I wanted so badly to get Molly’s slip finished but that didn’t happen as I was working in “both” kitchens! I worked with my hubby in the church’s kitchen this morning and this afternoon and evening I was working in my kitchen putting together some treat bags for my mom to give out to the residents where she now lives…

Here’s a look at momma’s treat bags…we’ll pass them out tomorrow. I put together 65 of them, with candy, chocolate chip cookies and my mint cookie bark…

If you click on any picture, it will enlarge…

Here’s what it looked like at the church kitchen…It doesn’t look like anything has changed, but it has… my hubby only has one more outlet to put in and 2 to double check and “see where they go…” it’s a mystery he says!

This is the opposite wall… the cabinets were removed today…tomorrow I’ll start sanding the underside of the soffits… and then it will be almost time to put up the brick wall…

In other “news…” the “Ice Ghost” returned as we had melting of the ice, but it refroze… and Reuben wasn’t the least bit interested in it this time around the house.

In the middle of all this “icky-ness” I’ve been showing you… how about something pretty? A few years back I participated in one of the Valentine Swaps on the Little Darlings doll forum… My gift was Over the Top from Susan Scribner… and I thought I’d share it with you… My pictures aren’t the greatest, but you’ll still love it! I received everything you see in that sweet pink case… Isabelle was my only Little Darling at the time, so she graciously modeled it for me…

(sorry, my pictures below won’t enlarge… you’ll just have to look closely…)

It was all for my doll, except I received some chocolate too! :o)

I hope you enjoyed seeing those pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever shared them except when I posted what I had received on the forum years ago.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. That is beautiful, Jeanne! No, not the kitchen, but the dress from your Valentine Swap! I love to see things like that, even better, to get them! That dress is just gorgeous, and I can’t get over the glittery nylons either! Umm, did you keep it? Did the little suitcase come with everything too? Good heavens, what a swap! Who wouldn’t want to get something like that!
    The church kitchen is coming along, I guess, if you say so! I know, it’s hard to show any improvements, when things keep being added, or changed around, but we are on pins and needles here, waiting to see how it comes out at the end. I’m sure we will find out soon.
    So sweet of your momma to give out gift bags for Valentine’s Day! What a fun thing to do! Do you wrap the cookie bark separately before putting it in the bag?
    So the ice ghost came back! We are finally getting the ice off our deck, due to the sunshine we had yesterday, but it has been a slippery, ice covered deck all weekend long.
    Maybe today is the day to finish the slip? Whatever you do today, have fun doing it!

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, I still have that Valentine dress set…all of it, except the chocolates were eaten! Isn’t it just the sweetest thing? It came with everything packed inside that little pink case!
      We just got home a little bit ago and all the electric “upstairs” is finished…some stuff still has to be done down in the basement…
      We have to fix the holes in the floor tomorrow and then hopefully move onto the faux brick walls next…that’s going to make a HUGE difference.
      Yes, Linda, I put the chocolate chip cookies and the cookie bark in a little snack size baggie and then put that down in the Valentine treat bag with the candies.
      Well, I’m finally in my sewing room and I’m hoping for that slip to be finished too!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Wouldn’t that ice sculpture make a wonderful backdrop? Dolly in her ice skating dress. Reuben with his nose in the photo. Fun.
    What a wonderful swap. Took me a minute to figure out that Romeo & Juliette was blown up. I thought maybe you received some sheet music. Would love something like that for a dolly prop. Those tiny things are all so nice. And what a lovely ballet dress. Love the pink.
    I was looking at the molding in the kitchen. Was the building a house at one time? Because the molding looks quite old and has such wonderful details. I’m glad you showed us the other view because I was wondering where the refrigerator would go. Crazy loves house plans me.
    I think your mother will be the “little darling” of the Liberty House today. Those treat bags look so festive and I’m sure will be greatly appreciated by everyone.
    Don’t work too hard today.

    • Hi Joy,
      The area around the “Ice Ghost” is a muddy mess so I’ll probably have to pass…but I like your imagination!
      The building was a house and we actually call it The Sunday School House. We use the upstairs rooms for the kids, the living room downstairs for group meetings, all the different students use the kitchen for cooking their native dishes in…

      Some of the residents at Liberty were already thanking my mom for the goodie bags before I left… she was as thrilled as everyone else was!! I guess it was her 15 minutes of fame!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. What wonderful items to show for mid-February! You and George must be feeling super satisfied that so much prep work is nearly finished before you see some of the “top layer” progress going on. The well-done, unseen work underneath the “top layer” makes it all so worthwhile in the end….great job, G & J!

    And, your photos of Isabelle, etc., are so lovely and sweet for this upcoming sweet day. I think to top it all off, Reuben needs a pink or red bow tied around his neck for that day!

    Your mom’s “neighbors” will feel spoiled with your/her gifts to them. What a cheery thing to do to raise spirits. It is indeed a very kind act on your part to have done this to help your mom out in this thoughtful way.


    • Hi Becky,
      George and I felt even better when we left this evening…all the electrical work is done…and I’m looking forward to doing something a little more creative!
      I’m glad I still had those pictures I took years sgo…I couldn’t have recreated the pictures with the same feelings as I had that day I received them.
      I stayed up till 2:00 this morning getting those goodie bags filled. I hope I can stay awake and get this slip for Molly finished…
      Thanks Becky
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, I love seeing the swap photos. I joined the ning group late last year but in time for the holiday swap. It was so much fun! I would love to be in a Valentine’s Day swap. Maybe they will do one next year.

    How nice of you to make gifts for your mother to distribute. I am sure she will enjoy being on Valentine delivery.

    • Hi Dorothy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my swap gift…isn’t it just the sweetest thing you ever saw? I hope you get in on one sometime
      I think my mom really did enjoy passing out the treat bags to the residents there.
      Thanks Dorothy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. I think there’s a swap on AGPT as well. I used to love Susan S’s Little Princess Frocks, but I don’t think it still operates, though the site is still there. I think that’s the reason that I hunted up A Little Princess book, which I liked a lot.

    I am so impressed with those bags and bags of cookies and candy. If I were your mom, I’d want to keep them all.

    The other thing I like is George’s sawhorse table. I can’t help but feel that with a little paint and her usual imagination, Cindy could start a trend for sawhorse islands.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I just texted Cindy and asked her if she had seen your comments? She said she has seen industrial style islands similar to that before. Who knew?
      I remember seeing Susan’s things too…I guess she moved on to something else…
      I think it made my mom feel special to hand out treat bags…they were just simple but everyone seemed to love them.
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. How sweet that your Momma is giving out bags of candy. i’m sure they will be appreciated.
    The kitchen will get finished eventually and how wonderful that will be. I’m sure your church is grateful for George’s handymanness (hmmm I think I just made up a new word LOL)
    What a delightful gift you received for your Isabelle. I think I would want her in that when she is modeling one of your lovely creations. The dress is exquisite and I love the sequined tights and to have it all arrive in a suitcase must have been so much fun. Love the Romeo and Juliet reference, too. We read all of Shakespeare’s plays in my high school AP English class, but Romeo and Juliet was the first and we got to act it out. Best of all, each girl got the chance to be Juliet and the funny thing was there was a girl named Juliet after the play.. I see “The Chocolate Sparrow”- did you get a sparrow made of chocolate? Sparrows may just well be my favorite birds. They are always so kind to each other. I love to see them in the birdbath all happily splashing together or in the garden bed taking dust baths. They come to the porch everyday to eat seeds with the squirrels and chipmunks.
    So the “Ice Ghost” returned and Rueben didn’t care. I guess he knew he had see it before. We are starting to thaw and are having a warming trend as the week progresses. Can’t wait for spring!

    • Hi Laura,
      I DO like your new,word for my hubby… handymanness! It’s perfect!
      I also remember the day I received my swap gift…I was overwhelmed. I think The chocolate Sparrow was the name of the chocolate company. I don’t remember getting a sparrow…I think it was 3 chocolate balls.

      I like sparrow and chickadees…so cute and fun to watch hop around!
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Don’t know if you’ll see this, Jeanne, as I’m “late to the party”, so to speak, but I had to comment.

    I remember that swap! I think it was when I first joined the Yahoo LD group, as I don’t think I had even Ordered an LD yet! I also remember coveting that little tiny music book!! I loved the outfit, of course, but also loved the little paper dolls! So sweet!!

    And how thoughtful of you to fix up treat bags for your momma to hand out. I take it she’s adjusting better to her new home now? I know that first week or so was quite challenging for all of you!!

    Take care, and I hope you and George have some special Valentine plans!!

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