How grateful I am…

This will be short because I’m very tired, but I wanted to share something. It’s been a VERY busy week filled with lots of things to do everyday and almost every night. Helping this new Columbian couple and their daughter has used up all my time, all my energy, all my gas… but I couldn’t be more grateful. Watching their daughter be thrilled over getting a $1.00 jump rope from the dollar store, seeing them smiling and clapping for joy when my hubby sprayed their apartment for spiders that they found, seeing them cry over used furniture that was given to them, and then offering to give what they didn’t need to another person in need, made me realize once again just how much I have been blessed with and just how grateful I should be. I just wanted to say it “out loud”… I am very grateful for all I have… my family, my home, my friends, my talents entrusted to me, and even for silly things that I have been able to own… like my dolls! I hope to get some sewing done this next week and I’m grateful for that!

I racked my brain out for a few minutes trying to think of a picture I could use that represented gratefulness, but I finally just decided to use this totally random picture of my dinner plate hibiscus. It’s round, pink and if you use your imagination just a little bit, it’s sort of like a doll hat, don’t you think?


See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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