It’s Catch Up Time for me…

I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been able to respond to some emails some of you have sent me. I am hoping to get that all taken care of today. This will just be some snippets from this and that, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Okay, Linda, one of my subscribers, is up first. She sent me the sweetest pictures of her girls… laboring on Labor Day… Aren’t they darling?

[If you click on any picture it will enlarge.]


In this second picture, they are all dressed up and ready for school… don’t they look “smart?”


Next up is Susette… She sent me some pictures of fabric panels that she saw in a shop. I’m not sure if it was a Joann Fabrics or not, but she said they were $8.99 each. I thought I’d show everyone so you could see them too… She was thinking maybe I needed something for my walls in my sewing room… They are filled up, and I’ll show the final room when my hubby gets my cutting table finished…




Back to Linda again… she visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis and shared these 4 pictures with me. She said the circle garden is actually a pincushion garden, with very tiny plants, and some sort of succulent in the center that looks like a Christmas tree. I live 2 hours south of it, and it’s sad, but I’ve never been there…





Back to Susette…she sent me a picture of a doll dress that her granddaughter, Riya, designed. Riya designs and Susette does her best to make it like she wants. This was what Susette told me…

“I finally got the shoes and tights from China. I had asked Riya for a design and she came up with red, brown, gold, green, blue and purple. When I spoke with her the next time, we got down to red, brown and gold. Whew! She also wanted short sleeves, a bow and sash, three red leaves on the bodice and a hat with one leaf on it. And the word “Fall” on the dress. So I’m sending along pictures of what I came up with. The word “Fall” is on the bag. The waist has an obi-like sash that snaps on and then a regular sash in brown with a red leaf print that I used for a fall dress last year and had tiny scraps left over. The leaves are pinned on from inside and the beret is reversible to black velveteen. The leaves can be changed out for a Christmas theme.”

Here is what Susette came up with … before she shipped this off to her granddaughter… This took a lot of time, I can tell… I bet Riya loves it! What a sweet grandma you are, Susette! Wonderful dress for Fall!



Marilyn, another subscriber, gets a picture in here too… this is her great niece, Anna…in front of a VERY LARGE bear!


Back to Susette again… she sent some pictures of dresses she made for Riya, her granddaughter, for Isabelle, Riya’s American Girl doll, and the sweetest tiniest dress for little 8″ Ten Ping. I think each dress is just adorable, Susette… no doubt, Riya loved both of hers…



Okay, now it’s my turn… I have something to share. I finished Ten Ping’s dress last night but wasn’t able to get it listed on Ebay until this evening. It’s now on Ebay and you can see it HERE.

You can also click on the picture at the top right side bar and it will take you to the listing.

My story line wasn’t too original… Ten Ping was getting dressed, but it worked… my hubby actually thought of the part about her going to the baby christening and then to the pet store. #teamwork!

Since most of my pictures are from the listing, I won’t put them all in here, but a few to tease you enough to check out the listing…I made 2 different jackets and while they are close in color, the texture of one is wool felt and the other is Ultrasuede, so they are different and of course they are decorated differently.







If you’d like to have your very own 8″ Ten Ping… I know a great place to get one… Lone Star Dolls in Texas. You can find them HERE. If you go to the website, you’ll find Ten Ping in the Ruby Red Galleria section. Or you might just want to look around on the website. Ask for Dale if you call, and she’ll give you the best service ever…

Well, that’s it for today… I’ll have to see who’s up next…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    My goodness, Jeanne, what a surprise to see my pictures in your blog! I just wish they were clearer when I send them, because they are really clear here at home. My 40’s AG dolls, are standing on my sewing cabinet, which is why my sewing has to be done elsewhere, mostly on the kitchen table!

    Love Susette’s dresses, the material is just gorgeous, Susette! The carpet on your steps is so immaculate, as I have mentioned before! Marilyn, that darling baby is something I would love to shop for and sew for! Did you get the bear??

    Ten Ping’s outfit looks adorable! It stands out so nicely too. Is there a skip underneath? From my monitor, I can’t see much difference in the pinks, but you say they are different materials, so that probably is more noticeable in real life. Both jackets are just the thing to top off the dress. And the hat and shoes—-I could go on all day! I’m sure this outfit will be a winner!

    • HI Linda,
      I was working at the Food Pantry and am just now getting to my comments. My goodness is right…how could I not show off your sweet girls laboring away… I love that scene! The picture seem pretty clear to me… I clicked on them and they look good I think!

      Marilyn sent me another picture of Anna looking up at the bear.. I guess I should have included it as well… oops!

      Yes, Ten Ping has a slip underneath her dress…if you click on the link you’ll see it… it’s a little pink tulle slip with a dainty rosebud.
      The color of the jackets are in the same “family” but are still different. I wanted to make the hot pink one too, but it was just too glaring I thought… Maybe I should try and see what I think when it’s made…or I could move on to the next doll…
      Thanks so much Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Loved seeing all the pictures tonight, Jeanne, particularly the fabric panels that Susette posted. I may Need some of those fabrics….if I could find them!! LOL I also enjoyed reading Susette’s experience with sewing what her granddaughter designs!! What fun!

    Linda, you laundry accessories are just to die for!! So very special!! I love your AG’s dresses, to, in both pictures–and I recognized Molly’s red schoolbag (x3!) in the back to school picture.

    Ten Ping’s dress is lovely; I really like how you took a bit of the print to add an accent to one of the jackets!

    • HI Charlotte,
      Susette told me she would look at the selvage and see if she couldn’t find out the manufacturer of the panels.
      That little Riya knows what she likes and it’s a good thing grandma can interpret her ideas from paper onto fabric!
      I noticed the 3 book bags too, on Linda’s girls… hey, it seems to work for all 3…so go for it.

      Thanks for the compliments on Ten Ping’s newest set. It was a fun one to make…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. I just lost my comment – it must be in outer space by now.
    I was saying how neat it was to see everyone’s pictures. Linda, the girls look so cute with all their accessories. The laundry items are especially neat. I like how each girl is doing something different. And of course their school pictures and accessories. So cute.

    Marilyn, Anna is adorable and someday she’ll get a kick out of how big that bear is!!

    Susette, what a good grandmother you are. It is interesting how Riya designs her doll clothes. I see a professional clothing designer in the future. What spirit she has!

    I think Ten Ping’s outfit is adorable. She looks so cute in it and her little hat tops it off. I always love the stories you come up with for the dollies when you introduce their outfits.
    Thank you for sharing all the pictures!

    • HI Paula,
      I like looking at Linda’s picture of the girls doing all their chores. It’s one of those pictures were your eye just has a million things to look at. I think it’s a very fun picture.

      That IS one big bear, isn’t it? I should have put the other picture in of Anna looking up at the bear…

      Yes, I think Susette should get a gold star for being a super great grandma… Riya would certainly keep her busy if she lived closer, I’m sure!

      Thank you Charlotte, for your kind compliments on Ten Ping’s dress set. I really enjoyed this one… I have her dress pattern figured out and now her jacket so it makes sewing pretty quick for her….of course, those shoes set me back a little bit, as I had forgotten which of my paper patterns it was that I used last…
      Thanks again,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Oh, my goodness, what a surprise! l feel so honored that you shared my pictures! Please believe me that my sewing for the dolls is inspired by I Dream of Jeanne Marie. Thanks for the compliments, your posts and the many tips on sewing for the dolls.

    Linda’s doll scenes are just wonderful and so complete. I’ve picked up tips about what to look for in accessories that go with the dolls from Linda and did find the laundry set. It was nice of Charlotte to point out more than one school bag so I won’t feel guilty about having two myself!

    About the carpet, since living in Japan decades ago and adopting the custom that shoes come off at the door, it keeps the house much cleaner. The pictures of the gardens are great and I can picture Jeanne and George visiting there very soon and checking out the Jewel Box in Forest Park too. And Anna is adorable. Wish I could shop for a little one that small again. Marilyn kindly gave me the doll who appears with Ten Ping for the tea party at Christmas. Ten Ping likes having a friend who is her own size.

    The panels are from an independent fabric store close to my home, M & L Fabrics. I’ll check on the manufacturer’s name, but I’d be willing to buy panels and mail them if some of your readers can’t find them locally. I sent the picture of the sewing machine panel to Jeanne for Ingrid whom I think has the collection of old sewing machines. I got a wonderful Christmas panel with the Eiffel Tower as the centerpiece the other day.

    Your dress, jackets and shoes for Ten Ping are amazing. Using the two different fabrics is such a great touch. It’s the Jeanne Marie way of differentiating art from craft. Definitely an artist. The shoes are certainly a challenge. I, too, remember your posts about the process and made some simple sandals.

    Thanks for including my pictures. Love I Dream of Jeanne Marie, Susette

    • HI Susette,
      I was happy to share your pictures and Riya’s ideas for her doll dresses… You certainly are a great grandma to oblige her with her designs… and your dresses must be worn with a great deal of pride for Riya. I’m sure you’re pretty proud of yourself too…as you should be!

      I think Paulinette and Ten Ping do look like good friends… It’s always fun to have a pal to play with. Paulinette is a very pretty doll…

      Yes, those tiny little shoes of Ten Ping’s can be a challenge…they aren’t hard…just time consuming. I’m sure if I made them more often, (and didn’t forget which pattern pieces I used before)… they would go together faster.
      Thanks for your pictures, Susette,
      It was my pleasure to post them…
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi Susette,
      Don’t feel guilty about multiples, sometimes they are necessary. I have two of Addy’s satchels and supplies for my Civil War girls, I have a few other multiple because I loved a certain item.

  5. What a fun wake up surprise. Loved seeing all of your readers photos. Such a variety of topics and all of such interest. Thanks everyone for sharing.
    Ten Pings dress, jacket, and tiny shoes turned out great. Wonder what your next challenge may be?

    • HI Joy,
      My day has been too busy to even think about who will be next, but as soon as I get a few more comments answered, I might go in my sewing room and try to decide…
      Thanks for the sweet comments on Ten Ping’s dress set.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Love seeing the dolls working hard! LOL Ten Ping looks quite lovely and someone has a wonderful grandmother who makes her a dress and two for dolls. The blond doll next to Ten Ping in the green dress made by grandmother is who? I have one of those but don’t know much about her. I sure wish I sewed as beautifully as you do, but it all happens through practice. Doesn’t hurt to have a talent for fabrics, too. I enjoy your blog (that is what this is?)

    • Hi, Joy. Ten Ping’s friend is Paulinette, an 8-inch porcelain doll by Pauline Jacobsen. She is featured on the cover of “Fashions for Small Dolls” by Rosemarie Ionker,” a book I rushed to buy on Amazon when Jeanne reviewed it, another great feature of Jeanne’s blogs (I prefer Posts). The cover has a red-haired version. When Jeanne asked which dolls we wished we had, that was mine and Marilyn sent me hers. I made her a long pink colonial dress for her Elizabeth as a Thank You.

    • Hello to my “other” Joy,
      Thanks for your sweet compliments on Susette, one of my subscribers, who made the green dresses, the red dress and showed us the panels of fabric. Linda showed us the first pictures of her dolls doing their chores and then dressed for school.
      Do you sew for your dolls, Joy? We’d love to know who you have if you do…

      Yes, this is my blog, called, “I Dream of Jeanne Marie” and I write a post every day, except recently I stopped writing on Sunday, mostly about dolls and dresses and sewing and occasionally about my life…
      I hope you enjoy yourself here…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Anne Johnson says:

    What wonderful images you have to show us today, Jeanne, and how nice of your many readers to share their lives through pictures!

    Linda’s AG dolls look darling in both their pretty Labor Day and Back-to-School dresses. I love the different prints and details of each one; they are trimmed out so perfectly. The scenes are just incredible, too, with all the nice props and accessories. The Botanical Gardens look so lush and beautiful–a real treat for the eyes and an enticement to visit St. Louis, my mother’s birthplace in 1916. My favorite was the pincushion garden–how fun is that for a seamstress?! I think you need to take a day trip sometime, Jeanne.

    The fabric panels Susette found are very whimsical and have a bit of a Mary Engelbreit feel, one of my favorite illustrators. The dresses Susette created for her granddaughter and her dolls are just lovely, too. Extra kudos to her for translating her granddaughter’s design vision for a fall dress so well; what a charming and versatile fall/holiday ensemble. Riya is one lucky little girl to have such a talented grandma!

    Marilyn’s baby great-niece, Anna, is adorable with her giant teddy bear friend! She could be in a Gerber baby commercial, her face is so cherubic. That is a picture to cherish, for sure. It is so much fun to shop and sew for a little one like that, too.

    Ten Ping looks sweet in her dainty rosebud dress with heirloom lace and pink jacket. The colors are perfect on her with her dark hair and rosy cheeks. Her footwear is cute, too, with the pink heart closures. You must feel proud of mastering that tiny shoe pattern so well, Jeanne! Your dressmaking seems to be humming right along in your new studio, Jeanne. Looking forward to the next charming creation……..

    • HI Anne,
      It IS fun every once in a while to see what everyone else has been busy doing, isn’t it? It’s also fun to see what everyone else has going on in their lives, going places, doing things, sewing, etc.

      Oh, how I wish I could get away to those gardens in St. Louis…and of course, I’d love to meet Linda…she’s my closest subscriber…so someday we HAVE to meet!

      I wish my hubby could find time to get my cutting table finished… he has the wood, it’s in the house, he has the measurements, but just hasn’t had time to cut and finish the edges for me. But yes, my sewing studio has been working out very well. I do love it!
      Thanks Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Completely late to comment today. Linda’s girls look adorable in their scene. I love Kit’s washday set. I’ve been eyeing the Queen’s Treasures one as well. So cute for a scene. Susette, what talent you have!! I absolutely love the dress you made for Kit with the school satchel and beret. Your granddaughter must be thrilled that you can create what she envisions for her dolls. Marilyn, your grand niece is darling and looks very comfy resting on that huge bear.
    Ten Ping’s outfit is very sweet and I like the two jackets for two different looks. Love the shoes with the little hearts. You have certainly mastered the little shoes.
    As for who’s next- well my vote would be Felicity or another Civil War, but seriously I think maybe it’s time for a 1900’s dress or perhaps Kirsten. You usually make Kirsten Swedish dirndls, but she could have a true prairie style this time since school is started.

    • Hi Laura,
      There certainly is an abundance of talent among the ladies who read my blog. Whether it’s making doll dresses, creating scenes or sending pretty pictures. ..I appreciate them all.
      I will tell you this…you have guessed who is next but I won’t tell you which one it is just yet…
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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