I hope you don’t mind some more Christmas doll dresses…

I think it is now 35 days till Christmas, and as my title says, I really hope you don’t mind seeing some more Christmas dresses on my dolls. I still have plenty to show and I guess I’ll show them till I run out or Christmas comes and goes…whichever comes first. Today I’m featuring some “oldies” from the archives…some back as far as 2007.

My pictures of Elizabeth in her burgundy Regency gown aren’t very good, but I hope you can look past the poor picture quality and admire the dress. It was a beautiful printed velvet and was so pretty.



I found pictures of Wren in another of my all time favorite jumpers. I’ve been searching for that holly fabric for years to no avail. (Anyone out there have a bit of it???)



Song is in a lovely green Christmas print with a hot pink featherwale corduroy jacket that has been hand embroidered with some silk ribbon and glass beads.



Nellie is seen in a bright green crushed velvet dress that has been trimmed in black. I even decorated her shoes…



Molly just wanted a simple cotton calico dress one year, but she got a black and white puppy dog to go with it.



…and tiny little 7 1/2″ Tulah looks beautiful in her blue and silver Christmas stars dress. She was a feisty one!!!



Oh, and one more thing, my beaded dress for Ellowyne didn’t break the $100 mark for the free necklace, but the lady opted to buy it anyway. I just thought you might like to see what my daughter Rebecca made to go with the dress. It was beautiful…


Well, until the next round of Christmas dresses… enjoy these!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Hi Jeanne. I remember the dresses that Wren and Song are wearing and thinking how cute they were, especially the jumper. I loved that one a lot! I never tire looking at Christmas dresses and yours are so festive.
    Rebecca’s necklace is perfect with the dress you made. I’m glad it was sold with the dress. Her Ellowyne will be beautiful this Christmas.

    • Thank you Cindy,
      I can’t believe you remember my girls’ dresses… I too, REALLY loved that jumper. It was made when Wren was fairly new to me, so maybe that had something to do with how much I liked it…she was fun to sew for.
      Yes, I hope this lady’s Ellowyne feels like a princess this Christmas.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Did someone you know buy it? I had posted the link on a Ellowyne FB page… just wondering if it helped you… Loving all these dresses.. the necklace is pretty with it too
    Hugs, Kath

    • HI Kath,
      The buyer on Ebay was someone new…she’d never bought from me before but just loved the dress and wanted the necklace too. I used to be on the Ellowne’s Ennui site but had to stop posting on there when my hubby got bladder cancer. It had been so long since I posted anything on there, that I didn’t feel right about going on and posting a “for sale” item…so thank you if that was the site you posted it on.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Lynne Hull says:

    Jeanne you are so amazing. Tell your daughter she does excellent jewelry.

    I love Wren’s jumper also . I aM GOING TO GO to the super huge fabric store in Gastonia NC tomorrow and maybe I will find it so will look for you….This store is amazing for fabric all the way up to bridal couture to quilting cottons. My favorite store

    • OH LYNNE…I want to come too! My favorite stores are fabric stores! We could have so much fun there!!! I hope you find lots of goodies there!
      blessings, Jeanne

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