If it doesn’t work one way, try another…

I don’t like it when something tries to get the best of me… especially when it’s something related to sewing! I made a dress for our Etsy shop and listed it… it was lovely fabric, the sewing was fine, the doll looked beautiful, the necklace was perfect, the gloves looked sweet… but it sat there… No buyers, no comments, no action… bottom line – NO SALE!



It was in my Etsy shop for probably 6 weeks; maybe longer, so yesterday I took action! I deactivated it and tried to rethink it! Since I had just gotten my new (used) Kirsten doll and she was standing naked on my sewing table, I decided to try it on her… B-I-N-G-O! I knew what I was going to do… off with the gloves, change her black patent leather shoes to boots, make an apron, figure out a new cap or bonnet and VOILA! Look what transformed!




I had a doll customer tell me she thought the dress listed on Etsy wasn’t working because it wasn’t for any particular doll…it was just out there. Some pretty, country romantic dress for a no-name doll. I guess we’ll see if her theory and my re-working the dress pays off…
Do you like it better?

You can find the “new version” on Ebay by clicking on the picture of it at the right sidebar.

Thanks everyone,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Love what you did with it! the hat is really cute, and the hankie is perfect!

  2. I’m enjoying your blog, Jeanne. Sometimes a dress is just a dress….and then.. It’s good to have an opportunity to “RE look” at an outfit and to be inspired all over. Your simple additions certainly did the trick…the hankie apron just makes it dance right off the screen.


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