I found time to make Felicity’s hat

I knew everyone was anxious to see Felicity’s hat decorated, so I carved out some time to finish it. You all weren’t the only ones who wanted to see it… I did too.

Somehow all these snippets of flowers I had turned into a pretty hat…

All those flowers I had made her hat so colorful and it goes very well with her dress…

I did some reading up on the mob caps and a Colonial book I have says “most of the time” a mob cap was worn under the straw hats, but not every time. So I may or may not make one. I love the green hat next to her red hair.

Don’t you think Felicity looks grown up in this dress set? She is 10 going on 18!

Still lots to finish up, but I thought you’d like to know “fun” isn’t the only thing on my mind! :o)

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. How sophisticated and lady-like Felicity looks, Jeanne, with her lovely hat! Everything seemed to have fallen in place! I understand that you want her hair to show more with the hat, but you could do a lace mob cap, that would echo the lace band on the front of the hat, and still show her hair color. Maybe more of a delicate lace, rather than a thick one would work out. A very pretty one from AG comes with her white summer dress, and it looks very delicate and lightweight for summer, but I think it would go very nicely with this outfit too.

    Have fun on the hayride tonight!

    • HI Linda,
      Felicity DOES look sophisticated, doesn’t she? I might do a mob cap with a tiny ruffled edge on it, instead of a round eared cap… I like your idea… thanks.
      I am finished decorating and am now back home to make my food and get ready… It was looking pretty festive when I left! :o)
      Thank you Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Jeanne,
        I just happened to think, if you do the lacy mob cap or not, you could add a lace fichu to the dress, and the new owner could use one or the other, or both!

  2. I’m for letting Jeanne off the hook for a mobcap. Everyone who has Felicity probably has one somewhere in their stash. What do you think?

    You know I love pictures, so I wonder if for Christmas we could all send a picture of a doll all dressed up for a party or of a party we’ve “cooked up” for our dolls. Again, what do others think? I’d love to see more readers dolls.

    • Forgot to mention, the hat is beautiful! Someone’s Felicity will be a very lucky girl.

      • HI Susette,
        Thanks for giving me permission to not make a mob cap… but I’ll have to look in my stash of laces and see if I have something really delicate and lacy and just make a tiny ruffled one… if I do one at all… I’m still up in the air about it… :o)

        I liked your idea of sending pictures of the dolls dressed up… I could be collecting them now and then show them all in one post… that would be fun and I think everyone would enjoy it very much!

        Thanks for the compliments on the hat… It was fun to see it come to life last night! Now for the rest of her dress set… almost there… :o)
        Thank you Susette,
        Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Your progress is so encouraging. The hat is just beautiful and it goes perfectly with the dress. You could improvise a lace cap with a scrap or two and see which you prefer, but Felicity is beautiful this way and the hat is special — it doesn’t need more. The coral ribbon is a winner.
    Do have a lovely evening. I hope some of it is relaxing. You can give us a few pictures on Monday.

    • HI Marilyn,
      I think Linda’s idea of a just a tiny lacy mob cap instead of a round eared cap sounds the best to me… just something to have a little bit of lace peeking out from under the crown but not cover her whole head…
      The decorating is all done on my part, and George has all the lights and the electrical cords all run to everything… the tiki torches are set up, the s’mores table is set up, the photo booth is set up, the cooked apples are cooking in the big copper kettle, plus lots more…
      I plan on relaxing tonight… I’m back home now baking my food and then we’ll be off again… I will hope for some good pictures and yes, will share them…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Wow, Felicity looks grand. Not too much more to go, or so I think.
    Had some rain last night which wasn’t sprinkles but a dumping. Hoping the soil barriers held the run off up on the burned hills. They have been frantically preparing for it so the toxic water wouldn’t hit the streams.

    • HI Joy,
      Felicity’s dress is on the down hill side now… and I should be able to get some more done on it, maybe on Sunday… anyway, it’s closer to being done than it was a few days ago. I’m glad you think Felicity looks grand! :o)

      I really hope the rain doesn’t do any damage to the streams in the area… that sounds like it would be really bad…
      Thank you Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Beautiful, Jeanne…It’s always an honor to view your process and then the final product.


  6. I agree with Linda that a lace cap would be very pretty. I have her summer gown set and it has a lace cap she wears under the hat with the blue ribbons. Felicity’s hat is just beautiful.
    The green hat sets off her eyes and the orange and coral flowers set off her hair. Felicity does look more grown up is this gown.
    I wanted to comment on the post about spaghetti squash. I like it very much. As far as ease of eating more veggies, I have a mandoline slicer that I got as a birthday present years ago. It works great to slice and crinkle cut veggies as well as shred and dice. I want one of those spiralizers that I’ve seen because you can make heaps of veggie noodles very fast.
    Enjoy your evening. I’m so glad we fall back tonight, I can certainly use that extra hour of sleep.

    • Hi Laura,
      I’m thinking a sweet little lace cap might just be perfect. I’m glad you agree that it would work.
      I have a mandoline slicer too and always use it on my green and yellow zucchini squash.

      I certainly enjoyed that extra hour of sleep last night as I was pretty pooped!
      I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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