I’ve changed my mind…

This morning when I woke up, it was a bit chilly and it’s supposed to get even “chillier” as the week goes on. I hadn’t changed out my summer clothes in my closet yet, and decided this morning would be a good time to switch out those tee shirts for sweaters. I got all my Fall things out of the tubs I store them in and had a royal mess in my bedroom. I had my shirts, sweaters and jackets in stacks all over my bed. Most of my pants are year round things so they were already in my closet.

I was just getting in a rhythm when my mom called and said something was wrong with her microwave and it wouldn’t stop running. She said she also needed a haircut… SO… I left that mess and went to see what was the problem. Well, the microwave issue got solved… but she wanted to go to the grocery store. Then I’d cut her hair when we got back. Fast forward to a few hours later… I was back in my bedroom and attacking it again. But then it was dinner time… anyway, I got most of my things put away… but that left no time for sewing, so I’ve been forced to come up with something besides sewing for the post today.

Remember the other day when I mentioned something about possibly having us exchange gifts for a “Secret Sister” kind of thing? I got all kinds of comments and emails and even though I got a lot of positive feedback from you all, I have decided to nix that idea… I really hadn’t thought it through anyway. With the holidays being extra busy for everyone, it makes sense to do something else…and something EVERYONE can participate in. I hadn’t really given it much thought about the people who read my blog in New Zealand, or Singapore or France, etc. Several had even bowed out before it began because of the postage and customs issue. 😮 Several of you volunteered to pay extra postage just so someone could participate… (SEE… I really do have the best readers!!!)

So I thought long and hard and took a few suggestions from some of my readers. I think we are going to have a Christmas Fashion Show and your dolls get to be the stars. Everyone can participate this way and it won’t cost you a dime. It seems you all love slide shows very much and this will be something fun for everyone. I’m going to go ahead and start a draft for a post on it. What I’d love for you to do is send me your favorite Christmas dresses on any TWO dolls you wish. If you have Samantha and you have a particularly pretty Christmas dress, send me a picture. If you have some antique doll that gets all gussied up for Christmas, send me a picture of her. If you want… tell me what you love of about the dresses or if you made it, or if someone gave it to you. Maybe it’s something from your grandma… I’ll add your story of it to the post. I’m hoping we’ll get lots of pictures of dolls in their best Christmas dresses! We’ll have the best Fashion Show ever!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll post them on Friday, December 15th. That gives you about 5 weeks in case you want to make something special. You can start sending your pictures anytime and I’ll add your name and your “bio” about the dress and go ahead and get your dolls picture posted.. if it’s spread out, I won’t be overwhelmed with pictures.

You can get your pictures to me by hitting the “Contact Me” tab just under the header, or my email address is jeannewiedlocher@gmail.com

I hope you aren’t too disappointed if you had your heart set on the gift exchange. I’m going to do something with Christmas recipes in the future, so if you have one you use every year, dig it out and have it ready for when we do that!

Now, to get things started for “Jeanne Marie’s Christmas Fashion Show” (or whatever we decide to call it), I wanted to show you a couple Christmas dolls of mine all dressed up…

Ha! I fooled you, didn’t I? :o)

If you click the picture, you can see my kiddo’s up close. Kristoffer was 14 months old in 1988. Rebecca was 14 months old in 1991. I made everything we are wearing!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. What a wonderfully productive day you had — new good ideas for us, a whole wardrobe switch, lots of accomplishments for your mother. You should have gone to bed satisfied with everything you’ve done. At least I hope you’ve manged to get to bed by now.

    I love the pictures of you with the kids — it’s good to see the real live dolls at every stage.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Well, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to, but I’m hoping to finish it up today. I’m thinking of making a corn casserole to take over to Bithar and her family because I haven’t seen Gateruh for quite some time now, except at church. That was on my to do list from yesterday.
      I changed it so everyone can send in TWO doll pictures in Christmas dresses. I hope you can find someone to take some pictures for you!!

      Thanks for the sweet comments on my 2 favorite dolls!!! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. That’s the way it goes, Jeanne, you never know what the day holds for you when you roll out of bed! I think you are right about changing your mind about the gift exchange. It would be great if we all lived in the same town, and actually got together once or twice a month, but we are so scattered, and then too, we all seem to have a lot going on with our lives and families, so adding this on might not be the best thing to do. It’s perfectly understandable!
    I really thought I was going to see your dolls dressed up, meaning AG or LD dolls, and thought it kind of strange that you would do that, since you are always selling dresses, but when I saw the two real, live dolls, I just laughed! How cute those “dolls” are! Those two little redheads dressed so adorably by their mommy! Don’t you wish they were little like that again? I feel the same way about mine, but of course, time marches on. I remember making my Christmas dress, Jennifer’s and Brian’s vest one year, plus all the shopping, decorating, cleaning, baking, etc., and I was just exhausted, so I don’t think I could handle that anymore! But the kids were so cute, like yours! At least WE were younger!
    I’ll be checking on my pictures, hopefully I’ll find one that shows just the one doll wearing the one favorite dress!

    • Hi Linda,
      You are right…it would be totally different if we all worked in the same office, or lived in the same town, but to have everyone all over the world do this, it could become quite an undertaking!!!
      I’m glad my kids are grown now, but those sure we’re fun times, dressing them up and the wonder of Christmas in their little eyes!
      I changed my post and now you can send in TWO pictures of your dolls if you want. It was just too hard to pick ONE doll…not that two will be any easier…but maybe.
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I love your idea, Jeanne!! That way, more people can hopefully participate, and we will all enjoy each other’s doll pictures!! Will you be limiting us to a certain number of pictures? Or is it sort of a “free for all”?! LOL Guess I’ll need to see what I can do about this…I know I have a picture or two of my LDs dressed up, but I don’t think I’ve taken pictures of my AGs in their Christmas finery (and poor April is still waiting for me to make hers!).

    (And your two little dolls are just adorable, and I’m not at all surprised you made everything you are all wearing!)

    • Hi Charlotte,
      ONE doll dress seemed TOO hard to narrow down , so I changed it to TWO DOLL DRESSES…That might not be that much easier to decide…but this,way we’ll get the cream of the crop!!
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I can’t wait to see pictures of other reader’s dolls. I thought we’d see lots of Christmas dresses, too, but I remember you don’t often do holiday-specific outfits. Your dresses are so pretty, they can do holidays just fine, remembering the black-white lace-red sash dress. Love the pictures of you with Rebecca and Kristoffer.

    • Thanks Susette,
      I changed my post and now you can send in TWO pictures for the Fashion Show. It will still probably be hard to narrow it down to two pictures, but it’s better than one!! :o)

      That picture of Kristoffer and I is almost 30 years old. ..wow…the time has flown by!!!
      Thank you, Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. That’s a really good idea, Jeanne. I’m going to think about which one of my dolls will be modelling 😉 !
    Thank you for this Fashion Show to come !
    Regards, Joelle.

    • Hi Joelle,
      I edited my post and now you can find TWO pictures of dolls instead of just one. It was just too hard to decide on one, so now you look for two!
      Thanks in advance for participating!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Darling dolls dressed devotedly………


    • Thank you Becky,
      I’m letting all my “early readers” know that I changed it to TWO Christmas doll dress pictures! One picture was just too tough to decide on…
      Thanks so much for your sweet words!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. You sure had a busy day. I know I find it very frustrating when I have my day planned out then all of a sudden everything is changed and out of my control. Guess someone is still trying to teach me patience.
    I love this idea for all the reasons you mentioned. You surprised me too with the lovely pics of Kristoffer and Rebecca in the precious outfits you made.
    Wishing all a wonderful day

    • Hi Leigh,
      I am trying to catch all my “early readers” and let them know I changed it from One Christmas doll dress picture to TWO doll dress pictures. So be looking for your top TWO Christmas dresses!
      Now to finish up today what I hoped to get done yesterday.! :o)
      Thanks Leigh,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. If those two little dolls at the end of your post aren’t the cutest! What precious little faces wearing their gorgeous outfits.
    I think the picture of one of our dolls dressed for Christmas will be fun and fun for everyone. I always enjoy seeing any pictures you or the other girls send in. I have often said I’d send in pictures of my “kind of” renovated doll room and how I store my dolls and excessories but have yet to do that. I will though. It’ll be fun deciding on which doll and outfit to choose for the Christmas photo opt.

    Like Linda said, in reference to your day yesterday, we never really know how some days will go. You go with the flow. You are a good daughter to your mom, Jeanne.

    Joy- thank you for filling us in on how things are coming along in the aftermath of these horrible fires. So glad you and your family are safe. I really pray the help continues in restoring what can be restored. I was so happy to hear about the care those sweet pets and other animals were receiving – as Jeanne did, I clap too for those men and women helping those poor creatures. My heart aches for the families and individuals lost – I can’t imagine. Between the fires and those terrible hurricanes, those were and still remain a devastating period for the U.S.

    Everyone, have a great day!

    • Hi Paula,
      I changed my post today yo say that you can send TWO Christmas dress pictures now. Picking just one was going to be terribly hard to do….not that two will be much better, but maybe it will.
      Oh, yes, send any room pictures and doll displays you have whenever you can. That will be fun to look at.
      Thanks for joining in Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. So glad you solved the runaway microwave problem. That worried me.
    Wish you had taken a photo of your “stuff” all over the room, because seeing mine still in heaps in the closet might make me get in gear and do something with it all. 🙂
    The Christmas photos sounds like a lot of fun. Definitely doable for most of us. I’ll have to see if I can find some photos similar to your cute ones of the outfits I too sewed back in the old days. Hee hee.
    Don’t work too hard today.

    • Hi Joy,
      I did take a picture of the stuff all over my bed to send to Cindy when she texted and asked what I was doing.
      I’ve got to get more hangers….so I can finish.

      We should do the pictures of our kids things we made l-o-n-g ago sometime. That would be fun to see…

      I hope to have a productive day….hope you do too.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Hi Jeanne,
    I like your idea! I always enjoy seeing the pictures other readers send of their dolls and the sweet little vignettes they create. Due to my work schedule, I’m not to sure I can get anything finished in time to send any pictures, but I’ll sure try. I have already bought some cute Christmas fabrics, and maybe this will give me an incentive to get some things finished early!

    • HI Carolyn,
      It doesn’t have to be a “Newly” created doll dress.. perhaps you have some old pictures of a doll dress you made that you really liked. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get something new made…
      I do enjoy seeing what others have made too… I haven’t bought any new fabrics, but we are going to a wedding on Friday and they have a wonderful little quilt shop in the town… I might have to see if my hubby will let me stop in “for 5 minutes! ” :o)
      Thanks Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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