I made it to my Blogging Class & Christmas choices for Nyssa…

I didn’t get as much done today, but it still seemed like a productive day. My blogging class met again tonight and my hubby graciously drove me to it and I hobbled in. The instructor was very nice and she’s got some ideas in mind for my website if I want to follow her thinking… One I’m particularly looking forward to is an online store… I will be able to sell things right from my website. YAY! I’m not sure what I’ll sell yet, but I’m anxious to give it a try and see what happens. I’ll probably start small and do slips or something like that…and even little things like buttons or shoes that I don’t need anymore… who knows? She’s also going to set me up with a facebook page…(am I the only one on the planet who doesn’t have one?) She said I could link my posts to Pinterest and my facebook page…all with the click of a button. I’m all about simple…

I took off my counter… it was at 144,396 views and she asked me why it was on there? I said so people could see how many people had visited my site. She said, “they already know you are a viable site, so you don’t need that on there…” so I deleted it… boo hoo… just a little bit. I think it may have been a pride thing though… look how many people like my site… Silly woman! I’ll be fine without it.

She also talked to me about things like backup so I don’t lose my posts, about changing the order of the right side bar to show the Ebay listing at the top…or a picture of me…(EEP!) and about having my posts at the top with little pictures for each instead of stacked on top of each other the way they are now, about monetizing my blog…(that means having it make money for me, as I write posts!)…about some kind of archival list…even though I have posted every single day since August 1st, 2014, there might be a way to make it easier to find a certain post, about doing some advertising with AdSense… where there are little ads that people can click on and I get like 2 or 3 cents for each click…hmmm…about putting some links to some of my favorite vendors or other bloggers, and a few other things… we’ll talk more next week. Anyway, it was fun for me and gave me some things to think about…

When I came home I was searching for the perfect Christmas fabric for Nyssa, my 18″ Kaye Wiggs doll. I’ve decided I don’t have it. It must still be at some store…and boo hoo again, I can’t drive and go find it. So I decided in the fabric I own, I surely have something that will work. It’s been a while since I’ve made anything for Nyssa, and I’m feeling a little guilty…she deserves a better mommy! I want her dress to be really special and make it up to her. I’ve only got one chance to make her Christmas dress right…so I want to love it as much as I have loved making Patsy’s blue one and Molly’s plaid one…

I’ve turned my sewing room into a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R….I mean fabric stacks are everywhere and my bookshelf with the fabric on it is all messed up. I’ve got tubs out with fabric overflowing in them… laces out…trims out… it’s a real mess!

I’ve looked at whimsical prints… nope… too juvenile, Christmas-y prints… she’s not really into them…, Christmas floral prints…none seemed to go with her coloring. Then I pulled out some velvets and they looked too heavy…to bulky… even though they really aren’t. I kept digging and found this deep blue embossed soft and drapy velvet and held it up to her… she sort of smiled…


Then I found this silvery shimmery fabric and could use one of these two furry fabrics as an accent. I would definitely be changing her from this two-tone wig and possibly her eyes.


I’m not exactly sure why, but I always think Nyssa needs to be in a really really pretty romantic like dress. I’ve decided I should sleep on it and see if I find anything else tomorrow… and change her wig too…that might help…

Well, it’s after midnight so I guess I’m calling it a day…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. I’m so excited to see what you create for her. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first KW doll and it says November/December and I heard that is pretty unreliable, that JPOP is known for going past that, so she probably won’t be here til the new year.

    • HI Christine,
      Congrats on your new Kaye Wiggs doll coming (hopefully) soon! Is it Gracie that’s coming? You are going to love her! People think it’s the dolls that are so expensive, (and they are), but it’s the eyes and the wigs and shoes that nickle and dime you to pieces… ask me how I know?
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Wow! The Blogging class was certainly worth it and so glad you could go. Those pennies add up when you have so many followers and all of the suggestions sounded great.

    Thanks to Joy for getting me to Costco to buy the Caroline doll for $99. It’s hard for me to visualize a dress for the blond- and blue-eyed doll when I don’t have one. It turns out I already have material in my little stash that wouldn’t work for my Molly doll but is perfect for Caroline. My granddaughter has two dolls, one of each type of coloring, but lives far away. I’ll be using pink and blue to go with the necklaces by Rebecca that I bought a little while ago, reversing the process with accessories first instead of last!

    • HI Susette,
      The Blog class was fun for me, but I’m not real fond of change, so I might not do a whole lot of changing…at least the kind that can be seen… :o)
      I’m glad you found a Caroline… she is such a pretty doll. If I didn’t already have Elizabeth I’m sure I would have gotten Caroline.
      Have fun with your sewing and I’m sure Caroline will look wonderful!
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    That’s wonderful that you finally got to your class. It sounds like you will definitely get a lot out of the class; so many exciting new things to learn! I thought I heard years ago that Illinois blogs (some law) couldn’t run ads to make money, maybe things have changed. Some blogs are so filled with ads that my laptop freezes; I think it may be the Ad Sense ads, but I am not sure. I have stopped visiting those blogs because it is impossible to read anything.
    Do you find that the Kaye Wiggs ivory skin tone is hard to work with? It is really an ivory color, so yellowy.

    • HI Cindy,
      I know nothing about any Illinois laws about blogs and ads, but I’m sure this teacher will know. She works for WordPress, so she “should” know… I’m not going to make any radical changes… Can I ask why you don’t have ads on your blog? Just don’t like the looks of them? Do they make your blog slow down for you?
      Also I was wondering, Cindy, do you belong to any doll forums? Are you active in them? Something I was just thinking about…
      I haven’t found too many problems with Nyssa’s skin coloring. She does have peachy tones to it, but I don’t see her as yellow…as some people say their dolls turn. I keep her in a box too. That might help. Is Talyssa’s coloring yellowish?
      Thanks Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • I never went after looking into ads for my blog, maybe some day, but not now. I think of my blog as a way for people to get to know me, the maker, and also as a way to talk about what I make, a behind the scenes of sorts. I like to learn about others who make things, so that is my goal; hopefully people want to learn about me and my processes and don’t get too bored.
        I do belong to the Yahoo groups and LD ning group, resin cafe, but am not active in them. If I comment on one photo I feel that I need to comment on every photo or someone will feel left out and I don’t want that, so I comment on none. It also takes a lot of time to continually comment back and forth. I would recommend Facebook to you. I started a page off of my personal Facebook account, but didn’t do anything with it for months. I had people following me anyway, so I actively started posting on it. That site picks up followers continually.
        I would say that my Talyssa is a creamy ivory color, more yellowy than pink or cool toned. She looks like your Nyssa from the photos, so I wondered how you liked working with her. She doesn’t seem to have yellowed as she is the same everywhere. I have an MSD Gracie on order in the tan. My Millie is tan and easier to work with.
        I look forward to seeing your little changes. I agree that change needs to be slow. When a site changes too quickly it is confusing.
        Congrats on walking out to the mailbox! Progress…

  4. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    The wig you choose will make such a difference. You mentioned a tiered tulle (I think) skirt the other day. Do you have a picture available without adding to the confusion? The lovely blue fabric reminded me of that, for some reason. I like the super-romantic idea. Do you ever make capes or cloaks? Do you have chiffon? I made a lovely tiered chiffon dress for Elvira, the ghost in Blythe Spirit, many years ago. It was lovely, all beige-gray chiffon from Wonder Fabrics in Denver — the store is long gone but the memory stays.

    I’m so glad that Elizabeth gets another party dress for Christmas. I think I’ve seen Clara in The Nutcracker dressed in an ankle length Regency party dress. There’s another romantic idea.

    I do like your blog the way it is, but it’s lovely to have that array of ideas to choose from. It sounds like your teacher has been doing her homework and checking out your blog.

    You said you hobbled in — does that mean it’s getting less painful to get around? Are you using a cane? And can you wear matching shoes on both feet?

    • HI Marilyn,
      I really should have tried on a different wig for Nyssa before I snapped those pictures. That two tone wig is really for something special, not regular pretty things…
      I had thought about a lace tiered skirt and still might do that. I made one once before and Nyssa looked exceptionally pretty in it.
      Actually for the silver dress, I was thinking of doing a gored dress with a little capelet in one of the colors of the furry fabric. I can sort of see it in my head… but not clearly! :o/

      I think I’ll make the next Regency dress…the Christmas version, in a floor length dress instead of with a train…

      I like my blog the way it is too and I’m not fond of changes, so I don’t want to redo it, but tweak a few little things maybe. I’m more the safe and keep things the same way type. You get used to seeing something the same way and when it’s changed, it just doesn’t feel the same…

      Today is the first day to wear matching shoes! YAY! I actually made it out to the mailbox too… very slowly and steady as I went. I got there and he hadn’t gone… :o( so maybe I’ll try again later. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine. I washed a bathroom window and cleaned out the sink! Things are looking up, Marilyn! I look like Frankenstein when I walk…sort of like a flat footed clod! But I don’t care!
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. I often wondered why you didn’t sell privately. I imagine ebay gives a wide audience to a doll clothing designer/ seller. The blog class sounds wonderful. I will look for the changes although I often find .i don’t like change, except moving as I was the instigator in hopping across the country in several steps from CA to the east coast. Each day you accomplish more and can go to bed knowing you had a good day
    i am sure. Sounds very productive to me.

    • HI Jan,
      I don’t think I’ll necessarily sell my doll dresses on my site just yet, but I have lots of little things that I’d like to list and see if anyone wants them before I take them to Goodwill. I have to admit I love the thrill of seeing who gets my dresses on Ebay. I always have!
      Like I said up above, I’m not looking to change things up too much…just a few little things…
      Each day seems to be a little better than the day before… it feels like I’m sort of in slow motion… but that’s okay. I can go at full speed something down the road…
      Thanks Jan,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. The blue velvet looks wonderful for Nyssa if you don’t change her eyes. I can see a dreamy little girl type dress with white tights and black patent shoes with a big bow in her hair, and also a long one in maybe Elizabethan style. I think gold accents would be nice with the rich fabric or maybe white? Whatever you decide will be wonderful I’m sure.
    Sounds like the blog class has interesting ideas. Way beyond me for sure.

    • HI Joy,
      The blue velvet fabric is wonderful…if not for Nyssa for someone else for sure. I bought it last year and haven’t used it for anyone yet. It is just beautiful in person…so gorgeous!
      I’m not sure what Nyssa will be wearing but something… maybe I’ll surprise you all!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I love your Nyssa, she is one of my favorites of your dolls. I think the blue fabric will be beautiful on her.

    • Thanks so much Regina,
      Nyssa is a dream of a doll and I don’t know why I neglect her so… She is very heavy and sometimes it’s hard to pose her without a stand… she really needs to lean on something of sit down or stand by something. She’s not an easy one to photograph because of those reasons. I guess I should invest in a good stand for her… *sigh*
      Thanks and blessings to you, Jeanne

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