I’ll show you my Sewing Room Makeover… just as soon as I get these few things done…

I am so anxious to reveal my New and Improved Sewing Room to you all… Trust me…I’m more anxious than you are! It has been an enormous undertaking and I’ve had each of my pieces of new furniture in at least 4 different spots in my sewing room. I worked and worked and worked and thought maybe I had made a mistake and had too many pieces in there… “What, too many drawers in a sewing room? That can’t be!” So I was going to give it a rest last night and sleep on it. I wrote my post about the butterflies and birdies and when I went back in there (ahem…at 1:00 this morning), it was like a puzzle, I had it figured out and it worked… the door opened all the way…(my hubby’s pet peeve), my dolls and fabrics weren’t in the sunlight, the tall white hutch didn’t block the window, my blue stenciled cabinet fit under the window, my TV fit on the ladder shelf, and every drawer was a place to hold something. All was well and I could go to bed and not have to think about it all night!

So that brings me to where we are today… not quite finished and this is why…

I still need to get a mini blind to match my other two windows on the south side…

[If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.]


My white fabrics need to be neatly folded on the fabric shelf…


A couple of floor tiles couldn’t take the “heat” from all the furniture going over them, and they got chipped, so they need to be replaced…


My hubby is going to take down the old tract lighting that been up there since we bought the house… (I think… but if I can find some bright white bulbs, I might give them a try…) He’s also going to move my florescent light over to the white cabinet and up one square… and somehow secure the cord to the wall, so it’s not a big loop like it’s always been…


He said he could straighten up this crooked outlet…


This ugly mess was behind my fabric bookshelf before and now it’s time to fix it like we did the other one. My sewing room used to be a porch and it was just sort of slapped together I think… parts of it were nice.. I like the ceiling, but other things were just done with a slap and a promise…



There was some big (dead) wire coming out of the ceiling, and the people we bought the house from had just boxed it in with a 4 x 4″ column against the wall…cutting out the ceiling tile as they did it… (see what I mean?) So my hubby thinks we can fix it… he stuffed it with batting for now…


I am going to take my shipping boxes upstairs…as they take up a lot of room…


I need to work on this last drawer that I just dumped a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in…so I could be done… but that will never do… :o)


A new ironing board cover needs to be purchased….


My dining room table “needs to be found!!!”


…and my living room needs to be cleared out with all my “extra” stuff….


So, see it’s not too terribly much to do… but I want to get it all done before I show you…

My hubby asked me today, in a “sort” of loving voice, “Why on earth did you pick one of the busiest weeks of the year to revamp your sewing room?”
I just sort of looked at him and smiled… Anyone have an answer I can give him… I think he’s still waiting…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Because we have to ‘strike while the iron is hot’! we do our best work when we’re inspired. At least it got accomplished! that’s more than some of us can say… (looking at my counter space that has been ‘collecting’ things to be put away- when it’s more convenient to do so).

  2. You didn’t “pick” the week — this is when the long-searched-for furniture arrived. Once it was in the house, there was only a choice of what the mess was going to look like — the sort of mess that means progress is being made or the sort that means you will get around to making changes if you ever have a free few days. Have you ever had a few free days?

    You are almost done. It’s going to be wonderful. And George has been the sort of help that many people only dream of. You really are a splendid team.

  3. My recommendations:

    “Because we are a team who thrives on proving we can do the impossible.”

    “Because you know I work best under pressure.”

    “Because I live for challenges.”

  4. I agree with all the ladies above…those are truly the reasons, Jeanne. Especially when you are inspired by the solutions and ideas of making everything fit together.
    The unveiling of your room will be so exciting. I can’t wait to see how the cabinets go together and you’ve got everything in it’s place. That alone will make any sewing project so much more fun.
    Yay! We’re all waiting!!

  5. Because you wanted to get it done before “The Big One” coming up… After that, you’ll be too old to be doing all that heavy lifting and furniture moving type of work. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry – just had to tease… ๐Ÿ™‚ I am just a year behind you, so I’d better watch what I say!

  6. “I don’t work BEST under pressure, I ONLY work under pressure! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” How’s that for a reply.

    So glad the windows will be freed up. The new pieces are so great and deserve to be showcased. You two certainly work well together. I got as far as the dining room table before laughing out loud and the living room topped it. You should be so proud of everything you two do together.

    Have a great Sunday, no matter what you do, Susette

  7. The only place really clear in our living/dining room right now is the table. Clutter everywhere as I too have been working on the guest/doll room. I really had to laugh when I saw your living room. Looks like ours right now. The other person here is getting quite anxious. I have the shelving/display piece almost ready so things can start being moved back, that is after we make yet another cabin trip to finish off pipes for the new water heater. What an experience this has been. Simple, not.

  8. Shara Smith says:

    Coming along nicely:) think sbout indtalling a big cork board over that old boarded up window…i use mine all thr time.. So handy to pin ideas, and regulatly used smsll pattern pieces like socks, panties, slip and cami tops:)
    Congratulations.. Almosr there, !!

  9. Anne Johnson says:

    Your readers have offered you many good ideas to answer your hubby, Jeanne. May I add the following to the list?

    Because opportunity knocked.

    Because being creative isn’t my hobby, it’s my life!

    Because I’m following my dreams.

    Because God’s timing is always perfect.

    I’m pretty sure your hubby knows all of this, Jeanne, and that his question was only rhetorical! He has been such a helpful participant in your great adventure, and I’m sure you can think of something special to make or do to surprise and thank him for his efforts. A favorite meal? A back rub? A relaxing outing? A special gift you can stitch up? One of your sweet poems? Inquiring minds will want to know! ; )

    All the best as you endeavor to tie up the lose ends of your sewing room, Jeanne. You’re in the home stretch now! I wish you and George a speedy finish in completing your beautiful new dream space. Your excitement is palpable, and in the end, “I wish you all the joy that you can wish!” (William Shakespeare). Waiting for the big reveal of “the extreme sewing room makeover!” : )

  10. Kathie Welsh says:

    Ann has the best reasons..just give him those one at a time.
    My friend says “If it? wasn’t for the last minute many things would never get done”
    Oh so true
    You are almost there!
    Can’t wait for the pics!

  11. Linda Doyle says:

    You are certainly getting there, Jeanne, and it’s going to be one fantastic sewing room! You have been given a lot of things to tell George already, so I wont add to them. Not really sure what I would say!

    Yes, I would also put a cork board up, like Shara said, maybe trim it in a pretty frame to put up things you would like to do later, or just things you like to look at for inspiration. You are lucky to have windows to look out of, and that pretty yard too!

    Yes, putting those shipping boxes out of sight will be much better. I also wonder, where have you been eating? That table is covered!!

    What a beautiful day here in St. Louis! Clear blue skies, sunshine, low humidity and a gentle breeze! So enjoyable sitting outside on the patio! I hope it is nice in Carbondale as well.

    Oh, just remembered, did you hear about the total solar eclipse coming next year on this date? Carbondale is right there, as is St. Louis!

  12. I think Shara is a genius — this sounds to me like a very good idea, and Linda’s idea of a pretty frame is also excellent. I’m going to be very happy to see how this turns out, and very surprised if it’s done tomorrow. A pair of human beings, even super-industrious ones, can do only so much.

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