How can you be a blessing to someone today?

I have debated time and time again about whether or not to share this special email I received from someone. It’s not really something you can learn from, but then again, maybe you can. It’s such a compliment to me but I don’t want you to think that I’m bragging on myself by what is said. It truly touched my heart Jeannie B, and thank you for taking time to write what you did and send it to me. What I like about Jeannie B’s email to me, is how she captured my heart outside of my blog life. I do stay very busy with my church and family and friends, and my blog is a side thing I do for fun…
Most of all, I want to be a light and shining example of a servant to this hurting world. I love being there for that lonely person or helping someone any way I can.
Last night we had a Welcome Students BBQ so my sewing went by the wayside. Sometimes that happens…lots of times that happens. So… I sew when I can and when I can’t… I can’t.

As you read what Jeannie B wrote to me, I hope you’ll think of someone you can bless today.

“Jeanne, I was thinking of you as I did my reading during my morning prayer time.

Last week you wrote on your blog that despite a sink full of dishes you were sewing a dress for Patsy. You seemed concerned about those dishes yet you wanted to write your blog. That was a real push-pull situation. Here is an observation I have made;

When you started to write your blog I believe it was intended to reflect your sewing skills and provide a forum to share your love of design and garment creation. Of course, you have totally achieved and continue to achieve that goal. However, something else is being created along the way. Your followers are seeing your heart and that of your husband, as servants of Christ through your church work. It is clear to anyone of us who is really looking through your words that giving to others is a key component of your everyday life. Whether it is to students at the college in town or making a skirt for the technical equipment at the church or working in the rain at the yard sale or to a child who desires to expand her natural talent for sewing…. you or your husband are there. You live a life of giving to others. There is a great lesson for all of us in this. Beyond what we need to do in life to make a living there is also room for sharing and giving. There is a need to step out of our private box and into the world where others have need or support in their walk in life. I see you and your husband has strong examples of this type of service to all God’s children. All the while I read your blog I am thinking of how I can do God’s work even within the framework of my world of care-giving of my husband. If I am only able to reach my own family {who are scattered} then I am making a difference.
Thank you for sharing your sewing skills but also for sharing the lessons of giving to others.

Jeannie B. in TX”

So… can anyone share how they are going to bless someone today? Big or small…a blessing is a blessing!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    What a beautiful letter, Jeanne, and Jeannie B.! Jeanne, I do think your love of sewing and creating things has turned out to be a “love letter” to us readers everyday about the things you do to create care and thoughtfulness in the world around you! We lucky readers get to see firsthand how living the life you do creates such happiness and fulfillment. You are a great teacher in more ways than one,! We need to be blessings to others in our own little world and you are a great inspiration!

    • Good Sunday afternoon to you Linda,
      Thank you so much for your sweet words to me. I never dreamed when I started this blog that it would be anything other than me sharing my sewing tips and doll dresses with everyone. For me, it has turned into SO much more!
      I feel like I have friends all over the United States and many parts of the world. I am truly the blessed one from all of you!!
      Thank you so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Anita Hayes says:

    A soft breeze floats across the tree tops this morn while butterflies cling to the cornflowers in the garden. And the early morning sun shines directly upon a single white rose. The beauty of God’s creations reflect back into my eyes. Long before I began to read your daily blog, I took notice of your sewing skills on Ebay. Your love of sewing was clearly expressed in the details of your dresses right down to the tiny felt flowers or the little buttons sewed on with flowers within. Those details represented to me a lady, who not only is a very talented seamstress but a lady who really cares in her heart. Then one morning almost by accident I discovered your blog . What I saw in your dresses was true. You are not only a talented seamstress but a lady who really cares not only about her dresses but for the beauty of life all around her. Your time with Sara has touched my heart. You see none of my children were born beneath my heart but within it. Thirteen have passed thru my home into their own life journey while many others have given me hugs along the way. I have been so blessed that God give me these wonderful kids no one else wanted. Jeanne you take time for God’s children too – be it Sara or your parents or people down the street. This is what has drawn me to your blog each morning as it reflects your heart. Jeanne you are like the beautiful white rose in the garden giving beauty and love back to all around you. Jeanne B. was truly right in her letter .
    God Bless you this Sunday morn.

    • Oh my goodness Anita, you are one excellent writer. I love the way you expressed your thoughts…much better than I did, or ever could.
      What a wonderful blessing you have been to those 13 foster children you have been mom to. I’m sure those 13 kids have touched at least 13 others themselves…so what you started has surely grown.
      Thank you very much for your kind words and for being a part of my daily musings… it’s nice to have you as a reader and thank you again for the lovely laces you sent me. I am organizing in my sewing room and they are “settling into their new home” quite nicely.
      Thank you Anita,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. After reading Anita’s lovely message what can I say? We all have seen your heart in your blog, Jeanne, especially the help you give to Sara and her family. Some of us serve in smaller ways, such as the SAGA ‘Wee-Care’ program. We never know where the dresses go and there is no interaction as there is between you and Sara, but we hope to help a family in a small way at a very sad time in their lives.

    • HI Jevne,
      Thank you very much for your sweet words, Jevne. What a wonderful program that Wee Care is! I don’t think there is a sweeter thing that anyone can be a part of.
      I used to help out with that same kind of thing at my local hospital. My OB/GYN doctor was a dear friend as well as my doctor and she had workshops at her house where about 4 or 5 of us would get together to make what we called “Angel dresses” for families who suffered still born babies. We made simple little gowns out of soft white eyelet fabrics and they had a drawstring ribbon neck. We worked in sort of an assembly line fashion and sometimes ended up with 20+ each time we met. Then Dr. Hartman would wrap them up in a pretty box and take them to the hospital and give them to the baby department to use as they needed them. Sadly they all got used up pretty quickly.
      It was a sobering thing to be making little dresses for babies going to Heaven, but we felt a desire to do it.
      I commend you and the ladies who help you with this…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Jeanne you are a true inspiration to others. I appreciate your willingness to share your life and talent with others.
    God Bless

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