In my sewing room, it’s “Out with the old and in with the new…”

To tell you this story I’m going to have to go back a few days. I had seen the white dresser and hutch that I’ve shown you, on Craigslist but wasn’t sure how or if I was going to make them mine. I wasn’t sure if it would all work out since they were 2 hours away.
SO…I did what any other obsessed woman who has been wanting a cabinet or dresser or storage unit with lots of drawers would do… I started looking for something else….and lo and behold, there was an online estate auction right here in town so I checked out what kinds of furniture pieces they had…and lo and behold again… They had a 13 drawer dresser that caught my eye. (the bottom 2 drawers are connected together) I must have looked at that dresser 50 times before I finally decided to place a bid… It was a 10 day auction so there was a lot of waiting and a lot of “upping” my bid each day. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it would be perfect!

13 drawer dresser in oak

In the meantime my son, Kristoffer, said he would take me up past St. Louis to get the white dresser and hutch set. I was thrilled but had already committed to bidding on the other dresser… eep!

Fast forward…we got the white dresser and hutch and I was thrilled!


2 days later the 13 drawer dresser ended and there just so happened to be a preview that morning where you could take a look at it and really make up your mind. Well, when I saw it in person and saw it was solid oak and made very, very well…I did what you would do too…up your bid one final time.
So, to bring this story to a close, I ended up winning the dresser for $106 and that made me really happy. Pick up was scheduled for Saturday and it was pouring down rain which made me a little anxious, but my hubby said it was okay. He knew what he was doing and we got it home free of any water damage…and it is a beauty.


I’m not sure if 26 drawers is enough for my sewing room but for now it seems like it’s plenty!!!!
The day I returned home from meeting with Jean’s wife, my hubby had the white dresser on its side and was sawing off 2 1/4″ from the legs. We had talked already about the idea of sawing off the legs a little bit to make the dresser more the height of my cutting table. It’s now just a smig over 39″ and will work fine. I will probably find some kind of a top for it, to keep pins from scratching up the top.


My living room was a disaster for a few days as I was taking things out and getting the new pieces in the room.


SO…with these fun new pieces I wanted to get rid of the Rubbermaid tubs and the file cabinets and the stackable shelves and particle board bookshelves. I want to make my sewing more “professional” and just pulled together.

I had a few things that I decided to part with…

…my cutting table…with the custom skirt that I made for it…which can be added with the velcro I have attached to the table…





I have my new pieces in my sewing room but I’ve just been taking things out of the tubs and containers and finding a “new” drawer that will hold that particular grouping…so it’s not organized or anything but I’m just in the transferring stage. (the bottom knob on the hutch came off but we have it.)




My hubby had this brilliant idea last night…he said if he cuts off about 6 inches of this big brown wood cabinet he made me years ago…


…we can move it back in the corner where this book shelf is…


…and it will be out of the way. Brilliant hubby that man of mine is!!!

Then I can move my new oak dresser where the brown cabinet was and it will make my room seem much larger because it doesn’t stick out as much as the brown cabinet did…


You might not be able to understand it all just from what I’m telling you, but I’ll show pictures as I get things in place.

I couldn’t resist finding a few drawers that would work perfect for some things…like my doll shoes and the wigs…




I’ve got lots to do and it will take me a while, because it’s “New Student Week” and there will be lots to do meeting new students, giving them rides to Walmart, to the bank, to the grocery store, and just helping them find their way in this new town they’ve come to.

I’ll take every minute I can and work on my room…It’s going to be perfect I think…and I just love all my new pieces….

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Another piece of furniture! You certainly have been busy, Jeanne! The new dresser looks very nice and solid, and you will certainly have it filled in no time! I can see how you need all three of those pieces and that is great that you can have a place for your doll shoes that makes them easy to see and find!

    Where are you putting the cutting table? In the middle of the room,or on the side? I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to see how it all pans out. From the pictures it is hard to figure out. I really like the way the white furniture looks in the room and makes it look roomier and brighter. What color are the walls?

    Yes, this is back to school week for most everybody, if they haven’t already started last week here. I guess Rebecca is going back soon, or is she finished? Take care, and I can’t wait until all this wet weather is over with.

    • HI Linda,
      Yes…another piece of furniture. The people in Alton actually had another white dresser with long skinny drawers that they said they’d sell me for $50. At first I said yes, but there wasn’t really room on Kristoffer’s truck, so I had to renig. It was probably a good thing, but it was a nice “craft” dresser and would have held lots of things.
      Actually I’m selling my cutting table…it was the piece that started all this. See how the legs are zig zaggy underneath? You can’t store anything under it… well, you can but it has to be sideways and it’s so hard to get anything out from under it. I wanted something with drawers that made the most use of my space.
      The walls in my sewing room are called Pecan…it’s a light tan I guess you’d say. There is a second entrance to our house behind the hutch…but I don’t use that door, so I decided it was okay to put something in front of it. I need to paint the trim on the door facing to match the trim around my windows.
      This will be Rebecca’s last semester…she starts tomorrow…
      I can’t wait till the wet weather is gone too…it’s been so gloomy lately….
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. With all the things you can now give away, you can furnish next year’s garage sale.
    I am looking forward to seeing how the room looks with the new cabinets. Aren’t you glad you took care of the floor when you did — now it’s ready for the new furniture. Your models could go on top of the new oak cabinet. Maybe they could stand in some pretty boxes.
    You deserve these new cabinets because you organize so well. The wig drawer is wonderful. Will you keep one of the bookshelves for fabric? It’s so handy to be able to see everything at a glance. It’s going to be lovely to see everything put together, but it’s already great fun watching you organize.
    Congratulations on last night’s auction. The winner is going to be a very happy woman when she gets her perfectly packed dress. Tell Lian you’ll make her something else just as pretty before Christmas.

    • HI Marilyn,
      I’m going to sell my cutting table and George already has his eye on some of my pieces…He’s got the white chest with the gold knobs already out there and he wants the big oak veneer file cabinets to organize his plumbing and electrical things in. They did have great sliding drawers…but were really too deep for what I needed.

      It’s hard to tell, but the wigs are in a plastic compartmentalized tray, so they are easy to see and not get tangled up.

      My Little Darlings shoes and ones for Patsy fit perfectly in the tiny drawers at the top of the oak dresser. The AG shoes are in the drawer underneath. Then I have Ellowyne, Nyssa and Ten Ping’s shoes in another one of the tiny drawers on the top. It’s nice finding just the right drawer for everything.

      The winner of Lian’s dress was very happy she won! I took the dress off of Lian while she was sleeping last night… she won’t know till she wakes up that “she’s been robbed!” :o)
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. I love your new furniture additions! It must be nice to have a room big enough to accommodate them (I don’t)! I have one of those “Big Boards” meant to fit over an ironing board for my cutting table. I bought a few small white cabinet units, topped them with what I believe were meant to be shoe storage open shelves, and then topped them with the big board. I bought the cutting mat to go with the big board and it’s been wonderful! I sit my tabletop ironing board on the right end with my irons. Just telling you this as a suggestion for the top of your dresser. I know you can get smaller cutting mats which would probably work and be a little less expensive.

    Have fun organizing everything! Draw storage is a wonderful thing!

    • HI Karen,
      I’ve been just where you are now before. In fact, I still had one of those shoe organizer units in my room that I just took down. I had all my flowers sorted in it in ziplock bags. I’ve used the stackable units for many many years and this is a big change for me. It’s almost weird thinking that things are in drawers and not in clear tubs. I think I’m going to like it though. Yes, having things in drawers is great… although, I’m not sure where things are right now… Rebecca just came and asked me where the paper cutter was and I said, “In one of those drawers…. ” :o)
      Thanks Karen,
      blessings, Jeanne

  4. How exciting!! What wonderful pieces and I can see the logic in how you’re going to enjoy all those cabinets. They are all great finds. You are customizing on a more serious level. Yay!! That means you’ll be making more doll dresses!!!

    That’s what it’s all about…customizing and making an area more workable and enjoyable. It will certainly make it easier for you to really be organized and have items right at your fingertips. With George’s alterations (what a great guy), the cabinets will be even more suitable to your sewing room. I’m happy for you!!

    • HI Paula,
      It is kind of exciting to be organizing on a whole new level this time… I’ve never had such nice pieces and some place to put everything. It’s pretty fun… but at the same time it’s a bit of a mess and I still have things in the living room that I need to find a place for… in time… my dear… in time…
      I’ve told my hubby, “I’m sure this new group of furniture will help me sew faster and I’ll probably make more money!” Silly me! but maybe it will…. :o)
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Oh Jeanne, I’m so happy for you with the acquisition of your new pieces of furniture that will help you to feel more professional and organized. It’s a good time of the year to be doing this as cooler weather approaches.

    My, you are busy too with students…well, no doubt they are very thrilled to have you help them out in ways that you can. I trust that your times with them will be rewarding.


    • HI Becky,
      I have been working in my room this morning and it’s more overwhelming than I thought it would be…trying to find the right drawer for the right set of items is harder than I thought… I need to just find a drawer and go with it for now…just to get my room back in some kind of order…
      Yes, the week the students come in…it’s busy, an ice cream social, a BBQ picnic, a trip to St. Louis Zoo, (we don’t usually go on that, but I pack the sack lunches, hospitality homes the first week of school, etc.) it does keep us busy…
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    Happy Monday! I was a little behind on my blog reading. Life happens LOL I am all caught up now : )
    What a kind thing you and hubby did for Jean and Bitar. Their apartment looks cozy, I’m sure they are appreciate everything. That face touching thing is European. It’s definitely a showing of deep affection. What a sweet gesture, and so dear to be on the receiving end! How very nice of your son to drive you all that way to pick up your new sewing room furniture. I love the new additions. I’m certain things will be organized and much easier to access. I’m loving that oak dresser what a awesome piece. We finally got some much needed rain and things seem to have greened up over night. Hope things brighten up your way. Enjoy your time with the new students.

    • Thanks Ingrid,
      We’ve had about as much rain as the ground can stand around here… I’m ready for it to stop!
      Thanks for telling me about the face touching… that makes me feel great!
      I love my new furniture pieces too… and it’s really nice to have what you WANT instead of what you have to live with… it’s been a long time coming and I’m very grateful to have gotten all these pieces. Now to get them all in the right spot and organized! Soon and very soon…
      Thanks Ingrid,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Kathie Welsh says:

    Your sewing room will look so professional! Are you going to rely on memory as to what item is in what drawer or labels?
    I’m just upgrading to to the plastic stacking drawers my sister is giving me….she is moving.😃
    Can’t wait to see the finished room!

    • HI Kathie,
      I don’t think I want labels.. my plan is to see if I can make one dresser for doll things…wigs, shoes, etc… the other one will be for sewing supplies… trims, laces, etc…I guess we’ll see how that works…
      Plastic stacking drawers have been my friend for MANY years… I hope you love them.
      I can’t wait to see the finished room either…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. I received the necklace and love it!! what great work your daughter does.. Thank you so very much.. I love all 3 pieces of furniture you got.. I would keep the dresser for the bedroom… it would be perfect for me at least.. Ok I know what to do for the table top.. I went to the local hardware store and they happen to have an oak door that the knob never got cut out for only $10 as a return because it had a mild scratch on one side.. It is perfect for me and my sewing/crafting. I have it in the middle of the room tho so it is easier to walk around to do cutting out and also for more people to be paper crafting at it. Hope you find something like that for you.
    Hugs, Kath

    • HI Kath,
      I’m glad you like the necklace you won! I hope you find the right outfit to go with it.
      We have a DIY Home Improvement place just outside town and I saw some slabs of butcherblock and other laminate pieces cut in lengths… I might check them out again… or I might just see how it works with my smaller cutting mat on top for cutting out.
      I have seen the doors like you mentioned..without the knob hole cut out… that’s an idea too…
      Thanks so much Kath,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Anne Johnson says:

    Monday greetings! Your new furniture pieces are all so nice, Jeanne. I’ll bet you are having lots of fun putting things in the many functional drawers. The finished room is going to be very organized and efficient. You’ll soon be creating doll dresses lickety-split!

    Congratulations also on the sale of Lian’s dress! What a honor for you, Jeanne, and what a great testament to your talents! Wishing you continued great success creating your dolly designs in your new professional workspace.

    Your kindness has no end, Jeanne, and your energy for all you do never ceases to amaze me! Special blessings to you for your welcoming help with new students. The first days at college are always an adjustment, and I’m sure the newcomers are grateful for a friend like you! Just remember to set aside a little bit of time to watch what remains of the Olympics — only one week left!

    • HI Anne,
      Yes, I’m really enjoying my new furniture pieces… still not sure where everything’s “home” will be but I’ve got to put it somewhere for now to get it all back in my room…then I’ll figure it out.
      Thanks for the congrats on Lian’s dress sale. I was shocked and humbled at the same time. If there’s anyone out there just starting out sewing, take note…it wasn’t always this way, but it can be if you work hard and don’t give up!
      There was a survey done at our University, here, and they asked the International students what is the one thing they would like to leave with when they left here… The top answer was an American Friend… so we have hospitality homes and try to get to know as many of them as we can… if everyone just befriends one person, it can be done! :o)
      Oh, I’m watching the Olympics…whenever I get the chance… I love watching!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Keep up the good DYI work. Looks great. And glad you had a tremendous dress sale.

    • Thank you Joy,
      I’m working in there right now… it’s a big mess but hopefully it will get sorted out soon!
      Thanks for watching the dress sell. It was a GREAT sale and I was shocked by it!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Woohoo for new furniture! I really like the two lighter pieces, and so much storage is a bonus. I remember you said before that your sewing room is visible from the living area, so I’m sure the closed storage will work out well for you. Of course, it will take some work to get it all like you want it. I wa surprised that all three new pieces will fit–you must be very good at furniture arranging. I decided to redo my sewing room about a month ago and actually am in the process of removing everything. I want to rip up all the carpet and get new floors. Also retexture and repaint the walls and ceiling. It will take a while to get it done, but I think it will be so worth it in the end.

    I checked your auction on eBay for Lian’s dress, and the outcome was awesome. Congratulations on a very successful sale.

    • Thanks Carolyn,
      It sounds you are busy in your sewing room like I am! It’s fun but a lot of work!!!
      I’m hoping with things sort of hidden it drawers it will look nicer! The hardest part is trying to find the right drawer for the right stuff…
      I hope it makes a big difference.
      Thanks for your conhrats on the dress sale!!! I was flabbergasted!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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