Josefina’s (sort of) new hair and more slips for American Girl Maryellen…

Well, did you all survive the debut of the new 1950’s American Girl doll, Maryellen? I hope those of you who made it to an American Girl Doll store had lots of fun looking at all her new things.

I had quite a busy day keeping up with the comments you all left me in regards to the Slip Giveaway…It wasn’t a record number but I think the second highest number of comments. Thank you very much! So without any more delay… we do have a winner…I wrote down all the names and the slip they wanted if they were chosen.


Then I mixed them all up and closed my eyes and picked out….


She wanted the green glitter slip…


Jan, hit the “Contact Me” button at the top and send me your address so I can get this slip out to you right away… You mentioned in your comments that your daughter bought a Maryellen doll yesterday… was it for herself or for YOU??? Congratulations Jan!

Remember I was about to wash Josefina’s hair the other day…well I did… If you recall, I received Josefina (HERE) and while she was very pretty, she had 2 braids down the side of her hair and it seemed a little unruly so I decided to wash and condition it. I was hoping to get the crimps out of it when I took the braids out.

This is how she looked when the braids were taken out… just a bit wild in the hair department!!!




…so into our grocery bag for safekeeping…


Let the suds begin…


…and lots of conditioner…


As I was working it through Josefina’s hair, I could tell, it wasn’t taking out the crimps. They were still there and I could feel them.


But her hair smelled good and I decided to see what it looked like when it dried…


While it was drying, I got online and looked at several videos on how to straighten your American Girl’s hair and there seems to be two different ways… one is to use a ceramic flat iron and smooth out the hair. It usually does a good job and makes it silky smooth and stick straight like Isabelle’s or Julie’s hair. There was another method without heat where you took little cloth scruncies and put them on the wet hair, like where it was crimped, and stack them next to each other, all the way up covering the braid. It is supposed to flatten out the crimps. I may try this.

When I got finished looking at all the ways to curl and style and straighten your dolls hair, I went back into my sewing room and took another look at Josefina. I think I have decided I don’t want her hair stick straight. I think I like it with just a little bit of wave to it. So we’ll see, but I thought I’d show you what Josefina looks like now with slightly wavy hair..but smelling oh so good!



Much more manageable hair…


More so than this…


I like it pulled away from her face a little bit…



The first Josefina’s had a different texture to their hair… a coarser feel to it. I think my Josefina has that kind of hair and I don’t want to mess it up…



I also wanted to tell you, I have the slips that were shown yesterday, put in my Etsy shop. You can see them HERE. I have some others too that I’ll be adding sometime today…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Great job with Josefina’s hair, Jeanne! I think that slight wave looks rather pretty! Are you planning on having her hair down a lot? That is something I have never done, mainly because of the way my doll’s hair has been cut (by whom?)! It is so much easier and neater to have her hair in a braid down the back, easier to dress too! Velcro does not go with long hair!

    You asked yesterday if I was planning on getting Maryellen, and the answer is no, I have enough dolls for me! They did have people enter to win a new Maryellen doll, and if I do win (not likely), the doll with go to my granddaughter. I wouldn’t mind getting the meet dress, because you can’t buy it separately, like with the other dolls.

    • HI Linda,
      After you said that about having her hair put in braids, I went back and looked at my pictures of her in the past dresses I’ve made for her and not a single picture shows her hair down. It’s either in 2 braids or one down the back…so I think it will be okay with the wave in it. It’s better to show off the design of a dress in the back too, when her hair is pulled into a braid. I’m still very pleased with her…
      Don’t say you won’t win…someone has to win and your name is in pot like everyone else’s! I won’der how many Maryellen’s were sold yesterday?
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. It looks like I came back at just the right time. I think the last blog I read was when you got Josefina and were going to wash her hair. I agree…I don’t think I’d straighten it either. It looks so nice with just a bit of wave in it and it really fits her ethnicity and beautiful face. Love her!!


    • Thanks Bobi,
      I’m glad you like Josefina with wavy hair… I think I do to.. I’m sure I’ll be putting it in a braid like I just told Linda… so I’m not worried about it. It’s nice and clean and soft and smells wonderful…
      Thanks Bobi,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Josefina looks so much better now that you’ve cleaned her up. Her hair turned out pretty and you were able to save Josefina’s waves. If you curled the ends of her hair, that would add to her pretty natural wave.
    Think I found my Felicity. She may become a cousin of Felicity’s instead of being Felicity herself. Perhaps even from a different era.
    Can’t wait to see what clothes you may be making for Felicity and Josefina ? ?
    Have a lovely day,

    • HI Paula,
      Her hair is so coarse, I’m not sure the ends would curl under, but I might do a little research on that.
      So, you think you may have a Felicity coming to live with your girls, huh? Or maybe a “look a like” Felicity? Congrats early if you do…
      I have to get this black and white 50’s dress finished and then a school dress for Ten Ping and then it’s Felicity’s turn, I think…
      Have a wonderful day yourself, Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. A great surprise for me to win! Lucky, for sure! Thank you so much. Green has always been a favorite color. My daughters are not fond of dolls. Lise just happened to be at the right mall and called me to fill time. She chose the doll she liked. I’ll see her tomorrow. I am not a fan of A G dolls. Lise had long, blonde hair worn in a pony tail since she was two years old and bangs often unevenly cut by me. The doll reminded her of herself and early school years. By the time school pictures were taken, the bangs still were unevenly cut. Many dolls on display were dressed in other outfits and Lise liked the poodle skirt outfit and bought that too.

    Now,for questions. Is Maryellen a new face mold? I should know if
    I remembered older posts when you have written lots about the dolls.

    BTW, you did a great job on Josefina’s hair. I think hair with a little wave is easier to manage. When Lise was older, I would braid her hair while damp and put a curler on the ends to give the hair a little wave with curled ends. Both daughters had great hair and I spent hours having fun with different hairstyles as requested.

    Thank you do much for the slip

    • HI Jan,
      You are so welcome on the green glittery slip… I hope your daughter loves it. I’m sure lots of ladies can relate to the bangs story…In fact, I’ve got a picture of me with some bangs cut so short, I’ll have to go to my mom’s house and find it…
      Maryellen is not a new face mold…hers is the Classic mold and the most widely used by AG. Lots of ladies were hoping for a new face mold, but not this time…

      I might try putting a curl at the bottom of Josefina’s hair… I know it looks pretty stick like in my pictures…

      I’ll get your slip out today… and thanks again for playing along… ( I was putting together a post about the beads you sent Rebecca… just haven’t gotten it done yet… but thanks for that from us…!)
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Hi again Jan,
        In your email, you were worried about all the errors you made while typing on your tablet. Well, I have the ability to fix any mistakes someone has made, so have no fear, if I see a mistake, I can (and did) fix them.
        I’ve posted a comment before and then discovered a mistake and there is an awful feeling of not being able to fix it… well, I can help… and I did. So don’t worry about that.
        Blessings, Jeanne

        • Thank you for the error control you are able to do. I must confess I took typing three times and never was good at it. The tablet is different. I don’t have a good electric relationship with it. It often types what it wants. I have used a srylus and sometimes that works best.


  5. I really like the waviness to her hair….and the way you pulled it back from her face. It looks more natural and flattering. I have used No More Tangles when combing through wet hair (either by itself or after shampooing it).


    • Thanks Ila,
      Actually Kathie suggested the No More Tangles too but when I looked for it yesterday at Wal Mart, they were out of it…
      Her hair doesn’t have tangles, so much as it’s just coarse and wavy looking…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Josefina’s hair looks very pretty; I like the little bit of wave it has. I’ve bought most of my AG’s used, and I usually wash and condition their hair as soon as I get them. I actually enjoy doing it, and it does smell so much fresher. My Josefina is one of the few I’ve gotten new, and I’ve never taken hers out of its original braid.

    • HI Carolyn,
      I’m sure my Josefina’s hair will end up in a braid at some point… even last night I was messing around with some braids… french braiding it. She’s got nice hair…so I’m happy!
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Mary Francene Gwin says:

    I was so wondering abt the coarse texture of my original Josephina’s hair. I knew it was original hair because of the unevenness when taken out of the braid and tried to condition it but w/ not much success. Thank you for letting me know her hair is just that way. Mine in very straight though not wavy at all! hmmmm?

    Mary Gwin

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