How about some more Patriotic Doll Dresses?

Well, I didn’t get that pretty Lavender dress listed because I worked at getting our church’s yard sale set up. We have a HUGE yard sale each year and all the money goes for Missions. People donate things to it all year long and Friday and Saturday it’s happening!! There is more stuff than you can possibly imagine. We have to put it out on Thursday and cover it with tarps and drop cloths because there is no way we could ever ever get it out the morning of the sale. We have been working for weeks on getting things sorted and organized for it. It’s mostly out on the tables, so we are praying for NO RAIN!

My phone camera is not very good, but here were 3 shots I took using it, so you can see just a little bit of what we have. Poor Angel’s garage… I know she can’t wait to get it back! It was packed to the walls on both sides, with just a skinny little walk way into her house and a path to the basement that was ALSO filled with stuff.

If you click on any picture it will enlarge…


This shows the stuff going one direction and it’s even further just like it the other way…only with lots of furniture!


Here’s our “Electronics” Tent!


It was brutally hot the upper 90’s, and I look like a lobster… my face is burned the worst… silly me… no sunscreen!!! Bad girl!!! My hubby and I worked from 9am till almost 6pm… hence the reason there is no ebay listing for the lavender dress…sorry for those of you hoping to bid on it! *hint* * hint* :o)

I didn’t know we would be gone all day, so I’m using Plan B for my blog post tonight… a few more Patriotic dresses from my archives… I hope you enjoy seeing these red, white and blue creations…

First up is Katie Effanbee showing you her Patriotic dress…

katie rwb sitting 2

katie rwb full 2

katie rwb bust 2

Next up is one of my Bitty Bethany’s in her red, white and blue dress set…




Wren, my 14″ Chrysalis doll, by Helen Kish is sporting a mini skirt with some red and white to go with it…





Song, another 14″ Chrysalis doll, is showing off her Asian Fourth of July set…





Last up is my other Bitty Bethany in her Lady Liberty dress.




Well, if I survive day one of the yard sale, I’ll see you here tomorrow!

Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, I loved all the red, white and blue dresses! I especially loved the Asian outfit with the hat and beads—so different!

    Good luck at the yard sale today, goodness, what a lot of stuff! It is very dark and humid and yuck outside this morning here in St. Louis. I hope Carbondale is in better shape!

  2. These are all perfect for the Fourth.

    I love the outfit on Song and now I’m wanting a Song to go with my Lark.

    You have magic in your fingers

  3. Jeanne, I pray that it doesn’t rain on your sale today. I went to one at a church/school yesterday and it was in the gym which was good on a rainy day.
    Your red, white, and blue are all pretty. When I saw the dress on your second Bitty Bethany I thought it would be perfect for Ten Ping.

  4. They are all adorable. Good luck with the yard sale!

  5. Kathie Welsh says:

    Hope your sunscreen got packed with you don’t want those darn dark spots appearing all over .
    Your customers will have a good time going over all the things you have…
    Red, white and blue dresses are darling!
    I’m making a Barbie Garden Party ( I think that’s the name) dress for a customer and it has a sheer green layer over a rosebud print. Tiny little thing! Makes me appreciate your Bitty Bethany dresses even more!

  6. I love Song’s outfit, maybe you can make Ten Ping one like that.. hint, hint! Hope you all make a lot of money for your Church Missions!!

  7. Yes, I agree. Song’s outfit is beautiful.

  8. Diana Jenness says:

    Wow! I hope the church yard sale is successful–you all have certainly worked hard enough for it.I love the patriotic dresses. I think my favorite is the one for Bethany–the Lady Liberty. I have a few Bitty Bethanies and I really love her. I also liked the skirt and blouse for Wren. I have a lot of the Kish dolls. I never did buy the Katy E. I wanted her to smile. Well, the weather people just said that a storm passed us by, but I don’t remember anything–I think it is supposed to go north of you.

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