I give you my heart…

Heart fabrics, that is… I’m not a real big fan of novelty fabrics, but every once in a while a whimsical or novelty fabric comes along that I think is sweet enough to make dresses from. The dresses below only represent 3 different fabrics, but you’ll see, just like the white with pink flowers dresses that I showed a few days ago, (HERE) you can make them many different ways.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day which is sneaking up on me very quickly, I give you some “heart” dresses:

Molly said she’d go first…



Here’s Wren in her “heart” dress…

[If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.]



Then we have Katie Effanbee…



Isabelle wears the same heart fabric as Janie, but in a different style..





This is the only Regency dress I’ve made using a heart fabric, but I thought it looked so pretty… What’s really pretty is the necklace Rebecca made for it… it was gorgeous!



DON’T FORGET…. Addy’s “Blue Ribbon Valentine” Dress ends tonight on Ebay. You can see it HERE, or click the picture at the right side bar. Thanks…

That’s all for today… Have a wonderful Sunday!
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Oh that Isabelle is at it again. She is such a great model, and the dress with the little hat and all of the details make it so special.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    • Thank you Joy,
      Yes, that Isabelle is quite the charmer isn’t she? There was a slip that went with this set too.. Janie got to model the slip. I’ll see if I can’t put a picture of it in here…
      Well, I don’t know how I did it the other day but I posted a picture in the comments. Now all I can get it a link, but if you click on it, you’ll see Janie and Isabelle together…


      Thanks so much Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeanne, all the fabrics you use are pretty, but it’s how you trim your creations that really sets them apart. For sure Rebecca’s necklaces, but the way you’ve done Elizabeth’s hair and her pleated belt; the Little Darling dress with a hat that matches but is a different print; how you trimmed the yoke on Katie’s (I really don’t recognize this doll, I hope I got the name right) dress and the piping at the waist; Wren’s little hat and her uniquely trimmed jacket.
    While a lot of us have sewing skills, it’s your ideas/imagination that sets your outfits apart.

    • Thank you Jevne,
      Your compliments are over the top and I’m very humbled at how you see the way I sew…It truly is a gift from the Lord and also He’s let me have LOTS of practice making things. After all I’ve been making things since I was little bitty….if you do anything long enough, you’ll get better at it. I’m still not done sewing and love to learn new things just like everyone else.
      Thanks again Jevne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. They are all pretty; I don’t think I could choose a favorite. I have ( or maybe had) some of the pink fabric like Janie and Isabelle are wearing. All the embellishments make the dresses even more special.

    • HI Carolyn,
      I don’t think I have a single scrap of the pink hearts fabric…I remember when I got it, thinking it was the prettiest, my usable Valentine fabric I had seen in a long time…Thanks for your kind words, Carolyn.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    All the outfits are just adorable, Jeanne! I wish little girls would dress like this now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. That’s why I like to dress up my dolls!

    Elizabeth looks just lovely with that braid crown. Is that one braid or two?

    • Thank you Linda,
      I see very few little girls dressed in dresses like these too. I think making dresses for my dolls is really my way of dressing little girls…the way I’d like to see them dressed.

      Elizabeth’s braid was one braid if I remember correctly. I’d have to look at some other pictures of it…
      Thanks Linda, blessings, Jeanne

  5. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    When little girls dressed like that, there were no no-iron fabrics. What a lot of work. Maybe that’s why we have dolls — so that someone can wear these beautiful clothes and not outgrow them.

    The Blue Ribbon Valentine auction ends tonight. Who and what is up next?

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I remember ironing those dresses…after we had sprinkled them down with water and put them in a bag and then in the freezer. It WAS a lot of work ironing them.

      Yes, Addy’s dress ends in 25 minutes. I hope it’s more exciting than the Super Bowl halftime was….
      I think a Little Darling is going to be next. I think I’m going to smock their dress.
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I think Janie is really sweet in the pink heart dress. I really like the smaller dolls because they are like little girls. Happy that your next dress will be for the Little Darling and hopefully Patsy or Ten Ping will get a new dress too.

    • HI Regina,
      Janie does look like a sweet little girl, doesn’t she? I love her in that platinum blonde wig next to pink fabrics. Yes, I was hoping to get my fabric run through my pleater today, but that didn’t happen… maybe tomorrow….and yes, Ten Ping and Patsy are on the list soon.
      Thanks Regina,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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