I hope you don’t mind seeing more Christmas dresses on my dolls…

Thank you for all your sweet compliments on my doll dresses yesterday. (HERE) Since the calendar flipped over to December, I figured it was okay to start showing some of them. I’m only using dolls that I still have… although I might have to do a post before Christmas of the Dolls of Christmas’s Past… we’ll see…

Let’s get started on a few more from the archives…I’ll give you a dozen dresses today…

[If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.]

Here is Kit in a navy burn out velvet that she looked spectacular in…


Nyssa can wear black velvet and lace just like Lian did… just a little bit differently…


Marilyn, this one is just for you… it’s a replica of a 1970’s dress for Julie… and the picture I copied it from…



Here’s Patsy Tonner in Snow Princess…


Next is Eden trying to look stylish in the 40’s or 50’s…


My littlest girl is Ten Ping but she’s a stand out in the bright hot pink and black Christmas dress from last year…


Ellowyne’s modeling her only Christmas dress… from last year too, I believe…


Just recently you saw Betsy McCall in this green dress called Christmas Peace… isn’t she sweet?


It’s funny how some names I just remember… this was a dress for Addy I called “Glimmer of Glamour.”


I won 3rd place in a contest on the Little Darling forum for this red velvet dress on Isabelle. My prize was a $50 shopping spree on Dianna’s website. I chose the molds for the little air clay dolls that you’ve seen with a few of my dresses.


I’ll have to show you the back of this dress as it was almost as pretty as the front…


Felicity wore red a few times for me on Christmas…


…and last up for today is Kirsten in a pretty Christmasy dirndl…


I hope that’s enough Christmas joy for today…

P.S. My hubby did just fine getting his port put in yesterday. He’s sore when he turns his head but he said it’s okay… He thanks you all for the prayers. I know it helped.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. So George has a few days off and then an 8 hour chemo session. During my first session I felt slightly sick — a nurse asked so I mentioned it — I said, “It’s really nothing,” but the next time they used a different medicine and I had no problem at all. I do realize that George’s experience is going to be different, but I think it’s ok to tell the truth about how you feel — sometimes they *can* fix it. It’s going to be a long session — take things to occupy the time, and maybe he’ll get to sleep through part of it. I hope he gets lunch. You too. This is going to be hard because you are not sit still people. You’ll have to share some of the ways you find to cope.

    I remember the burn out dresses — prizewinners both. I find Kit harder to dress than some dolls, but when you get it right, she really shines. Of course I love the black shift. I don’t recall Felicity’s red dress, but what fabulous fabric! Addy looks wonderful in that dress, which I also don’t recall seeing before. And Eden is not only trying to look stylish, she’s succeeding.

    • Thanks so much Marilyn,
      The place where we are going is very nice and I’m sure they’ll take very good care of him. They did say something about a “box lunch” on the long days… I will have my quilted bag that was sent to me chocked full of things to keep me occupied, since I’ve heard George may fall asleep…
      You are so right, we are not “sit still” people, but I guess we’ll have to be on Tuesdays…
      I wish my black velvet dress that you like so much had better pictures. I must have used a flash so they are a bit washed out.
      I still have a little bit of that fabric that Addy is wearing…it’s not your typical red and green Christmas fabric, but more elegant…
      Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Glad to hear George did alright. Marilyn had some good advice. Keep us posted please.

    Loved the Christmas dresses today as well. Julie’s black jumper is really neat. It’s neat to see all the pretty Christmas outfits…it’s like getting Christmas cards! Nice choices.

    • HI Paula,
      Yes, that Marilyn is up on just about everything I could ever need to know! :o)

      I’m glad you like the dresses Paula… and I like the idea of thinking of them as getting Christmas cards…. I have one more day of dresses so there will be a few more…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. There’s something about that black velvet and lace. Nyssa wears it so well. I can also picture Ell in a similar outfit. Thanks for sharing the girls today.
    Glad everything went well. Sounds like Marilyn has some good ideas. I was picturing a snap sewing marathon. Or finishing the mending pile.

    • HI Joy,
      Oh…the mending pile… I wonder who’s is bigger, yours or mine… Every once in a while Rebecca comes in and says, “Mom, is there anyway you could get this one finished?” So I do it and then get back to my sewing… eventually I’ll get it all done…

      A snap sewing marathon… doesn’t sound that fun, but it sounds like it would be really productive and just think how you’ll feel when they are all sewn on! :o)
      Thanks Joy,
      blessings, Jeanne

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh gosh, all those dresses are just darling and help make the holidays something to look forward to, Jeanne! It brings back memories of the days when my mother made us Christmas outfits, and then later on, when discussing “what to wear for Christmas”, was the big thing to do as a pre-teen and a teen. I have 3 sisters, so that was big at our house!

    I just love the velvet dresses for the holidays with white lace touches, like Isabelle’s and Kit’s too. That’s why I made sure I got Molly’s green velveteen Christmas dress! It is my favorite of all the AG doll’s holiday outfits. Love Nyssa’s dress too, that black velvet with the white lace! I could never get tired of that! There is just something about velvet for winter dresses! Maybe that’s why I had a white velvet wedding dress! And Betsy looks SO cute in that dress, even in the green! I remember I really liked her in the red, but she wears both very well!

    So happy to hear that George is doing well and that it continues. We are all pulling for him, and you too!

    • HI Linda,
      I remember all the fuss about getting just the right Christmas dress too… or better yet… MAKING the right Christmas dress. It was a big thing for us too. Many of our dresses were velvet too… I’ll have to dig in my pictures of us kids and see what I can find too.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the dresses Linda… I’m sure you’ve seen them all, but you always seem excited when they show up again… thanks…

      It’s pretty cool out there today isn’t it? I hope you are staying warm… I have a friend who is participating in a craft show so I might go see what’s happening there…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Anne Johnson says:

      Your wedding dress sounds divine! I would love to see pictures.

  5. I do so enjoy all of your photos, Jeanne. When the next one pops up, I just can’t imagine it being more outstanding than the previous one, but it’s just as glorious. Thank you so much for taking time to “chat” with us again, despite these new changes and episodes in your life that have come your way with George’s health. I was so glad to hear that things went well for him/you yesterday. Ah, Tuesdays…glad to know what will go on those days.


    • Thank you Becky,
      You are too kind with your compliments. I just wish I had hundreds more pictures to spring on you that you and everyone else hadn’t seen before.
      Yes, it used to be that Tuesday’s were his day off…now I guess it’ll be his day “On!”
      It’s slowly starting to sink in that this is going to happen… whether I want it to or not!
      Thanks so much Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    You’ve given us another heaping cup of Christmas cheer today, Jeanne! All your girls look very festive in their holiday dresses. Kirsten is a vision of Old World Christmas in her red and green dirndl. I always love the charming mix of fabrics in her outfits, as well as her pretty embroidered caps. The fabric in Felicity’s dress is just beautiful, and she looks so elegant with her lace collar and sleeves with the gold bows. Ellowyne and Addy both look lovely with their lace embellished bodices and sleeves. It’s always remarkable to me how you can use the same fabric for different dolls and yet create a design that is perfect for each one and so true to the era.

    I have Scottish heritage, so I’m partial to Eden’s classic red plaid, and I love the way you’ve added interest to the silhouette with a ruffled peplum. The velvet and lace creations are favorites, too. Velvet always looks fashionable and festive at the holidays, and I wore many velvet or velveteen Christmas dresses in my youth. I remember one velvet dress I wore to a Christmas dance in Jr. High School that never looked the same again after a certain nervous young man with a sweaty hand CRUSHED my shoulder and puffy sleeve! (It was quite upsetting back in the day when special clothes were more dear, but I can laugh about it now). I still love velvet and often incorporate it into my Christmas outfit with a jacket or skirt.

    Betsy with the auburn hair looks very sweet in her Christmas Peace dress, Ten Ping is adorable in her hot pink and polka dots, and how could I not LOVE little Patsy in her special sparkly blue outfit?! I can’t wait to dress my Patsy as a Snow Princess for Christmas Eve, and I have to tell you that Patsy was as excited to receive her own little Reuben puppy last year as she was her pretty snow outfit! Holidays or no, we never tire of seeing a fashion show of your designs, Jeanne. Thank you and your girls for putting us all in the Christmas spirit!

    So happy to hear George’s “power port” implant went well. I offered a prayer of thanks and hope Monday’s first chemo treatment will go as smoothly. Glad to know your quilted bag is packed and ready to go, and trusting it will help to keep your hands and mind busy. Wishing you both a restful weekend, and faith that the journey will continue to unfold according to God’s plan. Blessings!

    • Thank you SO much Anne,
      I’m so glad you enjoy seeing the dolls and aren’t sick of them…
      I like that red plaid in Eden’s dress too and I guess I was saving it for something special, as I didn’t have anything planned for it this year. It’s hard to find pretty little plaids but this one certainly was the perfect size for so many dolls…
      I’m glad Patsy will have a new blue dress to wear this Christmas and have Reuben by her side! :o)
      I have one more day of Christmas Joy to bring you…
      Yes, my bag is filled and they’ll wonder what on earth I have packed in it? It will be fun to show them IF they ask! :o)
      Thanks so much for your concern Anne. We are blessed by friends like you…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Very late to comment as I’ve been out running errands today. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my town. The streetlamp decorations are in place ( we have the older Victorian looking black ones.
    Eden is just beautiful in her Scottish dress and beret. I love plaids, probably due to my Scottish and Welsh heritage among others. I wore many plaid skirts as a teen. My favorite was a gray. tan and cream plaid that went with a gray angora sweater.
    Oh, isn’t Addy dress just spectacular!! The print, the trim ad the shoulder ruffles are all gorgeous. Since Marilyn requested things yesterday, I’ll have two, one for each of my main Civil War girls, please. 🙂 I can see why you won a prize for Isabelle’s. How fun to make little dolls.
    Felicity looks lovely in that rosy red and gold swirls with the gold bows. She is all ready for a Christmas ball.
    Finally, Kirsten looks sweet in her dirndl. I know i’ve told you before about the wool dirndl dresses I had for Christmas a couple of years as a child since I also have German heritage. Probably why I really like Kirsten’s winter skirt and blouse. It was one of those inherited pieces that my daughter’s downsizing graced me with.
    So glad George is so far, so good. So Tuesday will be the hard days. I guess you’ll have to bring along hand sewing etc. to keep yourself occupied. Hope you both have a relaxing weekend.

    • HI Laura,
      Anne, just above you, wrote about how much she liked seeing Eden in the red plaid dress because of her Scottish heritage… just like you!
      Your town sounds wonderfully quaint and sweet with a bit of old fashioned appeal to it. I think I’d like to visit there sometime in December!
      I like you like the Civil War girls as much as I do, if not more… I do adore making their dresses and I’d probably pick their era if I could only choose one… I may try to squeeze in one more Civil War dress before Christmas… oh please, Lord… let me find the time for just one more…
      I don’t know exactly what the weekend holds but George wanted to get some things in order… I think that means I have to learn all about the in’s and out’s of his chickens… just in case he can’t take care of them. :o) I’m game! :o)
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Chickens are pretty prevalent here. We don’t have, but most of neighbors do. We walk by a group each day and talk to them. They come right up to the pen and look at us. My grandfather from Iowa had 500 in town in the 1950’s in California. Not too hard to raise. You will do fine. I say this as one who has never raised chickens…..

        • HI Joy,
          I think I know the basics… but I just need to know where all the stuff is and when to turn on the heat lamps, and where the switch is , and all that kind of stuff.
          We like our chickens and they are good to us giving us about a dozen eggs each day. We have cold weather hens that lay right through the winter…so we never are out of fresh eggs!
          Thanks Joy,
          blessings, Jeanne

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