I have a story to share…about “my modeling career…”

I have been wanting to share a story with you about a time when “I” was the model and what happened. Unfortunately I have searched in all of my pictures and can’t find the one picture I wanted to share with you about what I was modeling, so I will have to do my very best with my wording of this story to paint this picture for you.

I majored in Clothing and Textiles in college with an emphasis on Apparel Design. Not only did we do lots of construction, tailoring, drawing and draping fabrics, but one big event we had each year was an outdoor Spring Fashion Show. Parents and friends were all invited and it was a BIG deal to us because we had all worked so hard on our outfits. We were required to model two outfits, and most everyone modeled them separately. I decided to get my modeling over in one run, so I made a pretty pastel suit and a raincoat that could be worn together.

My suit was a linen like fabric with the design in aquas and pale pinks on a cream background. The skirt was a short swing type skirt and the suit jacket was a simple one button in the front style. My raincoat was like no other. I found this fabulous (remember we’re in the 70’s here…) gold fabric at a place called Hunter Salvage and thought I had found a gold mine. This fabric was so incredible…it was shiny gold, sort of like lame’ (if you know what that is) and had an attached lining to the inside of it with a small print. It was really flexible and easy to work with….AND it was only $1.00 a yard! I was sure it would be a hit! The style was your typical raincoat…double pockets on the front, lapels, belt loops, shoulder epaulets, and LOTS of topstitching! Sort of like this…


…and close to this color…

raincoat gold one

Okay, so it’s getting close to the time when I’m supposed to go out…My biggest fear was tripping, so I was mainly concerned with walking smoothly! I hear my name called and it’s time… I make my way to the runway and hear a few ooohs and aaaahhs over the gold raincoat. (Sorry, but it was really neat!) As I’m walking I begin unbuttoning it so I can show my suit underneath. I try slipping it off and…and… UNFORTUNATELY I HAD FORGOTTEN TO BUTTON MY SUIT JACKET… so guess what happened? My suit jacket comes off inside the sleeves of my raincoat…and it got all tangled up trying to pull the suit jacket out. It was a mess, but I just smiled and kept walking…silly me….SILLY BUTTON!

My 15 minutes of fame and I blew it!
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh Jeanne, poor you! I will say it probably was way more earth shattering for you, than to the audience! And at that age too, when we aren’t completely sure of ourselves or as confident as we would like everyone to believe we are! Well, you survived, and you are still here!! I would have loved to see pictures of you modeling!

    That raincoat must have been something! I had one almost exactly like that one on the top! It is a style that never grows old, and I must say that gold color must have rocked it, although mine was a shimmery brown, kind of had a gold sheen on it. Was your fabric waterproof, or were you concerned about such a thing?

    Don’t worry about your “lost” fame—look at you now!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much for your vote of confidence on my modeling! I was about as nervous as could be so it was pretty traumatic for me. I have one other story to share sometime about a time when I was modeling for 4-H. My two excruciating modeling experiences!

      The raincoat WAS waterproof! I think everyone in the 70’s had a raincoat like this…only in different colors. Yours was shimmery brown, Jeannie B’s was shiny black, and mine was bright gold!

      I’m not looking for fame now, just maybe a “do-over” on my modeling!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    Oh, heavens! as my mother would have said. And this happened in the days when modesty was essential! yikes. I have no doubt your suit and coat were wonderful and the sewing superb. I am happy to hear that you smiled through it all and kept on moving down the runway. I do remember gold lame’ and accessorized with tall white boots. I had a black shiny vinyl coat made in that similar style. It had gold-toned buttons, wide lapels, epaulets and a belt which continually came untied. I bought the coat with money I earned working at Woolworth’s after school and on Saturdays. Goodness, I thought I was a real fashion plate!

    • Oh Jeannie,
      I have so many ladies who were right there “with” me in the 70’s. It’s fun to relive those days… white boots, Woolworth’s, the belt that always came untied! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a big 70’s party and everyone dress in something that was their favorite outfit?

      Speaking of fashion plates, I thought I certainly was one in that gold raincoat!
      Thanks for sharing your memories!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Oh, you poor thing, Jeanne! Sounds like you handled the “incident” with grace though. We all have our moments that don’t go exactly as planned. What’s the saying? “That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

    • Thanks Cindy,
      Fortunately I am the only one who probably remembers the “incident” so what does it matter. It’s just one of those things…
      I do have another modeling story I’ll have to tell sometime too. It’s equally as awful…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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