It’s National Sewing Month…did you check your Joann’s flyer yet?

So…did you get your Joann Fabrics flyer in the mail? The BIG Labor Day sale starts today and runs till Monday.


The flyer runs through September 15th, but the best savings are through Monday the 5th. There are lots of coupons in it and I thought I’d show you what caught my eye!

The front page let me know the calico cotton fabrics are on sale for 30% off…I don’t need any more fabric, (really), but I still like to look at what’s new…


It also reminds us that September is National Sewing Month…so I googled it and found this out…

[The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” I knew I liked that guy! Just think about it… a president who recognizes the value of sewing! ]

When I turned the first page in the flyer, it had something that caught my eye… Fat Quarters… 1/4 of a whole yard of fabric… 18″ by 22″ generally is the size… 70% OFF!!! .74 cents each! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this low…


…and right below that picture is a red banner that shows the clearance fabrics are an additional 50% off… I might have to check them out too…

The Ott Lights are on sale 40% off… guess I’ll have to pass or my “electrician” might not like it…I think I have enough lights… I have 2 Ott lights already.


The entire stock of wreaths are on sale for 60% off, but I just got a glorious Sheet Music Wreath made by my sister, Cindy. Guess I’ll pass on those too…

20160901_105159-1 (2)


The decorative boxes are on sale for 40% off, and I might take a quick peek at them again. I love how they hide things in a “pretty way!”


I generally check out the Harvest prints when they go on sale…and I might take a glance through them… you never know what might jump in your cart!


There are lots of coupons on the last page and back of the flyer… some go for later on into September.


Lots of good things for everyone… what caught your eye if you got the flyer?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. You definitely need to go. There’s a pretty fair chance that you’d find something very useful at an excellent price. The rust and brown harvest fabrics look very appealing and you really need to know how big the prints are. The boxes are beautiful and useful. The fabric quarters would be irresistible at that price. I grant that your wreath is probably prettier than anything available and multi-seasonal besides. Perhaps you could take a twenty dollar bill and see how far you could stretch it.

    I’m sitting here feeling mean because I’m encouraging you to look for more when you have a whole studio full of delightful things, but thinking about my meanness, I’ve decided I’m not too awful because you’ll probably feel better going and deciding not to buy much rather than not going and wishing you were there. Go early before the traffic and enjoy it. Of course I’m hoping that Cool Spoons is nearby and you could rest from your shopping there. Really, you need to tell me the names of five other nice places close to you where you can find special things to eat and enjoy — and maybe a good nearby bookstore.

    • HI Marilyn,
      Well…since you said I “HAD” to go, I did! I found a few things and might share them tomorrow. I also stopped by Lowe’s and picked up another light to match the one that George had bought me… now they’ll be “matchy-matchy!”

      The decorative boxes were all gone at my store, except for 2 just like the big one I bought. I spent less than $16.00… less than the $20.00 you told me to take… :o)

      My brother is coming in and I’m wondering if Cool Spoons might be in order… although they are getting in late and he might not want the boys on a sugar high before bed. They are getting up early and heading to Arkansas, I think, to some museum… we might have to do Cool Spoons when they come back through.
      Thanks Marilyn,
      My hubby just called and he’s on his way home to put up my new and matching light… I better go…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. How funny, I opened Jeanne Marie and thought I had somehow hit on Joann’s. Really groggy this morning.
    Anyway, looked at the flyer when it arrived and thought I should go check it out. Put the flyer down and forgot about it. With the mess I still have, the other person here would probably flip, but 1/4 yards or fat quarters are always fun and small! And 20% off whole purchase too. We’ll see.

    • HI Joy,
      I DID go and hope you made it eventually too! I found a few fat quarters and a few little things that made the trip worthwhile…
      I gave Rebecca the 70% off jewelry coupon and I can’t wait to see what she found…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Someone is now the owner of a sidewinder! Couldn’t help it with the 40% on a non sale item and an extra 20%. As one of the employees dashed by, she remarked that she loved her sidewinder! Ended up with a fat quarter as well as a couple of tiny prints from the fall collection @ 50% off plus the 20%. Also picked up a couple of separating zippers for tiny sleeping bags and some scrapbook paper for flooring for the new home for my 10ers. Don’t you love the coupons. Place was hoppin!

        • Congratulations Joy on your new Side Winder… I hope you find time to give it a try today. It sounds like you got some nice things…
          YES, I do love those coupons… :o)
          Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Anne Johnson says:

    Oh yes, I will be going to JoAnn’s to take advantage of the sale! I have some items I need to pick up for a couple of projects I’m working on, and I’m interested in those decorative storage boxes, too. They are a pretty way to stash things all around the house!

    Have you brought your sheet music wreath home yet, Jeanne, or is your mom “borrowing” it awhile longer? I’m curious to see where you might have hung it and what kind of button you may have added to the center. In fact, I am increasingly anxious to see another 360 degree virtual tour of your new studio since you and Cindy added finishing touches! Perhaps you’re reserving that post for another busy day without sewing, but “inquiring minds” want/NEED to know!

    Wishing you a wonderful visit with your brother and sister, Jeanne. I know you will have interesting adventures to share. As for me, I’m going with my son and daughter to see “Wicked” at the Ohio Theatre. Have a happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

    P.S. Message to Joy: I had never heard of Joe Arzonia/Ursone, but I Googled him after reading your post. It seems there is some related genealogical info available out there if your S-I-L is interested in trying to find out more. On a side note, my older brother, Harry Valentine, was a DJ and radio personality on “The New” WCOL/92X station in Columbus during the 1970s (when it was a Top 40 station), and has a vast historical knowledge of the music scene. I am going to ask him if he knows anything about Joe Arzonia/Ursone.

    • HI Anne,
      All of the decorative boxes were gone at my store, except for 2 just like the ones I bought already. I hope you found some for your sewing stuff.

      Yes, I have bought my Sheet Music Wreath home and it’s hanging in my sewing room. I WILL show another blog post with my new pictures of my room as soon as I get a few more things done. I am getting one more light put up today and I just have to get the cutting table finished and I think I’ll be all done… :o)

      I hope you have fun with your kids at the play. Sounds like a fun evening.

      The ladies on here know more about stuff I’ve never even heard of… Hope you find something out…
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • We are pretty up on the info available, except when and where he died. Kind of interesting though. He had quite a few patents on different things as well as the music stuff. Thanks Anne

  4. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Oh, I’m jealous!! I won’t be able to get over to JoAnn’s until Monday! Today we had some plans (plus I had forgotten about it); tomorrow I’ll be out at the fairgrounds all day (4H–I’m judging cooking in the morning and needlework in the afternoon), and then Sunday is church, followed by more time at the fairgrounds–I’m judging Clothing Consruction in the afternoon. But then, I’ll be DONE for another year. I do love judging 4H, but it’s a long 12 days (this year I work/worked 8 of them), and I’m usually exhausted when I’m done.

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